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A lot has changed since we first published this article, so we thought and others have thought it was about time for an update. Not only has a lot changed, we feel that third-party Weebly Themes selections have become more abundant. Also there are now some very appealing options to help people visiting your website know that you care about their experience.

With Weebly and its ever-expanding presence on the internet, more and more people are building websites with Weebly. For those who have used other open source website builders Weebly has a rather limited selection of themes. However with Weebly releasing new themes every year and the ever-growing pool of developers building their own Weebly themes, there are some great options for making sure your Weebly theme is up to today’s standards.

In addition there is a medium size pool of developers and websites that showcase Weebly themes, but being new some of them are still hidden in the search results, so we dug them up for you.

Here are the best resources to find a Weebly theme and some of our hand-picked Weebly themes to give you a leg up on your selection of a new theme.

Webfire Themes Weebly Themes

webfire weebly templates





Webfire Themes is a great resource for Weebly Themes. WFT has upped their theme count to 11 premium themes that have a slew of features including html5, responsive design, sliders, different blog layouts and many more. Every Webfire Weebly theme is built with the most modern coding including HTML5, CSS3 and modern JavaScript. Also with clean modern code your website shows up on every browser perfectly and responds better for speed and SEO. Lastly with Webfire’s Widg widget builder, this company is giving you great control over your websites style. Furthermore here are some of our favorite Weebly themes from Webfire.  A great company like Webfire also does a great job of updating its themes to stay on track with Weebly updates.


Parallax Weebly Template

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Parallax is a visually stunning theme that has an initial pop when you visit. Parallax would be a great option for a business style website, or any website with the need for a splash style homepage. I could definitely see graphic design agencies using this Weebly theme for their website.

Parallax Features

  • Full mobile responsiveness.
  • Parallax backgrounds.
  • One page scrolling option.
  • Font awesome icons.
  • Styled blog.
  • Widg integration.
  • Clean HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Works with Weebly 4 sections and dynamic headers.

Just a few features offered by Parallax, which is one of the reasons we think Parallax offers a great option for any starter business on a budget, or with limited resources to get their website up and running.



holeon weebly template

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We don’t like to pick favorites when writing our articles, but Holeon is in the running. Holeon would make for a great option for a portfolio style website, or a business trying to make a bold statement for a launch.

Holeon Features

  • Responsive design.
  • Parallax backgrounds.
  • One page scrolling option.
  • 6 page layouts.
  • Content tabs.
  • Number counters.
  • Interactive scrolling.
  • Modern coding, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • Works with Weebly 4 sections and dynamic headers.

Great features and just scratching the surface for what someone with just a little time on their hands can do for their portfolio, or business website.


orbit weebly template

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Orbit is a free Weebly theme that offers a coming soon page for your website. This means you can get your domain, running online and start to build the hype for your new websites launch.

Orbit Features

  • Responsive design.
  • Full screen backgrounds.
  • Countdown clock.
  • Mailing form.
  • Modern coding, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Another fun option and often times a necessity for launching a new startup and website.


inspire weebly responsive theme

Click the Image for More Details.

Inspire is a great fully responsive Weebly theme that features eCommerce integration along with a great pre-built design for business.

Inspire features

  • Fully responsive design.
  • Content ready pages.
  • Parallax backgrounds.
  • Portfolio galleries.
  • Full eCommerce integration.
  • Lifetime support.
  • Modern coding, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

A modern Weebly theme that works as a great start for any designer, or Weebly website owner looking to build a beautiful Weebly website with all the modern coding techniques available today.

Weebly 4 Compatible Webfirethemes

Keep in mind that Webfire is constantly updating it’s themes to work with Weebly’s most recent updates. Weebly 4 adds the ability for full width websites, sections, and dynamic headers, these themes work with Weebly’s new features.

  • Parallax
  • Parallax Dark
  • Parallax Multi
  • Holeon
  • Holeon Light

Look for more of Webfire’s themes being updated soon to work with all of the new features.

Weebly Themes Database

weebly template logo

weebly template database


Last but not least is the standard Weebly themes database and if you have built a website with Weebly already, you should be familiar with the standard themes. For those of you who don’t know Weebly has a lot of stock themes and some of their newer themes are getting better and better. I have experienced on my Weebly websites, sometimes it is the best fit to just tweak the standard Weebly themes. Also for those that have not built a website with Weebly yet you, can view their current themes here: http://www.weebly.com/themes/

Favorite Stock Weebly Themes

Weebly continues to release new stunning themes. Benefits are evident when using Weebly stock themes. Including constant integrated theme updates, easily styling, and direct Weebly support. Some of the top stock Weebly themes available today are.

