How to Make Money Online, Lesson 5: Selling Your Product But Not Really

selling a product onlineSelling your product! This is not the case with affiliate marketing. You should never try to sell something. Instead your role as an affiliate is to bring people information. Information that the reader will find useful and help them make an informed decision when they are searching for something.

This simple method will drive more sales, better rankings and will help your website get more return visitors. If your content answers questions and is helpful, you are doing your job as an online marketer.

Presenting Your Links

How do you recommend a product if you’re not selling it? Simply, if you write an article on a specific topic/niche bring good information. After you have your information, then worry about where to put your links. Remember the links should read naturally and not just be, click here for more info. Your links should read like: making money online is not easy; however I have found some helpful informationnote the blue that’s where I would place my link. Place your links naturally in your article once or twice and people will not see it as a huge marketing pitch. Now you may not have completely mastered linking yet, but it should come naturally after time. On landing pages be sure to use call to action, buttons or a form to fill out, if your websites visitor is not actively engaged in an article and are just visiting your landing page, they could miss the point if you do not make it obvious.

Bringing Good Information

Before you write an article sit down and research your topic first. Read other peoples posts, blogs and articles then note the social buttons with counters. If there are a lot of hits on a particular story, then it is most likely good information, but use your best judgment. Now don’t copy this person’s story but take the information you need out of it, and when you write your article present this info in your own way. Basically look into every aspect, you have to become an expert on what you want to write about. Make an outline of your article, so when you’re ready, you have all your information, and know how you are going to present it.

Building an Audience

What all of this is going to boil down to is building your audience. Wherever you are trying to build your audience, whether it is on your website, an article directory, or a forum when you bring that good information and not a sales pitch, people will start to return for your material. Building that audience will become the most important thing you can do on the internet, without it you have nothing. Besides good info, you will have to make your content easily share-able. Social networking is the easiest way to do this, go to sharethis, or addthis, get their buttons and put it into your site. One button on your site can make a world of difference.

In conclusion, if you are trying to make a buck online as an affiliate, bring info not a sales pitch. Know how to present your links. Bring good information, do your research and try to help people. Build that audience; all of these tips will help you to do just that. Good luck out there and have fun.

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