How to Make Money Online, Lesson 4: Advertising Your Website

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Another day another lesson in making money online, today I bring you traffic building. Building traffic or simply getting visitors to your website is not an easy thing to do.You may have gotten lucky and picked the keywords that bring you traffic in your domain name and site content, but if you didn’t you will have to do a few things to get people to your site. There are a number of options on what you can do to sell your site, let’s go through them now.

First is Advertising

Advertising can be an expensive proposition especially if you picked a competitive set of keywords. Also there are risks that come with programs like ad words if you are an affiliate marketer. With that said, there is a lot of potential and it will help with the how to make money online factor. Unfortunately, Adwords frowns on hop links going to other sites and it frowns on people selling other peoples products. So does Amazon, they may terminate your account if you use Adwords to drive traffic to your site because it competes against the original sellers advertising. So if you have your own product or if you do not link too much out of your site ad words would work for you. However you will need a budget for advertising and if you are not making a good amount of sales you may go in the hole with this method.

Other advertising solutions you could try are direct advertising through targeting related sites who offer space for advertising. This involves talking to the webmasters of these sites and setting up a banner with a link to your site. Next you can try guest commenting, this is done by finding blogs or sites related to yours, giving some of your input and dropping your link in the bio.

Another option is free traffic; this is the hardest to do because it involves lots of work. Free traffic comes from the content on your site and the keywords you pick for that content. If you use a keyword tool to find the keywords for your title and to put in your article this will start to bring free traffic to your site.

More free traffic can come from You Tube; this uses the same principle as your content except you use another medium. Go to You Tube start a video channel make some videos that are relevant to your keywords and upload them, make sure the video title has those keywords. In your comment box for your video put a link to your site so if people like your content they can find more.

The articles you wrote in previous lessons are all free advertising. Place links back to your website, this will help you get traffic and rank better in search.

Second Is Content

Now this probably shouldn’t be second because content is the most important thing your site has to offer. Without it no one will stick around or care what you have to say. If you write quality content and put your keywords into that content, this will allow your articles, or blog posts to start ranking in the search engines. I can’t stress enough how much this will ultimately help your site.

Third is Back Links

Now all of the steps I described earlier are essentially building back links. However what you really need is back links from other webmasters with related content. Now this can be achieved through direct communication with a site owner, or guest posting on their site. Another thing you can offer is to write some content for their site in exchange for a back link, a great place to find guest posters and for you to guest post is Blogger Link Up. (use caution with guest posting, don’t just do it for a link)

Commenting on related websites is a great way to generate links and traffic. Just leave a comment that builds on the article, this will help your comment get posted and stay and let the search engines understand the back link.

Creating links on relevant directories and social media will help too. You can also become active in forums and other websites within your niche. You can offer content and link to your site in ways that enrich the content.

Fourth is Social Media

Social media is last but definitely not least. Making your site social is important to get your site noticed by relevant visitors. A social media button on your site such as ShareThis, or Addthis will allow people to share and bookmark your content. These buttons will bring in new visitors and keep old visitors coming back.

Social traffic is becoming more and more important to site owners and to search engine ranking. Search engines are now considering back links from social media sites to be very strong. So, the more likes, tweets and plus ones you have, the better your site will rank in search.

Use Google +, not only is it bigger than Twitter now, it holds more power to rank your content. Make a page for your website/business and ensure you are active on it. Getting more +1’s and followers to your profile will help you rank better.

Set up Google authorship markup for plus as well. This lets search engines and people know who you are, that you are legitimate, and you know what you are talking about. Articles from a author with a large following will rank better in search.

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How to Make Money Online, Lesson 4: Advertising Your Website
How to make money online, lesson 4 advertising your website. Learn some of the best places to advertise your new website and make money online.
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