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How to Build a Website

How to Get Started

Getting started with our website hosting will give you the options of picking almost any type website builder. Website hosting gives you the options to build a website with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Open Cart, or Website.builder. All are great options, but you are not committed to only them, you can choose any type of solution you want like eCommerce, social, video, music, business and you can easily get started with a free setup from us.

How Websites are Built

Website builders like Weebly, GoDaddy, Wix, or our Website.builder give you everything all in one package. This allows for a more streamlined experience, but can be limiting in the future. If you want an easy to use website solution you can start with one of the easy to use website builders. Or build a website with Just for Websites and use WordPress, or 373 other website building options. If you choose us. You will have a truly scale-able site for future needs.

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Easy Website Services

Build a website

Website Design

Professionally built websites that you can maintain, or chose to have maintained for you. All Designed and built with the most modern day technologies.

build a website

Website Hosting

High quality, inexpensive web hosting. Put your money into your business, not your hosting plan.

website management seo

Website Management

Our website management will ensure that your website is following all search engine guidelines. We will help you grow through simple search engine marketing techniques.





 Every Website Starts With a Name. Find Your Domain Today!



More Features


Easy to use drag and drop WordPress





Drag & Drop

Easy Drag & drop website building using WordPress, or our Website.builder.


premium website plugins






Thousands of plugins to make your website work for you.


any website domain





Domain & Email

Use your own custom domain and get free unlimited email accounts.



easy to use eCommerce






Build a Powerful eCommerce website and get your products online.


cheap wordpress






Build an awesome blog with the most powerful blogging platform on the internet.


premium website themes





Premium Themes

Use the most premium themes available today and build the most modern website possible.

Lets get started, build an awesome modern, highly optimized website today!

With Just for Websites You Can:

Build a website

SEO Friendly Websites Learn marketing

SEO Friendly Websites Find more customers

SEO Friendly Websites Optimize your website

SEO Friendly Websites Grow your business

Our goals are to help you build a website, manage your website and grow your business with successful online marketing techniques. We have brought everything you need to one place. You can find our website design, hosting, services, tools and marketing info. Get started today.

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