How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate

Here is a great info graphic from Quick Sprout that details bounce rate and gives you some great advice on how to decrease your bounce rate, while being mindful of what your website categories average bounce rates are.

You will notice that typically blogs have a higher average bounce rate, which many will find useful because it is typically harder to get a lower bounce rate from a blog.

You will also notice that following simple web design trends, will allow you to lower your bounce rate by catering to your visitor.

How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate

These easy steps will show you how to decrease your bounce rate, through simple proven methods. Other tips for how to decrease bounce rate are;

  • Build relevant flashy advertisements that bring visitors to other pages on your website.
  • Have visitors go to an interactive application on another page. This will decrease bounce rates and increase average time on site.
  • Stay modern, relevant and responsive.

Morale of the story, is stay modern and up to date. Remember to re-purpose old content that still holds value and to re publish it every year.

how to decrease bounce rate


Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

How to Decrease Bounce Rate – Conclusion

There you have it, a great piece of information for lowering your bounce rate. My big take a ways from this info graphic are;

  • Keep things simple and easy to use.
  • Use modern website design practices.
  • Use responsive website design.
  • Keep the clutter off of your pages and your code.
  • Make sure the visitor will be able to find what they are looking for.

Bounce rate should always be a concern of a devoted web master and if you are seeing a high bounce rate in your analytics profile, be sure to take corrective actions and work for your visitors.

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