Best Website Builder for SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Ready for it drum roll…..and…….. WordPress is the best website builder for search engine optimization (SEO). While most web builders have their high points for SEO WordPress has a unique ability. Lets take a look at what you can do with WordPress and how it can make it easier to rank organically and improve your SEO.

10 Beautiful free WordPress templates

With its easy to use platform and almost infinite potential, it’s no wonder that WordPress has boomed in popularity in recent years. And with more themes hitting the web every day, the site’s appeal seems set to continue.As WordPress themes are constantly being developed and improved on, keeping an eye on the latest releases is […]

7 Tips How to Improve the Usability of Your Site

Your website becomes more usable when people find it easy and intuitive to use. When people are not frustrated by what they see and when people enjoy the user experience. Having a website that is deemed to have high usability is very search engine friendly. The search engines like websites that are easy to use, […]

Mobile Website Design Tips You Wouldn’t Find Elsewhere

With the improvements in technology over the past few years, mobile technology has made its way to the forefront of everyday usage and interest. People everywhere are using their mobile devices to access the web, and because of this, businesses are trying to develop their websites to be more mobile friendly. Mobile website development is not quite […]

Tips for a Great Looking Website

Your website has to stick out like nothing else that’s present in your industry. It’s important to remember that there’s a fine line between a website being good for the purpose it’s supposed to serve and it being too cluttered and trying too hard to impress when it really doesn’t have the attributes to accomplish such a […]