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make money online   Welcome to our full article of how to make money online. Making money online is a vast set of methods, skills and determination. The methods we are going to teach today are going to be a simple path to start making money online through affiliate marketing and website ownership. This is not going to be a short lesson and if you think that making money online is easy, its because some one has lied to you. Making money online boils down to three things.

  1. Knowledge, knowing what you want to make money with is important, along side knowing something about what your business is about. This is a given right?
  2. Persistence, it takes quite a bit of work most of the time to start a business and even though you can start to make money online pretty quickly with this system, it will still take some work.
  3. Positive thinking, don’t get down about making money online. Start out trying different options as a hobby and build from your experiences and always know deep down that you will succeed.

Now if you are ready for the full system  read on.


First lets look at the different ways people make money online. This system is only going to focus on one way, but I want you to be aware of other options.

  1. Blogging

    : this is broad and is a mainstay of making money online. By blogging you can branch out and do a number of things to make money online. You can put ad sense ads on your blog, you can suggest products through affiliate links and you can offer services for a price. I put blogging first because if you are going to make an online presence you are going to need to blog. This is because the search engines love blogs and more importantly content, which will come a majority from your blog.

  2. Start a Business

    : Yes anything you do to make money online should be viewed as a business, but you can focus on products and services that you offer. Starting a business and going the direct approach to make money online takes quite a bit of investment. This is a great way to go if you have a business in mind, but it usually involves a brick and mortar store as well.

  3. Freelance

    : If you have the slightest idea of how to build a website, write content or work on SEO then you can start to freelance your services for companies and people that need work done. This is a great way to not only build relationships  but its a great way to make some money.

  4. Sell an E book

    : You are going to see this time and time again if you are looking to make money online. Most who know the correct formula to make money online, usually write an E book about it and sell it. This can be a great way to generate some income and it can be about anything you have knowledge of. You can sell your book from your website or at Amazon.

  5. Write Paid Reviews

    : Some companies will hire you to review their product and write a review about it to be posted onto their website. Reviews from genuine people are valuable for companies to show the proper image about their product.

  6. Do Surveys

    : This is my least favorite option to make money online, and it’s because most survey networks require payment to register and you get pennies for your work. This is however a great time killer and a source of some extra cash, but I don’t see how you could turn it into an online business.

  7. Sell on Ebay

    : There are people who make quite a bit of money doing this and if you like to troll the internet for good buys and then turn around and sell them this is a good option. Now this again requires you to have a stock of products to sell and can be very time consuming, but this option can make you some pretty good money online.

  8. Sell on Craigslist

    : Same theory as Ebay, but you can just sell some of the junk you got laying around the house. Think of it as a huge online garage sale that reaches a bigger audience then people who are just passing buy.

  9. Affiliate Marketing

    : In my mind this is the holy grail of making money online and should be in everyone’s mind when making money online. This option ties together with options 1,2 and 10. Affiliate marketing requires you only to refer people to a product and requires only a word processor the ability to write and some rudimentary knowledge about a product. This is what my lessons and this lesson is going to focus on along with the next option.

  10. Build a Website

    : Building a website gives your ability to make money online so much more potential and can be the difference between making 100’s and 1000’s. By combining blogging, writing reviews, ad sense, affiliate marketing and building a website you have the formula to start a real business online and in my mind is how to make money online.


Now don’t get caught up on all the options to make money online you can delve into them later, but right now I want you to focus on the main way people work online, affiliate marketing. Being an online marketer means two things, one you are going to try to help people solve a problem, two you are going to find something to promote that you like, or are passionate about. If you put these main two factors together you are already on the path to making money online.


There are a number of ways to get started as an affiliate for free. Now there are some people who have been pretty successful using free services to make money online. Using blogger for example gives you a website to write content and reach your audience and you can do it for free, blogger is a great option to get started. People also use article directories such as Squidoo to reach their audience, this is a method of using a directories ability to rank your content and not having to own a website. All I do with article directories is use them to get back links and targeted traffic, my main content that I write goes write here on this website. Getting started for free is great, but it does have some disadvantages, my main view on starting free is it can help you learn how to make money online, but its not a permanent business model. Free things are great, like building a website for example, you can test the service for free first and see if you like it, but eventually you will want to try every option from the service and then you will want to show your customers that you can afford the $100 dollars a year it costs to run your website/business.


Now that I got how to get started for free out of the way(i only write about it because so many want to know) lets get look at a sustainable business model for affiliate marketing. This is a simple easy to use process and people use it every day to make money.

  • Find a niche/keyword research: finding a good niche is getting harder and harder, but don’t worry in our evolving world new useful things come onto the market place every day. You should do two things to find a niche. One you should think of something you like and have some knowledge about and use that as a “seed keyword”. This main idea will be what your whole business is about. Two you need to research the keywords of the niche and see if they are a good fit to make money online.

To get started with your keyword research and learn how to brain storm read our article about keyword research.

This article will teach you how to use Soovle and the Google Ad Words keyword tool to research your keyword. The key to finding a good niche boils down to a good keyword with over 1000 searches a month and low competition. Once you have found your main keyword you can start to build a list of other similar keywords that you can write about later. Make sure that there is at least 10 good keywords to write about in your niche. You will find more as time goes on and not everything you write about has to be researched first. Some of my best converting articles just came off the top of my head.


  • Find affiliate programs: There are a lot of bigger affiliate programs out there. Many offer a great variety and it is all about finding products that will help people in your niche. Here is a list of some affiliate programs.

