5 Quick SEO Tactics Businesses can Deploy in a Day

seo tipsOn the front lines of getting ahead of your competitors and making your business look the very best it can online, Search Engine Optimization is your best weapon available. What a lot of small business owners lack, however, are sufficient funds to hire a successful and battle-ready SEO firm to help them out in their fight to the top.

SEO doesn’t have to be a confusing and scary idea only known by marketing gurus hiding behind computers, however.  Any business owner can become a master at SEO with a little push. Most tactics employed by SEO professionals are simple enough to do at home.  The difference, and why you pay some good money to SEO firms, is the scale in which these tactics are deployed.

Large scale projects such as link building, website design, content marketing, and social media management take time and patience to pay off.  This is why a lot of businesses shy away from tackling SEO by themselves.  With a few helpful tips and tricks, however, almost anyone can promote their business to the top of the search results.  Here’s 5 tactics on how businesses can potentially improve their SEO in a day.

Utilize social media

Social media may be thought of as a silly time waster at first, but its power is truly underestimated.  Older SEO tactics involved linkbuilding yourself, but using social media can get the same results from your fans.  Through social media, your fans can share and promote any content you put out there, and in return generate high quality traffic. The more traffic and exposure your social media page gets, the more Google sees that and improves your ranking.  The results may not be immediate, but in the meantime, building your community is just as good as building your brand. My favorite tool for making my website social media friendly is Addthis. Add this is makes sharing of your websites content easy and offers very valuable analytics of how your visitors are interacting with your website socially.

Personal Back-linking

SEO firms specialize in back-linking, as mentioned before.  You probably don’t have the time or resources to dedicate a significant chunk of your day to writing guest blogs, though, do you? If you don’t want to hire someone to do it, try to get highly ranking sites to either offer you a guest post, or feature your content, and always include a link. Linking back to your site improves your ranking.  Forming a relationship with other business and blog owners by sharing content is also a great way to build your business in lots of ways.  If your site runs a blog, try reaching out to other blog owners in your niche to exchange posts.  It’ll keep activity on your site up, and provide traffic to both sites.  Win-Win!


Keywords in both titles and links are what Google searches for when indexing your site.  Google also looks harder at higher-ranking parts of your site.  Google especially scrutinizes titles and headings.  Keywords are what people search for when they search for your goods or services, so having your site mention them exclusively in highly ranking elements of your page, such as titles or headlines, is crucial.  One huge mistake people make here is having the link, “Click here.” If you describe a service and then offer users to “Click here,” Google indexes that page as Click here, rather than what you’re trying to optimize. Using keywords in your links tells Google what to categorize that page as, therefore promoting it in the search results when people search for that term. Try to not use the same keywords for every link, make sure they are diverse and relevant to the pages on your site. Make sure to also analyze your keywords with a keyword tool so you are sure they are going to help your website. Lower competition and location relevant keywords are your best bet, even in an internal linking profile.

Extend your site’s longevity

Google gives priority to sites that have existed for longer periods of time.  It’s unlikely to go back in time, so your only option here is to promote its longevity in the future.  Buy out your domain name for a long period of time.  Google takes that into consideration, too, and can improve your ranking based on how long you plan on having your site exist.

Optimize for people

SEO, while pretty much existing exclusively for caring about what a computer thinks, should equally care as much about what people think.  In the end of the day, a person being interested in your site is the most valuable thing when it comes to ranking. That’s what Google’s algorithms are meant to predict, and that’s what you should have in mind. If your site doesn’t look good to people, it won’t look good to Google, no matter how optimized it is.

This post was written by Eric Kneff in association with Townlaw Licensing, where you can learn the advantages of franchising.  He is a digital marketing specialist at an SEO firm in New Orleans, Louisiana.

5 Quick SEO Tactics Businesses can Deploy in a Day
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5 Quick SEO Tactics Businesses can Deploy in a Day
5 Quick SEO Tactics Businesses can Deploy in a Day and get a leg up on their online competition.
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