How To Get More Blog Traffic

How to get more blog traffic? An age old question for new bloggers and website owners. Generating traffic to your blog is why you are blogging. Zero visitors means you are kind of just talking to yourself and that may, or may not be healthy. Getting started is the hardest because it can take some time to generate your first visitors. Worry not because with these 10 easy tips, we will show you how to get more blog traffic.

Set up Social Media Accounts

How to get More Blog Traffic

Setting up social media accounts is key. Using social media gives your website/business a more human element. Social media is a huge resource for any website and the wide range of visitors it can bring to your blog. Whole worlds of opportunity lie withing social media, and not just for traffic generation. You may be able to utilize the top networks for whole different revenue streams for your idea. Here are my suggestions for top networks to be active on.

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Google Plus.
  • Pinterest.
  • Instagram.
  • Reddit.
  • Linkedin.
  • YouTube.
  • Disqus.

You can view a nice big list of social media networks here.

What You Get From Social Media

Creating an account with these sites will do some good things for your blog. You will not only be able to build a following, you will start to generate traffic from your followers. Yes it takes some work and some time, but the payoff is very worth it. If you have a following of loyal readers and customers, you may not even need to generate traffic from other sources.

You will also get a link to your website from your profiles. Most of these links will be “no follow” meaning they are not passing trust to your website. What they are passing is more possible visitors. Also they are still helping you build a diverse link profile which is needed to get more traffic to your blog through SEO (search engine optimization).

Staying Active

Remaining active on all of these social media accounts is important. If you do not post updates, pictures, and new information you will lose followers. You do not need to make every post business oriented. Sometimes all you need to do is post a picture saying “hey look at this thingy”. What do you think about it”? Or you can post simple updates on upcoming posts, events, or relevant info. You should be using social media to show your website’s friendly more human side.

Set up Business Listings

How to get More Blog Traffic Business Listings

If you plan on making money from your blog, then you should consider it a business. Even if it is just a part time hobby, if you offer a service of any kind get your business listed. What this does is help your blog generate traffic from local search. Google, Bing and other major search engines will often show business listings for local keywords before any relevant search result. A pretty good opportunity for any blog, or website. You should focus on business listings with all relevant directories including.

  • Google
  • Bing (Adds Yahoo Too)
  • Yelp
  • Foursquare
  • Facebook
  • Yellow Pages

Adding your website/business to these directories will be a good start. If you are really feeling up to it you can view a full list here. Many of these directories are free. Some will require a listing fee, so I suggest starting with the non fee types first.

What You Get From Business Listings

Business listings will help generate local traffic. Especially if you offer a service of any kind. You will also get more trust from search results if it’s a business listing. Also you will be building that diverse link portfolio needed for building your search engine optimization. For best results and the most traffic you want to generate traffic and interest from as many places as possible.

Install Analytics

How to get more blog traffic analyticsIf you can’t see that you are getting visitors, it will be very hard to know how to get more blog traffic. Analytics offer valuable insights into;

  • Where visitors are coming from.
  • What page they landed on.
  • How long they were on your page.
  • What they did when they were there.
  • Where they went after they left.
  • Gains or losses.

You will get other valuable metrics depending on the analytics platform you use. Standard practice is to have more than one platform so you can compare metrics. Some systems catalog computer visitors as visits to your websites and others do not. Differences like that are the reason you should use more than one program.

Eventually once you start to get visitors you will be able to identify problem pages and start to narrow down any issues. You will also get possible new keyword ideas that will help you solve problems for your blog’s visitors.

Set Up Webmaster Tools

how to get more blog traffic webmaster tools

Webmaster tools are just as important as good analytics and that’s just what they provide. Also setting up your webmaster tools will allow your site to be indexed by the search engines you set up with. Other search engines will follow suit of indexing your site once they are indexed by Google, or Bing. Who should you set up webmaster tools with?

  • Google
  • Bing

I find that setting up webmaster tools with the main two search engines will do everything you need. Like I said other smaller search engines get much of their data from the larger, so your blog will automatically be indexed. Once setup you will need to wait some days before you start to get any data, but once you do it is very valuable.

What You Get From Webmaster Tools

Once you have your website setup with the main search engines, your website will start to show in their search results. Search engines work around keywords and key phrases. So if your content is readily working to solve a problem that a potential searcher may have, you will start to get data. Data you get from webmaster tools involves.

  • Back Links
  • Search Analytics
  • Internal Link Structure
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Testing Tools
  • Keywords You Are Ranking For

With this data all provided for free from the search engine you can really start to see what your website has and what your website needs. My favorite part is being able to see what keywords, or key phrases you are ranking for. This allows you to fix content that may not be ranking well, or capitalize on a keyword by writing more fitting content.

