Designing Call To Action Buttons And Pages: Guide For Newbie Designers!

The most important thing that any website has is “Call to Action.” It lets the visitors realize what they should do at the website. These are usually clickable buttons and ask the user to perform certain action. In this post, several designing techniques are discussed to help designers in creating effective “Call to Action” buttons […]

Four Famous Mac Apps Every Web Designer Must Utilize

The process of web designing involves different phases. It needs careful observation and thought process to get a job done. It takes a lot of time and effort for a web designer to pay attention on small things such as spacing, margin, measuring DIVs or even to find the correct colour. Web designers often have […]

An overview of logo design fonts and logo design evolution

When logo designers intend to create logos for their clients, they prefer to use, bold and vibrant colours in the designs for emphasizing the message the logo wants to reflect. This draws the attention of the clients when they see their logo. Moreover, there are various other companies who want to be an expert in […]

10 Tips to Design Websites for Teens

Designing a website for any age range is hard enough, but designing one for teens is a monster of a task. This is because teens are in a transitional phase between child and adult. This means that their behavior, interests and attitudes are not only unpredictable, but they may also change from year to year. […]