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Drag and drop website builders got nothing on Jimdo and this Jimdo review will tell you why. With all the different options for building a website Jimdo is in my top five and can create you a great looking, professional website.
Jimdo does have drag and drop capabilities, tool integration and a little touch that I think most website builders would find refreshing. Let’s walk through Jimdo, so you have a good idea of what Jimdo is and what it can do for you.


Jimdo was founded by Matthias Henze, Fridtjof Detzner, Christian Springub, in 2004 and has been expanding ever since. Jimdo is another in the family of drag and drop website builders, but it has its own unique personality and does a few things that other drag and drop creation utilities can not.

With a slew of tools and options Jimdo, has become a great choice website builder for many individuals, businesses and entities all over the world. Jimdo can create you a website in under and hour and have a multiple page website up and running in no time. Jimdo currently powers 15 million plus websites and is growing every day.


Jimdo can build you a great website. Simply put, in 15 minutes of using Jimdo you will understand the basics of building a website with the service, and be able to build a small website in an hour. Jimdo features a drag and drop website builder that has a few refinements over its competition, and added abilities to edit individual elements.

Jimdo’s editor can take a few minutes to understand completely, but after all of the website builders I have tested Jimdo ranks in my top five for ease of use. With Jimdo you get a full visual editing experience that allows you to see while you edit, and develop individual sections of your website. Just a few of the features that Jimdo offers over its competition are.

  • A unique store
  • A news letter system
  • Enhanced Search engine optimization support

The big one being a news letter system being integrated into your Jimdo account so you don’t have to go through third party services. Jimdo also does the basics of website creation.

  • Domain registration
  • Email accounts
  • Custom editing
  • Widgets
  • Social integration
  • Statistics and tracking
  • Lots of templates
  • Lots of options

These are the basics that any website builder should provide, and these features will provide you with a great website in an easy to use manner. Watch the video below to get a feel for Jimdo and see for your self how to get started.


Jimdo is right for almost anyone. I would recommend Jimdo to people who are seeking an easy to use, versatile website builder as well as;

  • Individual websites
  • Websites for events
  • Businesses that have little time or staff for coding etc.
  • Bloggers seeking other options for building a blog

With the ease of use that Jimdo features, it can be a great website builder for everyone. I think with its added abilities to edit your website, along side its simplicity should be a big plus when deciding to use the service.


Of course with any website builder that features easy to use website creation you can be left short of features. So for every business I first recommend WordPress. If you want the maximum anything from a website builder, this should be your starting point. If you are interested in learning about WordPress, read my tutorial how to build a website with WordPress.

With the certain lack of features of a more robust website builder, Jimdo is always developing new features and gives their customers new stuff every year.




Jimdo offers a moderate selection of themes for most styles of website. You can find business, eCommerce, portfolio, or personal themes within their database. Using one of the built in Jimdo themes ensures updates and compatibility with the interface.

Also a quick search for Jimdo themes turns up a pretty good standing of third party developers that are creating templates for Jimdo. Having others building templates for your website is great, because it gives you some more versatility. Also it helps maintain modern website design techniques and coding, because theme developers tend to follow the most up to date techniques.


I give Jimdo a 4/5 stars for SEO power. SEO in Jimdo is very straight forward, but again as with other website creation tools, you need to know where to look. Or you need to have a paid plan to utilize the better SEO interface.

All the tools are in place to ensure your websites SEO can be done correctly. Where Jimdo sits on the SEO power scale, I feel it sits below content management systems like WordPress etc..


With Jimdo, the more you pay, the more you get. Their competetive pricing structure brings more features for more money.

Click the Image for the Most up to Date Pricing!

The different features that Jimdo offers are very robust and always changing. Clicking on the image above will bring you to the most current pricing structure. This interactive page will show you the difference between free, pro and business. Click on the different features you are curious about for a detailed description.

Jimdo Pro is one of the better options for anyone looking to build a quick, simple website and if you are looking to use Jimdo as your website builder you should get the pro version, so you have a full set of website building features.


One of the ways I wanted to review Jimdo, is by putting it up against other website builders. Use this handy comparison table below to test Jimdo against some of its competitors. As you can see Jimdo does pretty good at offering what a website creation needs to. Drag & Drop styling, theme selections, eCommerce ready, responsive, email etc… Click the image for the full comparison, or head over to the website builder reviews page to see all of the side by side battles.


Click the Image for the Full Comparison!


In conclusion, Jimdo is a very intuitive diverse option for creating a website, and can get anyone onto the internet in no time. For business I always recommend WordPress, but Jimdo can be a good choice for businesses that are not focusing on the super fine points of internet marketing. That being said, Jimdo business offers all of the essentials to run a business website.

For the ultimate say, you should try Jimdo for free and see if it is right for you. You can try the builder set up a quick web page and try the different features. We have built a Jimdo example website, you can find it by hovering over Website builders in the main navigation.

Get started with Jimdo for free.

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