Keyword Ideas From Google Webmaster Tools


Running out of ideas to write about? Are you sick of doing never ending keyword research? Why not stick to what you are good at? There I opened up a blog post with three questions.

With the theory of 2013 seo and sem work being through content marketing, you may be looking for something to write about. A good place to start is keywords you are already ranking for.

I find all kinds of interesting search terms in webmaster tools and they are opportunity in waiting.

Make Google Work For You

As I said “opportunity in the making”, this all comes from a recent blog post I read from Matt Cutts about how to rank in Google. Well he went on about some printer or something, but he did say that you have to find something that people are looking for. Well we all know this, we have to find a hungry niche, research our keywords and then create a great piece of content. We put all of these factors together and our website will start to rank better and better.Why not have Google, or Bing do some of the leg work for you. Most of the keywords in my search queries in Google’s web master tools are unrelated to my main target keywords that I wrote my content for. This tells me that people are typing in these keywords, looking for a solution and probably not finding it. Now we have a great opportunity to write some content, help them solve their problem and get some visitors to our website. Google just did some keyword research for you.

Picking Keywords

Now this is a random screenshot, but I am just using it as an example. Look at the keywords below and find which keywords that rank in the top ten. Next go do a search in Google. Are you ranking in the top ten?keyword ideas

If you are not, you probably wont be if you don’t have a lot of impressions for the search term, it means that Google showed your content at some point as a possible solution to a searcher. Now you can do two things from your research.

  1. Tweak the content Google has under the search term (click the term and see what post showed up). You can tweak your content and focus more on the search term that you showed up for. I would only do this if the article isn’t already ranking highly for your main search term.
  2. Write a new piece of content using the search term as your main keyword. This is the opportunity for new content that has a unique possibility of ranking highly in Google.

You can do this same process in Bing as well. I am not too familiar with how Bing works, I know it is similar to Google, but I think it is far more back link oriented.

Get More from Your Search Queries List

Not only can you get keyword ideas, but you can get ideas for focusing on back links as well. If you look at the image above this website ranks 440 for the term build a website. Now content creation around this search term will help, but building relevant back links will allow the content that is already created to start to rank higher.Basically you get a few bonuses from doing your keyword research in this way. You get back link ideas, keyword ideas, content ideas and some ideas to tweak the content you already have to rank better. Just a few of the great things you get from Google webmaster tools.

Creating Your Content

Creating content in 2013 is a little different then the beginning of last year. Today when you create your content around your new keywords, make sure it is properly themed. Not only do you have to focus on your main keyword density, but you have to focus on your theme keyword density as well. I recently found a great free tool to do this in Word Press called Inbound Writer. This handy little tool lets you know if you are using key and theme words at a proper density.Theme words are important and should flow into your content naturally when writing about a topic. However for some of us we like to keep things simple, this doesn’t work for Google. ¬†When crawling indexing and presenting search terms Google does over 500 things to figure out who gets the top ten, but there is a theme it follows always, experts. Google follows experts because they tend to write awesome content that is filled with all of the right words. So make your self an expert, research your topic, keywords and find what theme words fit in with the topic as well.

Link out to other articles that build on yours, even if those articles are on your own website. Just show Google that you are doing everything you can to make the best content about your topic.

Putting it all Together

I have an affliction of trying to keep things short and sweet, so if I didn’t make anything clear please let me know. Basically if you look at your search queries. Find those you ranked for, but didn’t get traffic from and then write content for them it will help you rank better for the terms you already have and for your new content as well. So go to your search queries, make Google work for you and get some keyword/content ideas.
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