How to Make Money Online, Lesson 6: Niche Marketing

make money online with niche marketingHow to make money online? This is a question that lots of people ask every day. One of the most popular ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing, and if you have read my previous lessons, you should have a general idea of how to be an affiliate. Now the question is, how do you become a successful affiliate? Becoming good at what you do can come naturally, or it can be acquired through knowledge and experience. Niche Marketing can tie both your natural ability and your experience into a useful platform to help you become successful.

Niche Marketing focuses your efforts all on one topic, this topic is usually something you are already into, or passionate about. You do not have to be passionate about a niche, but it definitely helps if you like what you are doing. So my advice when looking for a niche is to find something you like, or know something about, or something you will make money in, making money should make you happy ;-).

Finding your niche

Your niche as I said earlier should be something you already have an advantage in. When you start thinking about a niche, sit down and brainstorm. First go to your affiliate program and have it ready, so if you think you find a niche, you can look up the products your program offers. Now think about what your niche should be, what do you know already, what would you have fun at? Write these things down and then do a search in your affiliate program. There should be products that come up for you to start marketing. Having trouble trying to find a specific niche for you? There are other ways to find a topic, while the niches may not be specific to you, they should be things people are looking for. Go to, they will give you a ton of topic ideas, or you could go to and use the instant search. Make sure you are logged out of Google, and then you can start to type ideas.

how to make money online

The Google instant method and the msn search will give you some great ideas, but ultimately you will have to choose. Another factor that may help you make a decision in choosing your niche is Google insights, you can type in the keywords for your niche in this tool and see if they are trending up or down in searches. Also take a look at our website tools, we have a huge stockpile of the right tools to help with your marketing campaign.

Becoming an expert

After you have selected your niche become an expert, if you aren’t an expert already, do your homework so you can bring quality info to your topic. Not only should you become an expert in your niche, you should also become an expert in marketing, online marketing, and local marketing. Learn the ways of the force young Sky Walker.

I have already tried to bring the ways you can present your information in previous lessons. What you need to do now is fortify your position in your niche, whether its article directories, or on your website, you need to become the person everyone comes to in your niche. This can all be done by bringing in sweet content, knowledge and experience. Also it helps to be interactive with your audience.

Beat your competition

Beating your competition all really boils down to advertising, organic search results and proper website marketing. Search results are probably the best way to go and they get your info in front of the most people. So how do you rank on page one of Google? Keywords, these words are the most important thing next to your content. Find less competitive keywords with that adwords tool I talked about in earlier lessons, then write quality content around these words. If you do this often your site will be seen as a source of reliable info and if you bring helpful content, the people who find your site will start to interact, which will also bring up your rankings.

Once you have content/keywords that are ranking in Google start building back links. Find like sites and do some guest posting, bring a good bit of info and say if you want more come here “place your link”. This will allow you to start building back links, of course once people find your info they will start to build back links for you.

Also become active on relevant websites and online communities for your niche. Social networking and marketing will go a long way when you want to establish authority in your niche. In the end don’t be shy, stay with the times and become the leader in information regarding your niche.

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How to Make Money Online, Lesson 6: Niche Marketing
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