Driving Traffic to a Website

So you feel all warm and fuzzy, you finished your website and it looks great, but there is just one problem no one is visiting yet. There are a few factors that determine website traffic. Keywords, back links, advertising, search and local marketing. These factors all start driving traffic to a website.The key is to […]

What are Bad SEO Practices and What Happens When You use Them

Yes playing around to much, or trying to cut corners in your websites development can lead to bad SEO. While any website can recover from some bad SEO with time, there are some bad practices from the “old days” to stay away from. These “bad” practices are discovered purely from trial and error with one […]

How to Design An SEO Friendly Website

Learning how to design an SEO friendly website is essential to growing a business online. Following modern SEO techniques. Using an SEO friendly website builder, and following search engine guidelines is the first step to learning. SEO means Search Engine Optimized. A website that is SEO friendly is one that is easier for search engines […]

Best Free Keyword Tool

There is no truly free keyword tool available online, besides the Google Ad Words tool. Which is a very powerful tool for finding keywords related to Google. Using Google Ad Words works well enough, but if you use it in conjunction with a simple tool like Soovle, then you can expect to start getting some […]

Search Engine Optimization – What You Need to Get Started

      In this post I will describe what every webmaster needs to analyze their website and help with search engine optimization (SEO). There are thousands of companies and online tools that can help with your websites SEO, but for an individual, or business just getting started there are some basics you need to […]