5 Reasons to Brand Your Business

Branding is a crucial stage in developing any business. After all, if you would like consumers to purchase your products or services you need to be memorable. Everything from your logo design to brand voice should be unique and consistent. This will keep current customers coming back and speak loudly to prospective clientele. Branding your […]

Why Free Websites are Great But Not So Great

  Free websites, a world with nothing but free stuff overflowing from our pockets, closets and computers, what a Utopian idea. Websites are tools for various things, but mainly they are tools that allow us to communicate with an audience. Most of the time these audiences want to know the information they are receiving is […]

How to Write Content for Google

I need to start out by saying “the title of this article is slightly contradictory”, because you will no longer be writing for the search engines, you will now be focusing on writing for your visitors/people. If you were not already doing this you were building a fragile business model that is doomed to fail […]

Driving Traffic to a Website

So you feel all warm and fuzzy, you finished your website and it looks great, but there is just one problem no one is visiting yet. There are a few factors that determine website traffic. Keywords, back links, advertising, search and local marketing. These factors all start driving traffic to a website.The key is to […]

5 WordPress Plugins Everyone Needs

Word Press plugins are a necessity to many web masters and without them many of our websites would have less functionality than we really care to think about. The Word Press community is doing every thing it can to create new awesome plugins so we as web developers can continue to reap the benefits. So […]