You will also get valuable alerts and testing tools. This will help you test and improve your website per the search engines standards. Again, I suggest using the main two search engines, but there are other options out there. You can find more webmaster tools on our website tools page.

Track Conversions

how to get more blog traffic conversions

Conversion tracking can tie in with analytics, but is one of the most important factors to monitor. If you can gauge what brought a visitor to your site, what page they landed on, and how they moved to a conversion. Then you will be able to replicate the process all through your website.

You can use your on site analytics, Google analytics, or other conversion tracking tools to help you monitor. Other tools include;

  • Hubspot
  • Improvely
  • Marketo

When you are accurately able to track what’s converting, you can track what posts on your blog are bringing in new visits and then replicate them.

faster better more traffic

Continue Testing

how to get more blog traffic testing

I say this all the time. “What is  the average internet users attention span”? “What was I talking about”? About that fast, on average you have 3 seconds to make, or break a visit. Ensuring your website is fast, up to date, and following all relevant guidelines will help. You can test your website through a few different methods. You can test it by manually exploring the website and testing all the functions and you can use website tools. Some great tools for testing your blog are;

  • Pingdom
  • Nibbler
  • Moz
  • Google Search Console
  • WooRank
  • Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer
  • SEO Site Checkup
  • Website Grader

All of these tools will find different aspects of your website to work on. Some will tell you that an issue exists, others will tell you all is well. So be mindful before you go too crazy trying to fix everything. You can find a full list of website tools here.

Continue Writing New Content

how to get more blog traffic content

If you have a blog, or are planning on creating a blog, then you probably already plan on writing a fair amount of  content. However, to keep getting more and more traffic flowing to your blog, you will need to write a lot. Websites with blogs that post 3 posts a week over another that does 3 posts a month will receive more traffic. This is simply due to the fact that they are showing they are keeping their blog fresh and they are growing their keyword portfolio.

What You Get From New Content

Writing new content is what blogging is all about. You get some great benefits from blogging on any type of website. Search engines have one basic job, that’s to solve a searchers problem. If your post, page, or website works to solve a searchers problem. Then you will probably rank pretty well for the keywords that surround that problem. From writing well thought out relevant content your blog will receive;

  • New visitors
  • Possible back links
  • Bigger keyword portfolio
  • New conversion funnel

I can’t stress content enough. On top of writing new content, make sure you are updating your old posts. Especially if that post generates traffic. You will want to keep it up to date so you can continue to receive that traffic.

Get Listed With Relevant Directories

get listed with directories

We already talked about business listings. Directories are mostly a thing of the past, but some directories are working to improve. Also some directories can send you some decent traffic. Adding your blog, to directories will also help you build you back link portfolio. These links do not carry as much weight as they used to, but will help get you started.

You can find relevant directories by searching (your sites keywords directory). This will give you a pretty good list of directories with some of the most page authority and trust. You can also view this list of directories to get started. I wouldn’t spend as much time on this as other things I pointed out in the post. However make sure you do get listed in relevant directories and not worry so much about the others.

Build Trust With Other Websites

build trust

Building trust from other websites is huge. You need to work with other websites within your niche. Working with them will give you some things your blog needs to generate traffic.

  • Potential back links (pass trust to your site).
  • Gaining readers from an established audience.
  • Helps prove your knowledge in your niche.
  • Brings potential authors to your blog.

This is how search engines, mainly Google want you to gain back links. Not necessarily buy guest posting, but by getting naturally placed links from other websites. So if your content is good and can build on someone else’s article, then they will link to you. However if they do not know your content exists, then you will never be linked to.

You can work with other websites and blogs relevant to your own by reaching out. Let them know about your content and how it can build on theirs. Growing trust with other websites flows right into our next topic.

Be Active With Other Websites In Your Niche

be acitve on other websites

Be active. Use social media, write new content, and participate in discussion and content creation on other websites in your niche. Offer suggestions and help within the comments section. Join forums that are relevant and help people solve issues they bring up there. Become an active member of the community you are writing about. This will help build you, your brand, and your websites traffic.

How to Get More Blog Traffic – Rapping it Up

Gaining traffic to a new blog takes some time. Learning how to properly write a blog post and curate content for your visitors takes time. Growing a brand new blog into a top performer overnight just isn’t possible. Stay with it, work hard, and be active. Follow these rules on how to get more blog traffic and before you know it you will have more visitors than you know what to do with.

How to Get More Blog Traffic
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