How to Make WordPress a Drag and Drop Website Builder

how to make wordpress drag and drop

With all the options that WordPress can offer a website designer, individual, or business when building a website. There has been one main point that sets WordPress apart from other easy to use website builders. This is the drag and drop functionality of builders like Weebly, Webs, Jimdo, and others. If you are with me, or you are where I was a few years ago and you are trying to get started with WordPress. I had a question, and that was. How to make WordPress a drag and drop website builder? Well worry no more, this article is going to show you how to do just that, and give you many of the great tools available today to help you out.

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How to Make WordPress a Drag and Drop Website Builder

With WordPress’s extraordinary ability to manage and organize content, along with the thousands of themes and plugins. WordPress has been the choice for millions of website designers and individuals to build a website, or blog even though it lacked drag and drop functionality. This isn’t the case anymore and there are some pretty neat plugins offered that can make your WordPress drag and drop.

Some of the plugins that allow you to make WordPress into a website builder are free, others are paid. I think most people will get their moneys worth by starting with a premium/paid option. Reasoning for this, is because these companies have the most to gain by giving you the best experience.  Lets take a look at the different plugins and services that now make WordPress an easy to use drag and drop website builder.

Page Builder Drag and Drop WordPress Plugin

My favorite drag and drop builder for WordPress is Page Builder. Page Builder is a plugin and appears as a tab in either your pages, or posts. For best results with page builder I recommend using one of the plugin authors themes, this will give you the most features and options available. That being said, page builder works great with any theme that features a full width layout. This will allow you to easily build standard pages. Page Builder is a free to use plugin and is downloadable from WordPress.  If you like visuals, here is a video by the plugin author showing Page Builder in action.

Page Lines Drag and Drop  for WordPress

Page Lines is more then just a plugin for WordPress, Page Lines gives its users several advantages over other drag and drop builders. These advantages do come at a price of at least $8 a month, but for many all the bells and whistles of Page Lines, it may be worth the added price. Page Lines is not only a drag and drop editor, it is a full design management system. This allows users to easily build a website with drag and drop functionality while also getting needed themes, and add-on’s from the built in marketplace. Once again here is a video from the company showing how Page Lines functions.

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Themify Drag and Drop Website Builder

Themify same as other WordPress drag and drop companies offer the Themify Builder with premium themes as well that can be used in conjunction with the builder. What I like most about the Themify drag and drop editor is that it is a very visual interface, very similar to Weebly, or other easy to use website builders. This means you can see the end result of your edits as you make them in the editor. Another advantage of the Themify Builder is the low one time price of $39 dollars, which is far less then the monthly fee, or other pricing of its competitors. Here is a video of the Themify Builder which will give you a good overview of how it works.

Envato/Theme Forest Drag and Drop Themes

Now I don’t have a video for this fine option of making WordPress drag and drop. All I have is a list of some of my favorite themes found at Theme Forest. The themes that I am going to list are some of the best, most jacked up WordPress themes that I have found and they have almost everything you need in a WordPress theme, including making drag and drop edits.

  1. Jupiter – Jupiter is one of the most stunning themes I have ever come across for WordPress. Not only does it feature drag and drop functionality, Jupiter offers E commerce integration via Woo Commerce, responsive design, custom sliders, over 1600 icons, and full demo content. Put all of these features together and you have almost everything needed to build a solid WordPress website.
  2. Limitless –  Limitless offers many of the same features as Jupiter, but with its own unique twist. This theme of course comes with its own drag and drop, visual editor, is fully responsive (runs on mobile devices), has E commerce integration, and it comes with its own short code generator. Again you get a drag and drop editor with great support and features for building a WordPress website.
  3. More Themes –  As I’ve said before “Theme Forest is one of the best places to find WordPress themes and plugins”, so don’t be afraid to dig around the Envato/ Theme Forest market place to find more drag and drop WordPress themes.

Headway Themes Drag and Drop WordPress Builder

I am really surprised as to how many companies are springing up to take advantage of WordPress’s lack of drag and drop. Another place to  find a drag and drop editor is Headway Themes. Headway Themes drag and drop builder is another great option for turning WordPress into a visual website builder. Headway features a unique way of styling columns with clicking and dragging, which gives you more control of your column styling. While not my first option Headway has very competitive pricing at $59 dollars for a single site licence, Headway could be a good fit for some and I hate to leave anyone out, here is a video of Headway in action.

Ultimatum Theme’s Drag and Drop Website Builder

The drag and drop website builder by Ultimatum Theme is another great solution for building WordPress websites and has many awesome features. Ultimatum’s builder offers Woo Commerce integration, easy styling, responsive design, integrated sliders, easy forms, custom widgets, and more options to help you build a  WordPress website. With a starter licence setting you back only $65 dollars, this is one of the cheaper methods for making WordPress drag and drop. Watch the video bellow for a quick rundown and to see it in action.

Elegant Themes Drag and Drop Builder Plugin

Elegant Themes makes themes and a drag and drop website builder plugin for WordPress. What I find most interesting about this, is the fact that you can get access to every theme and plugin they have ever created for $69 a year, or a one time fee of $249 dollars. This is  a pretty good deal if you are a freelance web designer, or you plan on building multiple websites. Another nice feature of Elegant Themes page builder is the custom widgets and styling they have added, to give any website designed by their plugin an extra kick. Here is another video to give you an idea of how the Elegant themes website builder works.

In Conclusion

With all these great companies and developers offering drag and drop functionality for WordPress, there really is no excuse for not at least exploring WordPress as a full content management system and website builder. I encourage many people to use WordPress, but I have had a hard time in the past explaining how to create and display content properly. Now with all of the new options for making WordPress drag and drop, I am excited by the possibilities.

For those trying to make the decision between WordPress and another website builder, my two cents is choose WordPress. With these increased features, it is hard to go wrong. No, WordPress is not the best in every situation, but it can help you work wonders with little knowledge of website development. To get started with WordPress the best place to look is some premium website hosting that will assist you with your websites support and development.

If you are still not sold on WordPress and all you need is a very simple website, but still want the drag and drop editor, read our Weebly vs WordPress article to get a feel for our choices in easy to use website builders. As always I would love to expand on this article, so if you know of some more great ways of how to make WordPress a drag and drop website builder, or you are a company that does just that. Feel free to comment bellow, or just get a hold of us and we will add it to the article.

How to Make WordPress a Drag and Drop Website Builder
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How to Make WordPress a Drag and Drop Website Builder
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