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Wix is a different website builder and this Wix review is going to give you a feel for what Wix is and how you can use it for creating a website.
Wix is a drag and drop website builder with a twist. Not only can you drag and drop your elements, you can size and change them in ways that other website builders do not allow you to.  Read our full Wix review for the rundown.

What is Wix

Wix was founded in 2006 by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan, since then Wix has grown to over 25 million users and is still expanding. Wix offers a drag and drop website builder based on HTML 5, with all the themes, tools and options for building a website.Wix offers a unique way of building a website. Compared to other website builders, Wix gives you more control over where you can drag and drop its elements. This can be confusing at first and maybe a bit overwhelming, but in the long run, the features Wix provides for editing your website will give you more then its competitors.

What Can Wix Do

Wix can build any individual, business, or entity a professional website. Anyone can use Wix to build a website easily, but it does take some time to learn how to use Wix to build a website. After about an hour of building our Wix example website, I had a very good feel for the editor and was able to edit and change the elements with ease. Wix offers the following features.

  • Domain registration
  • Hosting
  • Drag and Drop website creation
  • Mobile website creation
  • 100’s of themes
  • Great support
  • An app market
  • Online store/ e commerce
  • Social integration
  • Tutorial and learning center

Basically you get all of the features and tools to build any type of website you may need. With the added ability that Wix gives to drag and drop elements any where on your web page, it is a good choice for people looking for a little more customization.

What I really like about Wix is the added ability to place elements anywhere. This is something that can become kind of frustrating when using other website builders.

Wix is a visuaul, drag and drop website builder. What this means is, you get to see what your website looks like as you build it. Some of the more popular content management systems do not have this ability and can lead to frustration in your website design stages.

Is Wix Right For You

I would recommend Wix to anyone because you can get started for free. This allows you to test the service, get a feel for the builder and if it is right for you. Wix would be a great resource for.

  • Businesses, this is a wide category, but any business that requires a professional landing page, or e commerce integration can use Wix.
  • Individuals can use Wix for multiple types of websites.
  • Social integration, use Wix to design your Facebook and other fan pages.

Downsides of Wix may include needing a little patience and the ability to learn how to use the builder. When I first tried Wix it was a very frustrating experience, but after my experiences with other builders I gained a baseline and using Wix became easier. Wix has updated its editor since I started building websites and made it more user friendly and now that I have returned and started using Wix again, it has become a much better experience.

Another downside of Wix is the fact that you have to blog through a third party service, either Blogger, or Tumblr. This can lead to problems with content creation and in my eyes a built in blogging platform is essential to any website builder.

Wix is a good choice for anyone that wants the most control from their website editor. With all the integration and tools that Wix offers it can be a great choice for anyone. Like I said “try wix for free first”.

Wix Pricing and Options

Wix can seem a little pricey at first, but when you consider what Wix can do over other website builders, you really get what you pay for.  Wix offers a pricing structure that allows you to pay for what you need and the ad vouchers can be considered payback for the price of Wix for the first year.

wix reviews

I don’t like the fact that you don’t get e commerce integration in all of their pricing tiers. What this does is restrict smaller businesses from being able to afford to use the Wix website builder. That being said, most e commerce websites should be able to afford the $17 dollars a month to use Wix, but my opinion is different.Right now the combo plan would be a great place to start for anyone not needing e commerce integration. This plan offers all of the features and tools needed to build a fully functional website. Once your website exceeds the 1GB storage capabilities you can upgrade to a better plan.

Wix Review Conclusion

Wix is a great tool for building a website and should be at least considered by anyone seeking to do so. Wix has more features than most of its competitors and has the integration of tools that every website demands. Getting started with Wix is easy and learning to use the website builder takes no time at all.Try Wix for free, get a feel for the builder an see if it is right for you. I think any individual, or business can build a fully functional good looking, professional website, quickly and easily. Also note that we have built a Wix example website too, you can find it by hovering over Website Builders in the main navigation.

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