How to be a Successful Affiliate

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Becoming a successful affiliate is a learning experience and if you are trying to make money online then you probably have already discovered that it is not easy or fast. If you want to be a successful affiliate you have to, break and remember two very important rules. Search traffic is free and advertising through Google is highly competitive and tricky. Lets take a look at what it takes to become a successful affiliate and how others are making money online today.

FIRST STOP: If you just learned about making money online you need to stop take a deep breath and realize you are not going to get rich overnight. Diving into the wrong niche, or a string of failures will leave you feeling demoralized, and will hamper your chances of making real money online. Avoid competitive niches you can check to see if you have a good niche with the Googles very own website tools. These tools will give you an idea of competition and future demand for a product.

What Other Affiliates Are Doing

First I want you to do a search for text the romance back reviews. This is a keyword group for a niche that is on an uptrend. When I started in this niche I was making money, now the market is flooded so to speak, go to Google and do your search. Now look through the websites that come up. Is there anything you see in common? There is lots of things I see, first lets look at the domain names. These domain names are very niche specific even exact matches for the keywords. This is important for content/search engine marketing it shows Google that your website is very specific and informative to the topic. Now Click into a few of the sites and look at how simple they are. Most of these sites are brand new websites that are simple and provide you with a simple, short, but quality piece of content. This is the Google sniper method and is easy to achieve through the same methods that these websites use. Target very specific keywords and write very specific content. In my mind, this is not a sustainable business model and should only be part of being a successful affiliate.

Utilizing Content as an Affiliate

Video Content

Now lets look at a few different ways you can get your content out into the internet and make some money. If you look at the same search you will see the second position is a video, this is the same for a lot of searches. The second ranking is a you tube video. Guess what, Google loves YouTube, because they own it. Getting videos to give you backlinks and traffic is a great option that gets you that link, and hopefully a couple of positions in the search results.

Website Content

The third website is a simple blog that focuses around relationship advice. This is a more sustainable business model because it gives you an option of writing about more products in the same niche. Not only is your content relevant to your domain, but Google has bitten onto the fact that you know what you’re talking about and is showing you to its users.

Go back to the first result, this should be prweb. The person who thought up prweb is pretty freaking smart. Not only do they get money from news releases  they get people to bring them content and pay them to put it on their site. This is a well established site it has lots of back links and a diverse content pool. (Note that due to search engine algorithm updates prweb is no longer the first result) This shows you what I like to call the time factor. The time factor is a bunch of factors that come into play for search engine optimization. First, it takes time to get back links unless you pay for them. Second, it takes time to create content and three, the older your site the more Google likes it. An older site, that it is keeping up with its content and is relevant will do very well in search results. Don’t be afraid of the time factor look forward to it. Also if you are using the sniper method then the time factor is kind of out the window.

Off Site Content

Article marketing is a great way to get back links and increase your online visibility, two great places to do this are squidoo and street articles. Both of these websites are not picky with grammar and get placed well in search results. If you have a website don’t spend to much time article marketing simply use it as a tool to create your own relevant backlinks and following to your domain, where you are king.

Finding a Niche

Finding a niche is a very important step to becoming a successful affiliate. You want to find a niche that you can relate to, our know something about. It will be way easier to create relevant content if you know and like the niche. Finding a low competition niche is getting fairly hard these days, but there are a few ways to find niches.

New niches are low competition and offer some quicker cash. A great way to find new niches is through the Click Bank newsletter. A new product release can be a great opportunity. Another way to hunt for niches is to use a keyword tool, there are two options that I have tried one is Jaaxy and the other is Google Adwords. Both of these tools tell you the competition of keywords and allow you to brainstorm and find a good niche. Also explore the list we have compiled on our website tools page. These tools will help you brainstorm and research a quality niche, my favorite is ubber suggest and using the Google instant method.

Remember content is king, keywords and specifics will help you win at the game of search engine marketing.

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How to be a Successful Affiliate
Learning how to be a successful affiliate comes with the territory of internet marketing. Stop thinking about money and get ready for some work.
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