5 Different Ways You Can Make Money Online

differentwaystomakemoneyonlineThere are many different ways to make money online. I am a huge proponent of affiliate marketing, however this is not the only way to do things.
You can get started with various methods and there are companies looking to hire people to work solely online. The internet can be a great way to find a job.

Within this article you will find the different ways to make money online along with the best links to get you started.

Affiliate Marketing

I am going to start things off with affiliate marketing because as I stated before “I am a proponent of affiliate marketing.”  Affiliate marketing works by promoting other peoples products. There are a few steps involved to get started but generally these steps are easy

Step 1: Join an affiliate program (google them)

There are many different affiliate programs. Most people recommend Clickbank for beginners, but it all depends on what you want to promote. Some affiliate programs are: Click bank, Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, Link Share, Share a Sale and Click Booth, though most sites that sell something online will have an affiliate program. So if you see something you like look into an affiliate program for that something.
Step 2: Figure out your niche

It has been said time and time again, stick to what you are good at. This is generally the case with affiliate marketing, it is a lot easier to be an expert in one aspect of  something, this is why niche marketing works so well for people.

Finding a niche is as easy as picking your own hobby, picking what is a hot topic in the news, or finding a topic that you are passionate about.

Step3: Build a website or write articles

There are two things an affiliate can do to promote products, but lately it is strongly recommended that you have your own website. However there is a way around a website called article marketing. Article marketing is a good way for a beginner to get started for free, but if you want to make more and not have the stipulations of writing for someone else you will need your own website. Learn more about affiliate marketing.

Build a Website

Building a website was mentioned in affiliate marketing, this was due the diversity of being an affiliate, but building a website will also give you diversity that will tie into all the ways you can make money online. First building a website is not hard, anyone can build a website given the technology of today. Second it can all be done for free to get started and is very cheap once you decide to get the benefits of owning your own website.

What can you do with a website?

1: You can start a blog

Starting a blog that is in a particular niche will get you on your way to traffic generation, building an audience and making people believe you when giving out advice.

2: You can build a niche specific or business website.

Niche specific websites will draw specific crowds and allow you to have people who are actively searching for solutions to problems. Business websites can range from an SEO firm to a local contracting business, the best way to make money from business websites is to build one for a business, put out adds on craigslist and in the classifieds.

3: Build websites for social gatherings or other

You could again put out adds and offer to build people websites, instead of paying to do this your self you could do it for free and charge your customers for your service.

4: Adsense

If any of your sites start to draw a decent amount of traffic you will make a decent wage off of advertising. Think of it this way, if your website gets 10,000 visitors a day and 5,000 click on an add that costs $1 per click you will make $5,000 dollars that day. Not to bad, but this will only work if you master things like keywords and traffic generation.

5: Building Websites and Selling Them

You can make some money by building niche websites and then selling them on Flippa, this can be a good way to make a fast buck. Find a niche, build a WordPress website, put some content on it and then sell it. If you choose to do this websites with more age, content and traffic will be worth more.

Offer Services

You can offer services to webmasters and business owners. There are many things you can do in this regard from SEO services to writing articles, people will usually be willing to pay for your time. This requires work, work that you will be doing for someone else and not you, but if that’s what you are into go for it.

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are a big thing going around right now and I’m not so sure its worth anybodies time. Again you are working for someone else and getting little for your time. However if you only need a few bucks here and there this could be a good way to achieve it. Some people offering paid survey packages are: Get Cash For SurveysSurveys Paid and E Cash Opinions. There are more, but these are the few that come to mind.

Work From Home Jobs

There are many work from home jobs. Most of these jobs require a degree or some time of certificate. Some work at home jobs ideas are medical transcription, data entry and more. A good site to get you started is Work at Home Job Listings. I especially like the banner on this site that states: careful do not pay to get a job an employer should pay you. Just remember that last sentence when you are trying to make money online.

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