High Peak

weebly theme

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High Peak features a huge slider image that draws your visitors attention right to your call of action. Featuring clean code and direct Weebly support High Peak is a great choice for any business, or individual looking to create a portfolio style website.

Love Seat

weebly theme

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Love Seat fits in with the other stock Weebly Themes. With gently different styling, Love Seat is a great choice for an eCommerce website that is looking for the modern, but flat, simple styling that is required to sell items with a modern theme.


vivian weebly theme

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Vivien is a simple, bold choice for your website. Sometimes your visitors first impression is the most important. Vivien gives you the opportunity to visually entrance your visitor and ensure they love your website right from the start.

BaamBoo Studio Weebly Themes

Baamboo Weebly themes




Baamboo studio has some truly professional Weebly themes, these themes and templates are built with awesome precision and care. Uniquely Baamboo also features professional plugins, widgets and support that give each of their Weebly themes a unique and impressive quality. Plugins and apps can now be accessed directly through the Weebly app store. Currently Baamboo features 22 Weebly themes and is growing into a quite impressive collection with a new theme added each month.

Not only is Baamboo Studio a good choice for finding Weebly Themes, they have upped their theme selection and options available in each theme. Now offering 22 professional themes along side, widgets, sliders, different blog layouts and a multitude of other options that help you build a truly professional, modern Weebly website. Plus Baamboo features the most modern website design elements, which helps show your websites visitors how much you care about their experience.

Featuring 12 free Weebly themes that you can try before you buy. This way you can get a feel for what your website can look like with one of these premium Weebly themes. Along with the app store, Baamboo features free widgets to help you tweak your Weebly website just the way you need it. Thousands of satisfied customers can speak for the great look, reliability and support that comes with each of Baamboo’s Weebly themes.


Baamboo Weebly Themes:

Dixie Plus



Dixie Weebly Template

Click the Image for More Details.

Dixie Plus is our favorite Weebly theme. Dixie Plus features the most elegant and modern website design we have seen in a third-party Weebly theme to date. Responsive Dixie Plus would be an awesome choice for any business, eCommerce, or basically any kind of website/blog you could throw at it.

Dixie Features

  • Responsive design, with clean CSS tables.
  • Modern one page website design.
  • Free support and updates.
  • 7 different header types.
  • Customizable menu and header.
  • Sectioned background images, or colors.
  • Scrolling transitions and effects.
  • 2 different blog layouts.
  • 1 click install.

Throw all these features together with the free widgets, support, and updates makes Dixie Plus for sure, the best Weebly theme money can buy (in our opinion).


Frank weebly template

Click the Image for More Details.

Frank is a an awesome responsive Weebly theme designed for portfolios, photographers and really any type of website that needs the most visual bang for its buck. You can count on great support from Baamboo, and we are certain that Frank is one of the best options for a fresh third party theme.

Frank Features

  • A fully responsive design with clean CSS.
  • 12 different page layouts.
  • Drag and drop full screen slider and video.
  • Pop up videos.
  • 10 uniquely designed elements.
  • Customizable background images.

Using Frank’s unique, simplistic features along side the unique splash page. You will be able to pull your future clients attention right towards the direction you need them to head by signing up, our buying your services. Again another modern, sleek Weebly theme from Baamboo.




vous weebly template

Click the Image for More Details.

Vous is a professional, flexible Weebly theme that is packed with different page types and options. Featuring the most modern website design technologies VOUS promises to give your website the visual appeal over your competitors.

Vous Features

  • 17 different page types.
  • Drag and drop sliders.
  • 5 different drag and drop areas.
  • Fully mobile responsive.
  • 10 uniquely styled elements
  • Ecommerce ready.
  • Customizable backgrounds.
  • Easy one click install.
  • Lifetime support and updates.
  • Premium HTML and CSS coding.

The number of options in this template ensures that if you build a website for a business, blog, or eCommerce solution all the tools are there to do so. All of the features of VOUS including its full responsiveness, modern design and unique elements give it an edge over most of its competitors and promises to make your website look great.


serenade weebly template

Click the Image for More Details.

Seranade is another visually striking Weebly theme that is packed full of options and features. Using a simplistic design and a modern feel Seranade is a good choice for an eCommerce website, or even someone looking to start blogging with an easy to use platform.

Seranade Features

  • 11 page layout types.
  • 3 different header styles.
  • 6 drag and drop areas.
  • Easily customization on CSS and HTML.
  • 9 customized elements.
  • Fully responsive design.
  • eCommerce ready.
  • Lifetime support and updates.

With all these options and the lifetime support in, and you have an awesome Weebly theme that will work for any style of business website, or blog.

