How to Make Money Online, Lesson 2: Keywords

how keywords make you money online

I’m going to start out this lesson 2 of how to make money online with one word, persistence. Why do I say persistence? Because you need to be devoted to make this work, most of the time you will not start making money over night. If everyone gave up right away in this world, nothing would ever get done. So just stay with it and try to make the most with your new business opportunity.

Lesson 2: Keywords

Keywords are the holy grail of being found on the internet. If the articles you wrote earlier (see lesson 1) are not ranking consider what you picked for a title. A really useful tool for finding keywords is Google adwords, sign up for your free account and go to tools and analysis then to keyword tool.

With this tool you will be able to type in your keywords and see many different statistics. If you type in the keywords loose fat you will find these keywords generate 1,500,000 searches a month and competition is low. What you want is keywords with low competition, also you want to be able to find keywords that have a low number of returns when you type them into Google. If you find your keyword that also gets only a few results you’re in money.

Don’t worry, those articles you wrote before are still useful, just change the titles to fit your keywords for the products you are passionate about. It also helps to include those same keywords in the article as long as their placing is relevant. The key to success of making money online as an affiliate marketer, is to master the keywords for your passion. If you don’t do this, your articles will never rank for what your customers are searching for.

This may seem like sort of a bummer but it’s the way it works online and all of my lessons are building your knowledge one step at a time. Next you can pick a different sub topic, something your still passionate about and can write some content on. However you are going to pick this topic from the keywords you find with the criteria I just provided you. Once you find the keywords and topics you want, start typing again. Go back to the directories and submit more articles, the more articles you write the greater your following will become.

Note: I have a better article about keywords and research called; best free keyword tool.

What You are Working Toward

This lesson the past lesson and future lessons are all the essentials to hopefully run your own website someday. Running your own website will drastically increase your earning potential, because you will be able to write content with keywords at will. Don’t jump the gun yet though I am giving you the info in steps, so you are ready for the owning a website step. Steps like picking your domain name that has your keywords (business name) in it, this will help your website rank fast and strong in Google.

In lesson one you learned you need to write content. Content is probably the most important thing to get noticed on the internet. Without content, the search engines and the people looking for what you have to say can’t find you. The more content you write, the bigger your footprint on the web will be. In lesson two you learned the basics of keywords. The better your keywords the easier it will be for people to find your content. Without keywords your content is useless. Now use these two lessons and combine them. Go out write your article and put your keywords into it. Be sure not to stuff your article with keywords because the search engines will not find this to be an organic  article, organic meaning good content that’s natural. Also once you build a website you will be able to use your articles to back link to your website witch will drive traffic there for you.

Just remember, now that you know about making money online you will strive to learn more. I just ask you be careful in your quest and try to stay away from  products trying to nab your money from your passion. Stick to the lessons I’m giving you for free and if it works for you, then maybe spend some money on a website, around a hundred dollars will work when getting started with a website.

If you are serious about being an affiliate marketer you will need a better keyword tool then Google adwords. I highly recommend Jaaxy, this tool will give you better results then any other keyword tool and will increase your ability to write relevant content.

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How to Make Money Online, Lesson 2: Keywords
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