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keyword toolThere is no truly free keyword tool available online, besides the Google Ad Words tool. Which is a very powerful tool for finding keywords related to Google. Using Google Ad Words works well enough, but if you use it in conjunction with a simple tool like Soovle, then you can expect to start getting some results from your keyword research.

Part of the problem of keyword research is not knowing what to look for. Brain storming is  a great way to put your mind to the challenge and work your way into a good bank of keywords. Let me teach you how to use the Google Ad Words tool along with Soovle to start researching keywords for free today.


First you will need a Google Webmaster account. If you do not have an account already you are really missing out on some great information about your site and its ability to get free organic search traffic. Once you have a Google webmaster account click on the Ad Words link at the top left of the web page.

Next you will want to click the tools and analysis tab and then keyword tool.

free keyword tool

Next lets get to your brainstorming place. A great place for a good brainstorm is Soovle, this tool will give you more keywords from your seed keyword. Note another great tool for brainstorming keywords is Ubersuggest. This tool works in the same way as Soovle, but can come up with some more suggestions..


As you can see Soovle gives you many new keywords to think about, I don’t think this is its intended function, but it works well to get you thinking.Once you get your list of keywords bring them over to the Google Ad Words keyword tool. This is where you can do your search for more relevancy. You can either enter your words, a phrase, or just type in your website and get some suggestions.


Now you can analyze your competition and monthly searches. Ideally you want to find a relevant keyword that has high search volume with low competition. If you get the perfect mix you will be sitting pretty.

Don’t be afraid of moderate competition keywords, yes they are harder to rank for, but if you write quality content (more then one article too) you can start to rank pretty well for these keywords.Keywords are about densities as well as competition, so be sure to keep your content relevant and maintain that fact to your domain and your niche.

How To Use The Google Keyword Tool To Find Low Competition Keywords

This is a great (free keyword tool) it maybe not the best free keyword tool, but it is one of the best methods I know of to get some free keyword research from the big boy on the block when it comes to all things internet. There are other keyword tools out there, right now I am using Jaaxy to research my keywords, but there is also a great tool from SEO Book. These tools are by no means free, but they bring all of the methods I just talked about into one easy to use fashion for streamlined research. I have noticed that Jaaxy brings more reliable results when it comes to search volume, when compared to Google’s tool.If you want to optimize and research keywords for Bing, you should use the keyword tool that Bing provides within its webmaster tools. You can find Bing website tools and other great tools in our website tools section.

Best Free Keyword Tool
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Best Free Keyword Tool
There are very few keyword tools available, let alone a best free keyword tool, but if you utilize the proper program, you can get some valuable metrics.
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