An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a diverse opportunity for both businesses and their affiliates to bring new customers potential products.
This relationship is a great way for both the business and the affiliate to connect in new ways and help others solve a problem through a product and service.

Over the years affiliate marketing has taken a beating, mostly due to the less then honest affiliates on the internet. These days are coming to an end due to new laws and new search engine algorithms, but there is a wave of aftermath. Lets dive into affiliate marketing get back to the basics and learn about the modern day scene in this introduction to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Categories

Affiliate marketing has changed over the years and today there are a few different categories that affiliates fit into. These categories are

  • New affiliates
  • Established affiliates
  • Partnered affiliates
  • Affiliated companies

These categories all pertain to affiliate marketing, but vary in income generation and authority. Lets walk through each category so you can identify where you, or your business fits in.

New Affiliates

I think the hardest category to be in is; new affiliates. Becoming a new affiliate is a hard thing to do from the ground up. This involves finding a niche, researching keywords, building a website, establishing authority and constant content creation/work. Being a new affiliate is hard and you will either figure out how to make money right away, or not. Those who do start making money right away do a few things right, these things are

  • Identify a low competition, or evergreen niche.
  • Identify low competition keywords in the niche.
  • Build a website for the niche.
  • Create quality, helpful content for the niche.
  • Refer people to related products, or services for the niche.

Once these objectives are met, you will start making money with affiliate marketing. The next objectives you should meet are those that are understood by established affiliates; search engine optimization, marketing technique and so on.

Established Affiliates

Established affiliates are the folks who have been around the block a few times. These affiliates understand all aspects of making money online. They understand marketing, website development, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, keywords, content, back links, the power of social media and they know how to identify profitable niches.Becoming an established affiliate is the end result of years of work and understanding of the internet and different marketing techniques.

For new affiliates, these are the folks that you want to find and network with. Establish contact with them through social networks, follow them on twitter and listen to what they have to say. Hopefully you will be able to establish a profitable relationship. A great place to do this, is through Wealthy affiliate. There you will learn about affiliate marketing and start new relationships with established affiliates.

Partnered Affiliates

Partnered affiliates are companies that offer a service of their own and find other companies in the same niche. They then offer the affiliated service as part of their own. This is great relationship and gives both companies the ability to grow and capitalize from mutual cooperation.To be a partner of another business you need to

  • Offer a related service of said business.
  • Offer a service of value to the businesses customers.

Partnered affiliates do very well along side their normal services and offerings and if you have a business, you should look for related companies to affiliate with. Then you can offer your customers more services and generate more passive income.

Affiliated Companies

For me affiliated companies are companies working together with both partner programs and business to business marketing. Not only do these businesses offer services to each others clients, they work with each other when there is a need.A great example of affiliated companies is Amazon and the many products they feature from other stores. This gives Amazon credit when they make a sale, or feature a product on their website. Another example would be Google and its shopping search engine. Google lets business sign up and offer products on their search engine and when a sale is made, or a product is featured, Google gets a cut. These two methods are great options for a business new or old to get their products in front of the right audience.

Individual affiliates and their companies fall into this category when they start to work with each other. This is the world of network marketing and can be a very profitable arrangement among affiliates.

How Affiliate Marketing has Changed

I don’t want to stray away from my introduction and one of the main ways of understanding affiliate marketing is understanding how it has changed over the years. Leaving partnered affiliates and affiliated companies out of the mix we can focus on new and established affiliate marketing. These methods of an individual building a business through affiliate marketing are my favorite to talk about and are one of the most dynamic changing environments of marketing.Back right after the birth of affiliate marketing the internet was a different place. Technology was different and companies like Google were a far cry from the giants they are today. In those days an affiliate with a basic understanding of keywords and how search engines worked could make a killing. Yes you could make a lot of money passively through simple websites, or content marketing.

These days the game has changed. For affiliates to make an income they have to be very focused on the products they promote and the services they offer. This is the end result of Google and other search engines building better search engines and trying to sort out the riff raff(so to speak). Being focused means individual affiliates need to follow the rules I laid out earlier in the article for new affiliates. Affiliates need to find a niche they enjoy, have knowledge of and can treat as either a happy hobby, or a full time job.

To better understand affiliate marketing I suggest reading these related articles and checking out my online money system, the related articles are all in the affiliate marketing category of this blog.


In the end remember that affiliate marketing is an ever changing method of making money online and if you follow the rules that new and established affiliates follow you will do well. Remember to learn about and understand

Take all these factors and combine them with low competition, or evergreen niche’s and you can make money online pretty quickly as an affiliate. Take these factors and stick with a niche and you will make money online.

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