Click Bank, this is a good starter and you will get pretty big commissions when you make a sale. Commission Junction, another great program with many advertisers. Share a Sale, this program is easy to use and offers a wide variety of products. Amazon, if you want to sell stuff you can do it from amazon. There are many more affiliate programs and many individual websites have them as well. The key is to find a program that fits your needs. Most websites have a link to their affiliate page in their footer menu. Don’t forget about Ad Sense


  • Build a website: now you can bring all your research and content to a free service, but as I said ” it’s not a good business model”. You want to show your customers you mean business. To get started building a website first you will want to find a domain name. Finding a domain name that is close to your niche is important because it will help the search engines understand what your website is about. Be ready to have a longer domain name, most of the shorter domain names are taken, but this is not a big deal being descriptive in your domain name will help in the long run. To find a domain name use this tool, once you find your name write it down so you have it for later.

Now you will want to choose the service you will be using to build your website. There are a few options, but the two I have used are Weebly and Word Press. Both options are good choices and can build you a great website. What you choose boils down to how knowledgeable you are with computers and technology. If you have never built a website try using Weebly first and then branch out into Word Press. Word Press is the industry standard and if you use it for your business off the bat it will help you in the long run.


Now that you have built your website you can either build pages or start blogging. I suggest you tinker and learn how to use the service you chose, but you can get started off right away by blogging. Eventually you will want a landing page and some other services/options on your website or you might not. The main idea here is to write content through your blog.

  • Fill your website with content: This is probably the hardest step of making money online. If you have never written before you can really get a mental block or start to fell self conscious about it, don’t. If your writing helps to solve a problem people are going to be more concerned with the problem then your grammar. Start of slow and use the keyword list you wrote down in your research earlier as your titles of your blog posts and place those same keywords strategically in the article, but make it natural do not stuff your article with the keyword. Once you start to write some content your brain will start to think about your topic more and you will start to get ideas to write about and writing will become more natural. Place your affiliate links into the articles, do this naturally so they are part of the story, don’t just put click here everywhere.

If you are still having troubles with content creation you can do two things. One you can pay someone to write content for you, or you can meet people to write content in exchange for a back link to their website.


  • Submit your website to search engines: Once you have a good 5 to 10 posts you will want to publish your website and submit it to search engines. This is a simple process and will also give you the valuable tools needed to help maintain and gather information about your website. You will also now have access to Google Ad sense to add to your website.
Once you have submitted your website give it up to 48 hours to be indexed by the search engines. In the meantime keep writing content and building your website. To speed up the indexing of your website get some high quality back links by sharing on Facebook and Twitter, or by posting in the comment sections of related websites.


Now you have a good foundation for making money online, but there is a few more things you will have to do to ensure your website gets into the higher rankings of Google and other search engines. Search engine optimization is important for any website and yours is no different. You already have two great tools to help you with your webmaster accounts, but there are two simple things you can do to help your website.

  1. Build back links: do this naturally one good back link is better then a thousand bad ones. A good way to get started back linking is by posting good relevant comments on other blogs. This will give you a good back link and will bring targeted traffic to your website.
  2. Be social: build a social page and make sure you have sharing buttons on your website. Back links from social sites are very good for your SEO and will bring you more targeted traffic. Use Google + and set up your author attributes, this shows Google that you mean business and they will rank your content higher.

Start to network and link up with other bloggers. Offer guest posts so you can get more back links and targeted traffic from their blogs. Use the tools and advice on this website and be sure to follow us for important updates about search engine optimization, websites and making money online. If you keep up with your website, keep writing content and build relationships you will start to make more and more money online and eventually you will have an authority website that will bring in more and more income.


Don’t forget that this is work and you need to do some upkeep. A good rule of thumb is to write 3 articles a week for your blog and 3 articles a week to get back links from article directories or other websites related to your niche. Make 1 video a week as well and upload it to You Tube, this will give you more back links from your video bio and more exposure from the number 2 search engine. Don’t forget about the time factor, if you are going to enter a competitive niche you will be looking at more work and some more time to start ranking. If you find one of those hidden niches that has no one writing in, then you can rank very quickly. Try creating content with the same title and a different body and place one article on your website, one in an article directory and place a video on You Tube. If you are lucky you will rank top three from all of these sources and ensure that you are getting the traffic, leads and sales.


Now that you know how to make money online you can use our resources to build your websites. We give you all of the relevant links to quickly build a website and get the resources you need. Micro niche websites with highly targeted keywords is a great way to make money online. The more websites you have the more income you bring in, essentially instead of having your eggs all in one basket, you tap into the keywords that the big e commerce websites do not and you get your share of the pot.


Part of your business model should not only focus around one or two websites. In my model I have one main “authority website” and many other smaller “micro niche websites”. This allows me to build one large site that I will be able to focus on and eventually gain more money from and have smaller sites that are more focused that bring me in more steady income. This is the hidden untapped source of online money that everyone is so secretive about. Even if you build a website and you do not feel you want it or have time for it anymore you can always sell the website for a profit as well. So don’t be discouraged about having more then one website. You can sell websites at, this will allow you to keep going and find the niche that is right for you. Much of the money you spend for your business if you itemize your taxes should be deductible, so if you spend money to start your business you can get some or most of it back(read this post on warrior forum). If you treat this like a business you can get started with little cost upfront and then get it back later on your taxes. (Do not quote me on this and consult your accountant)
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How to Make Money Online
Welcome to our full article of how to make money online. Making money online is a vast set of methods, skills and determination. The methods we are going to teach today are going to be a simple path to start making money online through affiliate marketing and website ownership.
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