Generating Topics for Your Blog

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It is quite likely that you felt highly inspired and motivated during the initial stages of blog development. You may have identified a diverse range of topics in accordance with the interests of your target audience. You might even have reaped the benefits of search engine promotion and increased visitor engagement. However, there is a chance that the creative energy has subsided as you’ve exhausted the list of possible blog topics. Thankfully it will be possible to refresh and revive your blog by adopting the content generation ideas highlighted in this article.


You may be aware that there are extensive websites and books dedicated to the technique of brainstorming. They reveal this is a proven method of discovering fresh angles and ways of exploring defined subjects. You could start off with a central theme such as motoring and then branch off into topics such as racing, mechanics or classic car maintenance. Continue the linking process and you will soon have a list of potential blog ideas.

Talking With Colleagues & Customers

You’ll probably realize that research is absolutely essential for the creation of good quality content. However, you may not have considered asking your workmates or customers whether they have any ideas which could be expanded in your blog. They might be able to tell you about particularly interesting articles or industry developments. There may even be an opportunity to conduct in-depth interviews and produce video blogs for your website.

Reading Other People’s Blogs

No matter whether you are dealing with neoclassical history or luxury holidays it will definitely be possible to find related blogs. You might even discover relevant pieces which have been re-tweeted or liked on multiple occasions. It might be a good idea to put your own slant on the most popular subjects.

Use the Online Tools

It would be worth monitoring the subjects that people are discussing on the different social networks. You could conduct searches for trending topics on Twitter and Facebook. Alternatively it might be worth considering the most popular questions asked on Quora. And remember that you can use Google Analytics to ascertain the interests of your website visitors.

Taking Regular Breaks

There is a chance that you’ll become tired and stressed during the generation of potential content ideas. If you do experience these negative feelings then it would be worth taking a break. You might even experience a burst of inspiration while chatting to a friend or walking around the block.

Enlist Professional Help

The regular production of high quality content can be a real challenge. Some business owners feel that their writing isn’t up to scratch, while others are simply unable to find the time. However companies such as Distinctly Digital offer professional blog management services.

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