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GoDaddy is one of the leading providers of website services on the internet today. This GoDaddy review will not just take a look at the website builder, we will review GoDaddy’s other services as well.

GoDaddy provides many services. Domain registration, hosting and website building help you keep all of the essential services in one place. GoDaddy has it all, lets go through their service and help you decide if GoDaddy is right for you.


If you have had your head in the sand for the last ten years you probably missed the massive marketing campaign that GoDaddy has used to become a very successful online business. If you haven’t been under a rock, then you know that GoDaddy is one of the largest companies providing domain, hosting and website development.

GoDaddy was originally founded in 1997 as Jomax technologies and in 1998 the company was renamed and re-branded as GoDaddy, a year later they had their first easy to use website creation tools. Soon there after GoDaddy was named #1 for domain registers and has been growing and buying up other companies ever since.

Today, GoDaddy is still a growing company that has over 10 million customers and offers all of the effective solutions to grow your website and your business. Now the questions are, how can GoDaddy help you and is it right for you?


Go Daddy has multiple services. Mainly GoDaddy is a domain register, but they offer hosting and website creation as well. I primarily use GoDaddy to buy my domains and to auction for new domains. My experiences with GoDaddy’s other features have had a pretty good learning cure and not as easy to use, or diverse as other website builders.

For registering a new domain I would recommend GoDaddy, but you can use any register you like and there are many options available, through other hosting providers.

For hosting, GoDaddy has a pretty good track record and has really done a great job of providing the service, tools, speed and up time that all websites require. They do all of this good work while keeping the rates of their hosting service very low and competitive.

Now for GoDaddy’s website builder. From my experience, the GoDaddy system is a little more technical then I like to see these days and offers only the basics. Most website builders have step by step instructions and leave nothing to be learned and have worked out all of the “hard stuff”. GoDaddy has done a pretty good job on this but, I would not rate it in the top website builders like WordPress, or Weebly.

GoDaddy’s website builder is very easy to use, once the setup is complete. Most of my problems focused around the use of an external domain name which takes some knowledge in name servers to complete. The GoDaddy website builder is a drag and drop interface and walks you through all the necessary steps to build a website. The builder itself contains all of the elements needed to build a fully functional website.

Click here to watch a video so you can get a feel for how the GoDaddy website builder works.


I think GoDaddy can be a great service for anyone, especially if you are looking for domain names. GoDaddy does have a pretty easy to use website builder and can build you a fully functional website. What I don’t like about the GoDaddy website builder is the fact that if feels a little clunky, in my opinion there are other more powerful ways to build a website.


GoDaddy does a good job of integrating all of the third party tools and essentials in their dashboard as well as providing pretty good support. GoDaddy’s website builder would be a great option for.

  • Existing GoDaddy customers, saves the headache of migrations.
  • Those who seek integration of all the GoDaddy website services.
  • People who want to drag and drop elements any where onto their page. (not just in supported areas)
  • People who do not need anything “fancy”, from their website builder.

As I said before I think GoDaddy could be a great service for anyone and with the problems I have encountered with GoDaddy, I still use them to register domain names and for their other services as well.

One downside of GoDaddy and some other website builders, is they do not have blogging built into their builder and require a third party service. GoDaddy allows you to use four different services and WordPress is among them, but I believe that blogging should be built into every website builder.


godaddy review themes

Integrated within the GoDaddy website builder is a pretty good selection of themes. While I would not say they are anything spectacular, they can be made to look very modern and flashy to your websites visitors. Also keep in mind that if you pick a theme, that’s the theme you will be sticking with. Unless you are ready to move all of your websites content into a new theme. Would be nice if the GaDaddy website builder offered a more simple way to switch themes.


As you can see in the plan comparison below, GoDaddy offers a premium SEO service in their business plus plan. What this does is give you an easier way to optimize your websites SEO. This is a great option for site owners that are not familiar with on site optimization. However the other plans do offer the opportunity to optimize SEO, you just need to know where to look. You can still optimize site headings and page titles within the settings tab of the builder, but you would need to know to do so, the builder does not suggest it.


We have been making more and more of an effort to ensure that you as somebody getting a Godaddy review, is getting the best information and comparison. This is why we have built this side by side comparison of the Godaddy website builder and 3 of the main competitors. You can find the full comparison at our website builder reviews page and compare GoDaddy against WordPress, Weebly and Wix. You can compare things like SEO, power, ease of use, price and much more.



GoDaddy has pretty competitive pricing options on all of their services and like to feature sales and different deals through out the year. So the image below may be subject to change, but notice the crossed out prices, these should be the standard cost of the GoDaddy website builder.
The GoDaddy pricing structure is dependent on what you need from your website and comes with different options. This isn’t what I like to see from website creation services, especially when there are other website builders that offer more.
What you pay for is what you get and if you need all the bells and whistles from GoDaddy you are going to pay around 15 dollars a month. This is still a pretty good price for all of the included services that you will receive. I also for-see that the more websites are built and business slows these pricing structures could increase, or change among the top website builders.

Click the Image to See GoDaddy’s Current Prices


In conclusion I would like to say ” I have been pretty hard on GoDaddy”. This comes through my various experiences with them and is a biased opinion. My biggest grudge I have is that you can’t try their website building service so you can try before you buy. This is either a brilliant, or ignorant marketing strategy and in my eyes loses GoDaddy customers. With all of the other tools to build a website out there, I think GoDaddy still has a ways to go before it can compete with other methods to build a website.

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