How to build a seo friendly website
Search engine optimization (seo) is a very broad term for a practice that implements many tactics. One of the main tactics is to start by building an seo friendly website. This ensures that your on page optimization starts off right and you design a website that loads quickly and organizes content well.One of the main ways to do this is through the very popular website builder WordPress. WordPress tied together with some good hosting not only loads quickly, but it organizes content very well. Lets walk through the necessary steps and show you how to build and seo friendly website.
For this article, I am going to walk you through all of the necessary steps to build an seo friendly website. These steps include
  1. Setting up WordPress.
  2. Implementing best on page seo practices.

These 2 steps include many sub steps within them that will ensure the you get the most seo friendly website.


WordPress has a great natural ability to achieve a high seo capability. What this means is WordPress can do very well with out much tweaking, but remember it will do exponentially better with some help. This help includes

  • Good Hosting
  • Seo friendly design
  • Seo friendly keywords
  • Seo friendly content
  • Seo plugins

Putting these five factors together will achieve the highest results from your seo. Implement them from the beginning of your websites creation. Lets walk through these steps so I can recommend the best practices.

Good Hosting

Hosting is the basis for every website the internet offers. You can find some really great hosting and you can find some really poor hosting as well. For this article I have found some great WordPress hosting. WP Engine is a company that specializes in WordPress and ends up doing a lot of work for you. This type of hosting is called managed WordPress hosting and is a great idea for anyone that wants great support from their hosting provider. You can find WP Engine through our website hosting page.

Good hosting ensures speed and reliability and is essential to building an seo friendly website. So now that I have beaten that dog to death, get yourself some good hosting.

Seo Freindly Design

Once you have your hosting set up and you are working in your WordPress dashboard there are some best practices that will help you achieve the best seo from your websites design.

First you want a theme that loads quickly.  You can do this by keeping your theme as minimal as possible. Of course you can’t always do this, but for the basics keep it simple.

This is key to any seo friendly design.

  • Re-size pictures and keep them small if you can.
  • Minimize use of flash and other animations.
  • If using video, do not auto play.
  • Main navigation uses main keywords.
  • Sub navigation points to important pages and keywords.
  • Images use alt tags and include keywords.

Next you are going to dive into keywords and how they affect the design and seo of your website.

Seo Friendly Keywords

Keyword research is probably the stem that all seo work branches from. Without the ability to identify and use lower competition keywords, all of your work could be in vein. There are a number of website tools that allow you to identify keywords and analyze them at all levels. It is very important that you do this

  • Identify your brand and keywords.
  • Identify low competition keywords.
  • Identify buyer keywords-keywords that inspire a sale from a search.
  • Include keywords in main and sub navigation.
  • Design your website and main navigation accordingly.

This is not a cure all end all and you should only include keywords in your main navigation that make sense. If you need to use medium to high competition keywords in main navigation its okay. Just make sure that they identify your brand and what your website is about. Use your buyer keywords in your sub navigation menus.

Seo Friendly Content

Yes content is king and it is very important no matter what your business is, you need to update your website regularly. You can do this through a blog, or by posting news about your business. One of the main factors search engines use to determine results is currency.

Luckily WordPress is all set up to do this and will give you the biggest bang for your buck when blogging. When writing a new piece of content keep your main keywords in mind and identify new low competition keywords that you can rank for.

Keep writing content and keep your website current.

Seo Plugins

WordPress offers many different plugins and I want you to know that they are there and you should use them. Within the plugins tab, you can click add new. Now you can do a simple search for seo and you will receive many great results for seo plugins. Some of my favorites are

  • SEO by Yoast
  • Inbound Writer
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Schema Creator
  • Social Sharing

These plugins will make sure you are correctly implementing best seo practices. The catch is you need to use them every time you build a page, or write a new piece of content.


I think we kind of went through this with setting up WordPress, but there are some important factors for  best on page practices. A great guide to get you started is Google’s very own, you can find it here. For my best practices, I kind of already hit the spot, but just remember to

  • Use a good host.
  • Use a minimalist template/theme.
  • Identify good keywords.
  • Use keywords in main navigation.
  • Write new content frequently.
  • Use the great seo plugins in WordPress.

Still need more help? Read our comprehensive guide on how to search engine optimize your website. This article will not only help you with how to build an seo friendly website, it will help you optimize any website you might already have.

In conclusion read Google’s guide, implement the best practices in this article and you will be well on your way to building an seo friendly website.

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