10 Free Ways to Get Traffic to Your New Blog

Getting traffic means that you are going to be able to get your message out to a wide audience. In many situations, there is no need to pay for getting traffic to your blog, because there is not physical remuneration for paying to get your blog ranked highly. Most blogs are not monetized in any way, and even if they are, they do not provide enough income to justify spending money on. A blog already has the luxury of getting lots of time lavished upon it, so it seems unfair that it is also having money spent upon it. There is no genuine ROI in many cases, so here are a few ways to get traffic to your blog for free.

1 – Try legitimate SEO techniques as suggested by Google

Try to improve your blogs search engine optimization, but do not pay any attention to online articles. You should pay attention to the articles that Google publishes them-selves. If you pay any attention to the advice that online “experts” give, then you will be running round in circles for weeks trying to reconcile the conflicting advice they give.

2 – Most of your blog readers are repeat visitors so set up an RSS Feed

Set up an RSS feed right away and make sure that every time you upload a post, that the RSS feed is updated. Do not set your RSS feed tools to update every time you update your blog, otherwise it will announce that you have a new post, even if you were just making a small edit. This is going to help you keep and attract repeat visits, so that you can capitalize more on your visits.

3 – Post tasters of your blog posts on social media

This is just a case of setting up previews to your blog. You can post a small snippet of it before it is posted, or you can post a small snippet when it is published. You could have a call to action such as “coming soon” or “click here to read more”. You could also create mini reviews of your blog posts, and even set up little curated summaries of your most recent blog posts and then share them on social media.

4 – Tweet about new titles and comment on your blog posts

This is a very simple trick and you can do it an awful lot. You can get away with making multiple Tweets during the week, and you can make Tweet comments about your newest titles, your most engaging points, mini blog summaries, or simply post a Tweet saying that your newest blog post has arrived and then link to it.

5 – Ask your friends on social media to spread the word

You can ask your close friends, and also your acquaintances for help. There is nothing stopping them from spreading the word about your blog post. Even if this means commenting on their own walls to do it. Most people who are on Facebook are bored (which is why they logged on), and will not mind taking part in a task or mission that is provided by you.

6 – Guest post and link for direct and search engine traffic

You can write guest posts for other blogs and post links to your website or blog within the guest post. The biggest problem is to first find the correct blog for you, and then to convince the blog owner to allow you to guest post.  If you do this then the link will provide you with a SEO benefit, and you may gain a little bit of direct traffic from it.

7 – Your title will make your search engine links more clickable

When people come across your blog posts on the search engines, they will have a look at the title, and if it is not engaging or relevant, then the user may not click on it. Your job is to make the title more clickable. You need to get into the mind of your potential reader and figure out what words, theme and flavor is going to attract them and make them click the link leading to your blog post.

8 – Have a “Follow” blog comment section

If you have a comment section, then do not add a “No-Follow” tag. If you used a CMS builder such as WordPress, then your comment section may already be a No-Follow comment section, and so you may have to disable the No-Follow tag. If your links may be indexed from the comment section, then people will keep visiting your blog in order to add their comment and link.

9 – Write articles and link for direct and search engine traffic

Just like how you can guest post to get direct traffic and search engine traffic, so too can you write articles and post them online for links. There are article sites everywhere, so all you need to do is find yourself a good one and add an article. You may then link from it in order to experience the SEO benefits and the direct traffic benefits.

10 – Build up an email/newsletter list

You can do this by asking people to sign up for your newsletter. You then send around a letter that promotes your blog whilst giving something a bit extra to the people who signed up. You can add incentives in the newsletter to have the people on the mailing list try to get other people to join up too.

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