How to Make Money Online, Lesson 1: How to Make Money Online

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Making money online is a conundrum that faces many who try it. It becomes harder and harder to find legitimate ways to make money online with a highly competitive atmosphere, but I want to help you get started. Making money online is simple, simple but not easy. Why do I say this?  I say it because the process is simple but you will have to put time, work and probably some money into this just like any other business. If you are ready to learn how to make money online read on.

Different Methods to Make Money Online

There are a many different ways of making money online, most of the time they involve a lot of work for someone else, and I want you to get away from that method. Lets take a look at some different ways companies and individuals make money online.

  • Most often you see e commerce websites selling products, this involves having an inventory on hand. 
  • Another way is to sell other peoples products. Selling other peoples products is easier, its more of a passive income without keeping an inventory on hand, this is called affiliate marketing.
  • You can make money advertising other peoples products on your website through things like Google ad sense and other forms of advertisement.
  • Many companies hire people to work from home on their computers.
  • People do surveys and click on ads.(I don’t recommend this).
  • You can freelance and offer guest posts to websites. If you write a good informative post for a websites blog, most of the time they will pay you for it.

Diving into Affiliate Marketing

Now I don’t want you to get caught up on all of these methods, I am going to tell you about the method I use, that works. Online marketing is a great way to make money online. Essentially you learn how to market products in a specific niche that you can learn about and be knowledgeable in.

Selling other peoples stuff is the best way to start generating an income online. This is known as affiliate marketing, for those of you who have heard about this before, you may think affiliates have a bad reputation.

Don’t be fooled there are a lot of things on the internet that give affiliate marketing a bad reputation and that is usually the people who tell you, “buy my product so you can learn how to make money online”. There is an article I put together called the top ten books for affiliate marketing that gives you a great list of books you can buy on Amazon for your Kindle, smart phone, or computer for a very small fee. The best part, if you don’t like them, you can return them and get your $2.00 back.

What I want you to know is that you do not have to buy anything, if you are just getting started and learning about making your way online there is one simple thing you can do. Write articles about other peoples products, if you have a particular subject you are interested in or are “passionate” about you are already ahead of the game.

There are two ways you can become an affiliate marketer.

  1. Write articles on directories like squidoo, street articles, or ezine articles.
  2. Build a website around a specific idea. Then blog, or write articles on said website (start for under $100  year).

I recommend starting with article directories and honing in on your writing skills and when you are ready for a website, these articles can be very useful for multiple reasons. (Update 2013: Article directories are becoming very competitive. Consider a website instead.)

Easy Steps to Get Started

  1. First go to click bankamazon, or shareasale and create an account as an affiliate. Or do a search for affiliate programs relevant to your niche. They may ask for a website, if you do not have one use as a default. You will find the full marketing power of a website in my next lesson.
  2. Second find a genuine product that fits into your passion something you will be able to write about. Using clickbank should be self explanatory but if you need help please contact me. Also there are other affiliate programs you can use that I will go into in our next lesson.
  3. Third go to an article directory such as street articles or ezine articles and set up an account there. Make sure you fill out your author bio and all relevant info even your picture, this will add a face to what you are writing and bring realism to your article. Now the bio is also important because this is a place to put a back link if you can’t in your article.
  4. Fourth  write your article, it has to be a minimum of six hundred words, but that’s easy. Make sure when you write your article you do it naturally as if you were talking to a friend, this will again add to your articles realism. Be sure to bring quality info to your readers, this will help you build an audience for what you are marketing. Also carefully pick your keywords for your title, put yourself in the shoes of someone searching for your product. Make sure its two to three words long and will get some searches. You can use a free keyword tool to see if your keywords are going to get traffic.
  5. Fifth go back to click bank and that product you found earlier then hit promote. This will give you your affiliate link, copy this link and go back to your article. Now read your article and see where you can place this link where it will read naturally, for example if you are promoting a self help book put your link like this… (if you need additional help read self help 101)this will not appear as a huge pitch on your part and will make the reader more comfortable.
  6. Publish your article and wait. Now it can take a few days, or a couple of weeks for your article to rank in the search engines but if there are people using your article directory you will start building an audience there.

The key to success, is to bring your readers good info, don’t worry too much about proper grammar and sentence structure, this is not a big deal to people reading online these days. Remember to chose your keywords wisely and not to stress your self on the little details, or you will get frustrated and this will never work if that happens.

After a week if you have not made any money from your article go through and read it to your self and see if there are any changes you can make. Then write more articles as many as you have time for until you build an audience and get those sales. Once you start to make some sales what I would suggest is turning that money into a website. Websites are very powerful for many different aspects of being an affiliate. Building a website will be a lesson as well where I will tell you why and how to build a site.

Also as a warning beware of get rich quick schemes associated with affiliate marketing. While there is legitimate tools out there that can help you they are probably not the $47 dollar pitch products that some one page site with a video tries to sell you. In my opinion you should not ever buy anything unless there is proof of it working, or you get a taste of it working yourself, but that’s just me.

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