5 Myths about SEO: What You Shouldn’t Believe in

There are plenty of myths about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are so many myths that there are now a handsome number of articles exposing myths online. The reasons behind these myths are numerous. Some come through pig ignorance, where others come from honest misunderstandings. Some come from misinformation that is spread, where others come […]

Why Your SEO Strategy Shouldn’t Only Focus On Low Competition Keywords

Content is content and if you only focus on the keywords you can rank content for, you will be selling your visitors short. Any content you create on your website will add to your keyword densities and the information you present. Creating quality content with low competition keywords is a great method to get more […]

Keyword Ideas From Google Webmaster Tools

Running out of ideas to write about? Are you sick of doing never ending keyword research? Why not stick to what you are good at? There I opened up a blog post with three questions. With the theory of 2013 seo and sem work being through content marketing, you may be looking for something to […]


Every has been or wants to be SEO is saying search engine optimization is dead! WHAT? No SEO is not dead and if somebody has told you it is our you have read it somewhere those people can guess again.┬áSEO is not dead and it’s easier then ever.With the release of penguin and panda Google […]

Building Back Links after Penguin and Panda

Back-linking today compared to a couple of years ago is a whole different story. Back then you could by 100 low quality links and they would have boosted your site┬ádramatically. This theory can still hold true with a few tweaks to your back linking theory.Today when we build back links we have to ensure they […]