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search engine optimizationReady for it drum roll…..and…….. WordPress is the best website builder for search engine optimization (SEO). While most web builders have their high points for SEO WordPress has a unique ability.

Lets take a look at what you can do with WordPress and how it can make it easier to rank organically and improve your SEO.


While some may argue this point, in my experience and the countless experiences of others, WordPress has a great ability to out rank other websites. There are various reasons for this ability.

  • WordPress is a content management system(CMS). This allows WordPress to naturally display information to the search engines in an easy to understand organized manner.
  • WordPress has a huge community, that is derived from its countless fans. What this gives you is a slew of plugins that can be added to the WordPress builder.
  • Plugins offer more functionality to your website and there are various plugins that are specific to SEO in WordPress. So what you get is a streamlined interface to ensure you are properly implementing your SEO.
  • Adding to the CMS, WordPress has categories and tags that allows you to better organize your content and once again allow search engines better understand your websites intent.

Basically WordPress is set up, supported and maintained to be the best website builder on the market. While other website builders offer great features for SEO, you can get a boost from WordPress. Now don’t think this is a cure all end all explanation, while WordPress is great, if implemented correctly SEO on other website builders is just as effective. You found this website and it is built with Weebly, so that should say something as well.


Some great plugins that will turn WordPress into the best website builder for SEO are.

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • Inbound Writer
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Schema Creator
  • Social sharing plugins

Plugins are a great feature of WordPress and build onto its functionality. With any website builder, just adding the plugins wont improve your SEO, you still need to use them and implement best SEO practices.

SEO plugins allow you to ensure you are entering your keywords into the title, content and description of your article.

Inbound Writer allows you to properly theme your content and ensure that you are using proper key and theme word densities.

Sitemap plugins allow you to give the search engines a perfect map of your website so they understand them fully.

Schema is micro data that search engines are now using to better understand your content and should be implemented on every post possible.

Social is a big deal, there is a reason why Facebook is a billion dollar company and peoples opinions matter. Social sharing plugins for WordPress give you social traffic, as well as social signals that search engines use to rank content.

Best Hosting For WordPress


I’m going to keep this part short and sweet. Understanding SEO when using any web builder will get you much further than any single builder will get you.  For effective SEO you will need to know a few specific elements.

I can repeat the fundamentals of SEO all day, or you can simply read my how to search engine optimization article. Keyword research, content creation, back linking and social activity all make up the web that is SEO. While there are some SEO tactics that will give you quick boosts in ranking and some much needed traffic, these four fundamentals should be your starting point.


While I like other website builders like Weebly and Webs, using WordPress is a pretty safe bet for any individual, or business. To get started with WordPress you will need a good host. Hosting your website through a good host will give you many great features.

  • Support
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Easy installations
  • Sub domains
  • Ability to build more websites
  • Other options for building

These options while they might not all be in your mind now, will make you happy in the long run, so I will say it again, a good host is important.

Getting started is easy and we have a quick tutorial to point you in the right direction (WordPress tutorial). Or you can go straight to ordering our website hosting. Once you order we will get your WordPress website installed and set up with our recommended plugins. This means all you have to do is add your pages, posts and content.

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