How to Build a Website

how to create a websiteLearning how to build a website is a very easy thing to do. There are endless services and programs that allow you to build a website with very little to no knowledge of coding, or prior experience with building websites. In the end the biggest hurtle of website development is deciding how you want your website to look and what kind of content you want to show on your website. This tutorial will take you through the very easy steps to build a website.

How to Build – Getting Started

Getting started is very easy, the first thing you are going to need to do is decide how big you think this website is going to go, how many visitors are you going to be receiving, what is your budget? These questions can help you decide which website hosting, or website builder you are going to use to build your website. The cure all end all solution for these questions is to use quality website hosting and installing WordPress. However some may want to use one of the other options available for building a website. Lets walk through setting up a website with WordPress, then lets walk through the other services and options you have to build a website.

How to Build a Website With WordPress

WordPress is a content management system that can be used through either, or installed on a website host. I recommend using the latter rather than the former. Installing WordPress with a quality website host will give you the best options and bang for your buck when building a website. So to break this down there are 3 easy steps to get started with WordPress.

  1. Pick a quality website host and sign up for an account. Hint; you can find them at our website hosting page.
  2. Pick a domain/website name, this is, or is close to your business name. You will be walked through this step by your hosting provider.
  3. Install WordPress, this is as easy as one click on a script installer, most hosts will offer to do this for little, or no cost.

Once you have your website, you will be able to edit and design it through the WordPress interface, this requires a little time to learn, but is very easy to use and gives you the widest capabilities for website development. If you need more help on how to build a website with WordPress, you can read our WordPress tutorial as well.

Other Website Building Options

No WordPress isn’t the only way you can build a website and it does have its various competitors. There are many other website builders available and most website hosts have these options available as well as WordPress. Some of your other options include

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Presta Shop
  • Open Cart
  • Brezi
  • Magento
  • Various social network builders
  • Various e-commerce builders
  • Web 2.0 Builders

Don’t get too hung up on the diversity of the web, the point I wanted to get across is that you have options, again I recommend WordPress, and most of the internet does too.

Web 2.0 Builders

Web 2.0 builders are another option for building a website. These builders are good for those that want a simple, easy to use platform, but can have their own drawbacks.

A great resource for finding web 2.0 builders is our website builders page, here you will see that there are many options for easily building a website. These builders are usually drag and drop and they offer the essential website tools inside the package that you purchase. What this does is provide you with all of your eggs in one basket.

Once again I recommend using WordPress and can’t stress that enough. To get an in-depth tutorial for WordPress please read ours here.

Remember building a website is easy and you can do it in three easy steps

  1. Pick a website host.
  2. Choose a domain name.
  3. Install a website builder.

How to Build a Website – Website design

Website design should be an easy aspect of building a website, but sometimes wrapping your mind around a concept and turning it into reality can be a chore. That being said, there are a some simple rules that you can follow that will help your website design be the best that it can be.

  1. Use a high quality theme.
  2. Use high quality images.
  3. Keep navigation simple.
  4. Keep text to the point.
  5. Break up text with images and columns.

How to – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or (SEO) can be made out to be the holy grail of websites, but it involves a few simple tactics that everyone can practice.

  1. On page optimization, following good website design and internal linking.
  2. Off page optimization, getting quality backlinks from like websites and doing proper advertising.
  3. Proper use of social networks, to get more advertising and to show search engines your social clout.

All of these factors combine to help you build a quality website.

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Learning how to build a website is a very easy thing to do. There are endless services and programs that allow you to build a website with very little to no
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