Other Baamboo options

Here are three more great Weebly themes from Baamboo Studio.

    • Serene, high quality business theme loaded with features.

Click here to view more details

    • Linen, fully responsive, easy to set up, stunning splash page and eCommerce ready.

Click here to view more details

    • Anthem, a simple, but elegant theme for business, eCommerce, or blogging.

Click here to view more details

We truly have been, are, and will continue to be impressed at the quality, design, features and friendly support offered by Baamboo studio.

Weebly Theme Tweak

Need an adjustment, or some work on your Weebly Theme? With over 5 years of experience using Weebly for clients and new websites. We are ready to make adjustments to your themes. If you are in need of custom changes to your Weebly theme, just get in touch. Get a free custom consultation. Basic work starts at only $20.

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Theme Penguin Weebly Themes

theme penguin weebly templates




Theme penguin offers a pretty good showcase of Weebly themes and even has some responsive designs to help your Weebly website be naturally mobile, while maintaining your professional look. Flexibility is the motto for Theme Penguin and they offer, flexible footer design, variable sidebar layouts, social integration and image sliders as well.

You can get those great features with integrated widgets, clean css buttons, styled forms, tabbed content and more.
Theme penguin offers a pretty good showcase of Weebly themes and even has some responsive designs to help your Weebly website be naturally mobile, while maintaining your professional look.

Flexibility is the motto for Theme Penguin and they offer, flexible footer design, variable sidebar layouts, social integration and image sliders as well.  Get those great features with integrated widgets, clean css buttons, styled forms, tabbed content and more.

Most Recommended Theme Penguin Weebly Themes




Bloom is a very clean Weebly theme and gives you a full-page slider to showcase all of your important visuals. Features are custom page styles, social media integration, clean css structure, a flexible footer and full browser compatibility.

Bloom Features

  • Different page styles
  • Mobile compatibility, (not responsive).
  • Portfolio Page.
  • Flexible footer area.

With a little knowledge of css coding one could go a long way into making this a very customized theme.



vintage weebly template


Vintage is another simple, yet visually striking Weebly theme and if you need a full-page slider, then this theme is a great choice. Just like other Theme Penguin themes, Vintage features, clean css, flexible footer areas, custom page templates and more.

Vintage Features

  • Responsive design.
  • Tabbed content.
  • Call to action button.
  • 4 different page layouts.
  • Custom designed elements.

Simply a great choice for a business website, or a chamber of commerce type website. The blog lacks styling, but so do the standard Weebly themes.



Viewport is not for sale currently. We will update as soon as we hear otherwise.

Viewport is another one page theme that also features a blog, which makes it a great choice for any type of website. With proper integration, you could use Viewport as an all-purpose theme featuring a blog and eCommerce. As always Viewport features the standard Theme Penguin features, clean css, flexible footer etc.. Viewport could be the best one page Weebly theme available today.

Other Weebly Theme & Template Resources

There are a few more companies we have dug up that provide Weebly themes. These companies are not as recommended as the Weebly theme providers you read about above, you can find some more themes that may work for you, or serve as a starting point for re-working some css in the built-in Weebly editor.

Modern Web Themes

Modern Web Themes has some nice modern themes that appear to follow all of the modern guidelines of Weebly theme design. Also alternatively they offer custom Weebly theme design, so instead of starting with a template you can work with a theme designer directly to get a custom Weebly theme built for you.

Luminous Themes

Luminous Themes has some 3 more modern Weebly themes that add to the ever-growing database of themes available. I do like the look and feel of these themes and think they deserve a mention.

Mojo Market Place

Mojo Market Place is a great place to find Weebly templates. Most of the templates featured we already dove into above, the Mojo market place is always a great location to find new companies and freelancers that are developing Weebly themes.

Create a Weebly Theme

You can create your own Weebly theme with a web design tool. While this is hardly possible for beginners there are a few tools out there that will help you visually design a theme and export the html/css. This can serve as a great starting plate for designers, or developers that want to showcase unique Weebly templates. Some quick suggestions are;

  • Artiseer
  • Make
  • Bootply
  • Macaw

Warning again, these tools are not for beginners and some technical skill is required, so I’m not going to directly link to those companies and I’m going to let your technical side find them.

Div Tag Templates Weebly Themes


Currently Div Tag is not selling any more themes. We will update this article as soon as we hear the fate of Div Tag, or if the themes are once again for sale.


Wrapping everything up, Weebly is a growing platform to build a website. Weebly is a great option for any beginner building a website, or a blog and there are a ton of Weebly themes available to spruce things up and give you a helping hand.

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