Driving Traffic to a Website

driving traffic to a website

So you feel all warm and fuzzy, you finished your website and it looks great, but there is just one problem no one is visiting yet. There are a few factors that determine website traffic. Keywords, back links, advertising, search and local marketing. These factors all start driving traffic to a website.The key is to put all of these factors together into a true marketing campaign that will get people coming to your website and hopefully returning too.

There has been a huge buzz lately that SEO is dead. Well this simply isn’t true. We can’t go around believing every blogger that has something to say about something. Search engine optimization is not dead and there are a lot of things you can do both online and offline to make sure you are driving the traffic you need for your website and your business.

How to Start Driving Traffic To Your Website

A good marketing strategy will do a variety of things to start driving traffic to a website.

  1. Ensure all keyword research and content is optimized for search engines and visitors to consume and interact with easily.
  2. Ensure the website has proper SEO and call to action. This will ensure when your visitor arrives they get what they want.
  3. Let other websites in your same niche know about your website. This should come as a given of building back links, but your campaign should focus on interacting and getting traffic from other websites.
  4. Start a local marketing campaign. Not only do the search engines focus more on local factors, your business should to. Part of your strategy of driving traffic to your website should focus on local advertising.
  5. Create a Google Ad Words and Bing Ad Center campaign. Make sure your keywords and landing pages are optimized for the different ads you are showing. Create multiple ads and ensure the visitor that clicks on the ad know why they are visiting your website.
  6. Banner and direct traffic creation. Getting highly targeted traffic from similar websites with a banner is a great way to ensure your visitor knows why they went to your website and they will be more likely to engage with your content.

Following these steps will lay out the proper path to start driving the most traffic possible to your website. These steps will help build back links, and SEO in general which will in the long run help your website a lot.

Tools To Help With Your Traffic Campaign

Web SEO Analytics: this SEO company has a great suite of tools, everything you need to analyze your website, your competitions website and make sure you are approaching your campaign in the right way.
Attracta: this company offers 4 great services. Custom written content, back link building, search engine submission and custom consultation. This allows you to get professional help from experts on how you are going to start driving traffic to your website.


Our Extensive Website Tool List: we have compiled a large list of website tools and resources that range from SEO, to marketing and website design. You can find them all on our website tools page.

Website Tools

Our Website Blog: our blog is a great resource for finding expert information on driving traffic to your website. Our authors and articles are held up to the utmost scrutiny and offer the best information related to website traffic.

Website Blog

More Options For Driving Traffic

Don’t forget about Craig’s List, this is a very powerful tool to start getting traffic and exposure for your business.Press releases are good for exposure and if you can afford a TV spot you have it made. Follow these steps, use the proper tools and you will start driving traffic to your website in no time. Organic search is key to a good SEO strategy, but it shouldn’t be your only course of action.

You Tube is a great source of traffic and back links. If you can make a video, or record your computer screen and do a tutorial, or record just about anything you will get traffic from You Tube. Don’t forget your video has to be good, this way people will share it and you will get more views and more traffic.

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Driving Traffic to a Website
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