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How to Make a Weebly Website Appear on Google

Learning how to make a Weebly website appear on Google is not as daunting of a task as some would make it seem. While there are other website builders that are rated higher for SEO, Weebly can get you there by sticking to the basics. Today I’ll be breaking out Weebly SEO into two simple categories that will help you get your Weebly website to appear on Google, on site and off site optimization.

Weebly on Site Optimization

On site optimization is often the first, most overlooked part of optimizing a website for Google. Google itself has extensive help on how to do this, but lets break it down into the main factors.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is important because search engines will use the text that you choose to link, with either a button, or a hyperlink to discover what your site is about. Search engines figure that if you are linking to a specific piece of content/page, then it must be important, and the related keywords are important as well.

I can help you get  started with internal linking by explaining these 3 questions.

Q. Where are the most important links?

A. For your main site elements your most important links will appear in the primary menu. Within the body/middle of the site (either with linked text, or buttons with text). Within the footer of the site. You will want to ensure that you have these links bear the same names/text as your pages/posts titles.

Q. What do you link to?

A. You want to have your main menu, and footer link to the most important pages, or content of your website. You will want the text of the menu/footer links to be the main keywords that you want your Weebly website to appear on Google for.

For example, I have an article that details Weebly Search Engine Optimization. If I wanted you to read that article to build what you already know from this article. I would want to offer that to you in link form something like this; you can read another more comprehensive article I have on Weebly SEO here. < This type of link would go in the middle/body of your website.

Q. What keywords do you link to with text?

A. You want to link this text, also known as anchor text to the main keywords of your site.

You also want to start naturally adding links from your content to other helpful content of your site. Again using an anchor text/keyword that you want your Weebly website to appear on Google for.

Lastly you will want to ensure that you have no missing, or broken links and that you are not linking to content, that does not pertain to the keywords being linked from.

As you can see when I talk about internal linking I also talk about keywords, the two go hand in hand.


Keywords are what make search engines go round and they are what you are searching for when you ask a search engine to find something for you. You can break your sites keywords into two categories; main site keywords, and long tail keywords. You will want your sites main keywords to be simple, one, or two words. These keywords allow you to link internally with simplistic style and show search engines what your site is about. Long tail keywords are lower competition keywords that you can more easily rank for in Google. If you are going to use long tail keywords, you will usually need to insert them into a content piece that is helpful to a potential reader. Most do this with a blog, but you could have some pages of your site focused around long tail keywords as well.

Keywords can make a Weebly site appear on Google, long tail keywords and on site content will help bring in new site visitors and help funnel them to your main content, product, or service.

How do you find keywords? A lot of tools exist, but if you are looking at keywords to appear on Google, then you can get started with Google Ads and use the free keyword planner. It can be found under tools like in the image below.

how to make a weebly site appear on google.

You can use this planner to type in your websites main keywords, and then start to explore some of the long tail keywords you want new content from your website to focus on.

Weebly Site Performance

Site performance is a pretty big ranking factor. If your website is slow, or not leveraging every thing possible to improve your users experience, then a search engine may choose to show another site over yours.

Weebly does have some limitations in regards to site performance. Two steps are to leverage compression within the code, and the images of your site. As a Weebly user, I am going to assume you are not wanting to get too technical. What you will be able to do yourself with little difficulty is compress your images before uploading them into your website. You can do this with a simple compression tool. More advanced options include shortening, or compressing the code contained within your website. Unless you feel comfortable doing this, you should contact a website designer, that is familiar with code to help.

In short keep things simple. If you are going to add images, and you should, make sure they are as small of a file as possible.

Social Signals and Sharing

Having the main social network accounts setup for your website is not only important, but signals from off site show that you mean business. Similarly you should link to your social media pages from your website. Doing so will help search engines link all of your pages together, help your websites visitors find your social media and grow your websites brand as a whole. Many options exist for this, but you can simply utilize Weebly’s built in sharing buttons and features. 

Weebly off Site Optimization

Next you will want to look into off site optimization. While some of these tasks are easier than others, all are just as important to make a Weebly website appear in Google. 

Local Marketing

Google offers an extremely convenient way to help your site appear in search locally by utilizing its Google Business profile. Once you get this profile set up you will start to appear in local search for your websites categories. I feel this is the most important missed step that website owners don’t do today.

Additionally you will want to add your site to as many other local search directories as possible. You can start with the main directories being; Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, and Manta. Your goal here should be to show that you are building a presence outside of the search engine itself and to put your website in front of more customers.

Back Links

As I said some things in off site optimization are easier to achieve than others. Back Links seem to be a place where many struggle. Your website needs to have quality back links to appear in search results. 

Types of Back Links

Your site can have 2 different types of back links. Most important out of the two is whats called a “do follow” link. Do follow links pass a part of whats called page authority to the page they link to. In turn this will help a website rank better for the keywords the link is for. More do follow back links more page authority for your website, and higher rankings.

Careful with do follow links however, too much  of a good thing can be a bad thing if not done properly. Links of this type need to be natural, meaning that they link to a page, or content that the links keywords and the linking content are about. All links should link to similar helpful content.

Next is whats called a “no follow’ link. No follow links do not pass page authority. Don’t discount no follow links however because they help out in other regards. Mainly they still help draw a map for search engines of what your content is about and what it can be helpful for. Also they help attract visitors to your site from other sites. In turn generating you traffic that is already tailored to your websites niche. Traffic from other websites/sources is a ranking factor for search engines.

How to Get Back links

Back link generation can be a little tedious, but not impossible. Important back link rules to remember are.

  • Quality is better than quantity.
  • Links that link to helpful content are what Google looks for.
  • A mixture of links follow/no follow is good.
  • Links that come from similar websites are the best.
  • .gov, .edu, and .wiki links carry a ton of trust authority with them.
  • Websites that are older, and have more links passing to them, pass more page authority to your site.

So, how do you get back links? Some of the methods of generating  back links are.

  • Start an email outreach campaign to sites of similar topics to yours. You can do a couple of things. Offer them a piece of content that you write for their site that contains a link to your site. Ensure that the link is helpful and contributes to the articles worth. Offer a link to be placed in the sites older content that contributes to the worth of the older content.
  • Link to other similar websites from your new content. Any traffic that goes to the other website will alert the webmaster and could start an exchange of content/links.
  • Find directories that market your websites products/services. Most directories will allow you to submit to them for free.
  • If you have at least 5 dollars to spend, you could hire someone more familiar with link building. Everyone says not to pay for links, but sometimes, you just need to out source some of the work. Make sure that you are going to get credible links.

Social Media Marketing

Setting up social media profiles is huge part of boosting your off site marketing. Search engines use your overall profile of what sites you appear on to help portray your website as a legitimate source of information/products/services. Maintaining the main social media accounts goes along ways to build your websites brand and connect with your followers.

You should setup and remain active on at least; Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Instagram and YouTube can be great to market your media as well.

Use Website Tools

Website analysis is very important and if you want your website to show up on Google, you should setup at least the basics. Mainly you want to setup webmaster tools for both Google and Bing. Webmaster tools are free and allow you to analyze how your website is doing in search. Also it ensures that your website is submitted to the search engine in the best capacity and free of errors.

Wrapping Up

Keeping to the basics, and creating a helpful website will help many of my suggestions to flow naturally. Ensuring that you are staying active and keeping your website fresh will help you keep returning visitors and help your site appear on Google. If you would like to know more, you could check out the rest of our search engine optimization reading. As always don’t hesitate to contact me for help to get a free quote, or learn how to get your website started on a website management plan.

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