How to Even the Playing Field with Web-based Video Marketing

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A lot of major websites use video marketing, but most small business owners dismiss it, thinking that it’s either too costly, too expensive, or just not worth it. However, that is completely false. The playing field is rapidly being leveled for video marketing, and there are many good reasons to use it, not the least of which being how popular it is. With new technologies that make it easier than ever to record and produce high quality video, small businesses have no excuse not to employ video marketing as part of their overall marketing plan. Also, the viral video concept makes the possibility of your company’s video reaching the world an ever-increasing one, as long as the content of your video is high quality!

What Video Marketing can do for your business…

The rise of Youtube has given videos a sort of mystique that draws everyone to them. After all, they’d rather watch a two minute video than search through blocks of text for the information they need. If you thought that only high-dollar marketing budgets could afford video marketing, and that it put them even further ahead of everyone else, think again. Video marketing is available on any budget, and it can make your marketing efforts just as viable as those of any other company, multinational or not. The key is to allow your budget to inspire your creativity, not the other way around! Having a low budget isn’t a detriment if you think of creative ways to use the little money you have.

A recent example…

Did you happen to catch the personal injury lawyer commercial during the Superbowl? That wasn’t a very high-dollar production. In fact, Roger Ebert would have given it a thumbs down so far as production value went – but it attracted a lot of attention because of how well made and appealing it was. All it took was a flaming sledgehammer and a smashed gravestone to grab the audience’s attention and not let go. The lesson to take away from this is simple: production value is important, but only in specific circumstances. Sometimes, low production value can actually be a benefit to your campaign- as long as it is used ironically, and for comic effect. A serious video with poor production value may not hit the spot!

SEO benefits.

Your marketing scheme likely includes the use of search engine optimization. Did you realize that video marketing carries more weight than nearly any other search engine optimization method? It can help boost your pages to the top of Google’s search engine in no time flat. At the very least, it can help get your brand in front of more eyes, and videos are certainly more sharable than just bland, flat web pages. The reason is simple- spammy sites typically don’t put forth the effort to make video based commercials! It’s a simple way to set your company apart from the pack.

Personal benefits.

Video marketing tends to establish credibility in ways that print and email marketing simply cannot. It’s a subtle tell to the viewer that, “Wow. This guy made a video. He must really know what he’s talking about.” That may sound simple, and it is. The years of television providing credibility to professionals has benefitted everyone, it seems. As they say, “Seeing is believing.” We are an increasingly visual culture and this is not likely to change anytime soon, giving your company even more of a reason to seek out video marketing as a medium for reaching customers.

The cost isn’t an obstacle anymore.

There are high quality, insanely versatile video editing tools available for FREE on the internet. Apple computers and Windows computers both come with a video editing suite. A reasonable quality camera is available for less than $300, and even an iPhone recording can do in a pinch. There are apps that make your recordings even higher quality than before. In short, there’s no excuse any longer not to use video marketing for your small business. All it takes is a bit of creativity; as long as you come up with a good hook, you will find that you can market yourself in ways that you never even imagined before.

How to Level the Playing Field

There are a number of opportunities available right now for small businesses and individuals that want to get a video marketing campaign started. There are a number of companies that offer commercial video production services. Some great resources to help you create videos are;

  • Film Creations LTD – a full service video creation service. If you come up with a marketing idea, they can put it into action.
  • Wideo – a do it yourself approach, Wideo allows you to easily create videos and animations. When you’re done you can upload them right to You Tube.

For more animation and video creation tools, you can check out this post from mashable.

Some great resources for posting videos and ensuring you are getting the most from your marketing efforts are;

  • You Tube – Great for video marketing efforts and getting to your audience. If done right, You Tube  videos will rank very well in Google and You Tube search. This helps your videos get more exposure and back links.
  • Vimeo – Another spot to post your videos with many active visitors Vimeo is a direct competitor of You Tube and will give your videos more exposure.

Once you have made your videos and posted them to your website, You Tube, Vimeo and other relevant websites you can do more optimization on your videos SEO.

If you’ve never considered video marketing before, give it some thought now. You can level the playing field between big business marketing and your small business, reaching a wider number of customers and furthering your brand in extraordinary ways.

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