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Ever since Weebly’s inception as a leading website builder there have been those who ask themselves, how does Weebly compare vs WordPress? There are a lot of differences between these two website builders and I want these differences to be made clear. First we need to look at the main difference between Weebly and WordPress.

The main differences is that Weebly is a drag and drop, very visual interface for building a website. What I mean is, as you build your website you can literally see the basic website creation elements and drag them from a toolbar into your website area. WordPress on the other hand is a full content management system and lacks this visual interface, unless you really have a good idea of what you are doing. These two differences are the main points that a newcomer to Weebly, or WordPress need to focus on and ultimately will determine how easily you can build a website.

Lets dive further into the differences between Weebly and WordPress and give you an even better understanding of these two website builders with separate breakdowns and a side by side comparison at the end.

Weebly Features

Weebly is said to be the easiest way to create a website and I’ll be honest it’s how I got started building websites. However with all its advantages for new website designers, Weebly does have its downfalls, lets look at Weebly’s features.

Drag and Drop

Weebly is drag and drop, this makes putting your website together a breeze with easy to use elements. These elements include text, photo’s, video, dividers, columns and all the essentials for building a website. Drag them into your website, click on the element and then easily edit them.

Hosting Included

Weebly includes hosting, Weebly’s cloud hosting is a very fast secure hosting platform and is included in your Weebly account. This is managed hosting and you don’t have to do anything, this is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It’s an advantage because managed hosting is nice for those who don’t want , or don’t know how to deal with hosting. It’s a disadvantage because it means you have very little control over your website and its content. What this means is, if your website expands outside of Weebly’s capabilities, you will have to manually migrate your website and its content to a new hosting platform. This is a time consuming and frustrating process.

Blogging Platform

Weebly allows for blogging and has its own built in content management system. This is again drag and drop and very easy to use, but same as the hosting, the downside is you don’t have easy access to your content, unless it is through the Weebly editor. Weebly’s blogging platform does well in organic search, but Weebly does not rank as high as a WordPress website in organic search. Now this does not mean your Weebly website can not rank number 1 in search, it just means you may have to work a little harder for it.

Search Engine Optimization

Yes I just said Weebly doesn’t do as well in search as WordPress does, but this is due to numerous factors. With all that said, Weebly offers all of the essential tools to optimize your Weebly SEO.


Weebly has recently updated its Ecommerce options to allow for better control over products and make it easier to build an online store. Weebly is a great Ecommerce solution for small businesses that need to build an online store, but need a very easy interface to do so. The downside of Weebly’s Ecommerce is that it brings an increased monthly cost to use and may be a stretch for some small business.

Plans & Pricing

Weebly’s pricing varies from free websites on a sub domain to $25 a month for the full Ecommerce solution. Weebly also includes a $4 dollar a month starter plan that allows you to have your own domain and offers more support, and a $8 dollar a month pro plan that gives you more features including password protection, site search, and full multimedia features.

WordPress Features

WordPress may not be the easiest way to create a website, but it is the easiest to use open source content management system. This means you get the most functionality and ability to expand your website with robust features while doing it through an easy to understand platform. As I said WordPress has a couple downfalls for new website designers, lets look at more WordPress features.

Content Management

WordPress was founded as a blogging platform, but has grown into a very easy way to manage content and build a fully functional website. Instead of using individual elements to build your website, WordPress uses posts, and pages. Within these posts and pages you can add media, text, quotes and all the other essentials for displaying your content. There is a learning curve to building a website that displays like a website and not a blog, but there are ways around this with plugins and short codes.

To make WordPress easier to  use like Weebly you can use plugins. A plugin that gives WordPress a drag and drop functionality is Page Builder and allows you to add structure, columns and styling to your WordPress pages. Plugins like Page Builder along side the content management are some of the main advantages of WordPress.

Hosting Options

Another up side of WordPress is you get options and the ability to expand your websites hosting. WordPress is an open source content management system which means you can install it for free on as many websites as you like. Plus you get free software updates and you get support from your hosting provider. Being open source also means you can choose what ever hosting provider you want and move your website to a more powerful server when you need. So if your website goes from 200 visitors a day to 60,000 you can more efficiently manage the new demand. Also there are many different types of hosting and pricing for WordPress ranging from Free – a thousand a month all depending on your websites needs.

Blogging Platform

WordPress was originally founded as a blogging platform and still continues to be in my eyes the most robust blogging platform available. WordPress gives you full control over your blogs content, categories and tags while allowing you to easily build a blog post.

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress kicks search engine optimizations butt. It does this by efficiently managing and organizing your websites content, categories and url structures. Also by adding a simple plugin you can ensure that your WordPress websites SEO is done right. WordPress is great for SEO and with a little work can help you beat your competition.


WordPress is a good foundation for building an Ecommerce website and whether you are in need of a large, or a small online presence there are again plugins that allow you to build a WordPress Ecommerce website. WooCommerce allows you to very effectively build any type of Ecommerce website you need, while still using WordPress. With the low cost of hosting you can build a more expandable Ecommerce website with WordPress than you could with Weebly.

Plans & Pricing

WordPress does have its own solutions available at WordPress.com, but I strongly recommend using the open source option of WordPress. This allows you to pick a hosting provider and pay a lower monthly cost. Hosting prices  can vary from free to a couple hundred a month, but there is a fit for everyone and you can get started  with a paid plan for only $4.99 a month.

Weebly vs WordPress

Last but not least here is the side by side comparison of Weebly and WordPress which I hope will help make your decision between the two popular website builders.

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Weebly vs WordPress
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