Five Ways to Use YouTube in Your Business


You’ve got a great business, but that’s just the start. You’ll need to think outside the constraints of simply establishing a brand, a website and some marketing ideas. YouTube is a great place for making your mark in the industry and hopefully reaching a larger audience.

Nothing’s ever written in stone, as they say, but knowing what tools you have at your disposal can be the difference between stasis and serious movement for your company.

Here are five ways to utilize YouTube for your business.

Make a PresentationDon’t look at it as just another YouTube video, because it isn’t. YouTube can open up an entirely new world for you and your business. Obviously, individual results will vary, but making the best of the tools at your disposal maximizes your chances of being found online. You should present your business in creative ways. Thanks to YouTube Live, you can even broadcast live events online. Give your potential audience an entertaining and informative experience.

Show Your Expertise by Sharing It

Your teacher was right. Learning to share is actually a good thing. When it comes to social media and videos, YouTube is the perfect vehicle for tutorials and other educational resources. Tackle a subject or problem related to your business, and give examples for how you were able to solve those problems and succeed. You don’t have to be on a 24-hour sales pitch schedule. In fact, it’s better to show your expertise in a given subject and then lead the viewer back to how awesome your product is.

Give a Glimpse Behind the Curtain

Your creative process is not only valuable to you, but to others as well. YouTube gives you the tools to showcase your best moments. Having others view your creative and analytical process is a great way to grab the interest of potential customers. You might even find new talent eager to help you with design, shipping, Tweeting, etc. Don’t be afraid to go behind the scenes.

Provide an Engaging Q&A Session

A seminar style presentation can go a long way toward helping you create fresh content for your YouTube video. In fact, a 15-minute presentation, which then segues into a 15-minute Q&A session, is a great format for a 30-minute video showcasing your business. Short, concise information not only creates new content, it helps you build a library of content that should be useful down the line.

Show Your Success

Success can be measured in a number of ways, but nothing works as well the concrete visual. That is, “showing,” for many reasons, is preferable to simply “telling” because the visuals often tell the story best. People love visuals, and when you can show them success stories and testimonials by folks just like them, you provide an accessible bridge for them to cross.

Here’s a great example from CJ Pony Parts who have utilized YouTube’s large network successfully, providing a comprehensive overview of his products and services. You can do the same. Because YouTube is an open platform that can be used in myriad ways, you’re only limited by the depth of your own creativity. Take risks. Have fun. And with a little luck, YouTube (and your audience) will do the rest.

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