Make a Website With 373 Website Builder Choices


Learning to make a website can be a very daunting task, trust me I was there once. With all the website builder choices, it’s hard to find the right option for you. Luckily websites have evolved since the internet started from simple pages, to complex websites and applications.

What this means for the average person wanting to make a website for themselves, or their business, is the opportunities are endless. 373 choices for making a website can seem like a lot and it is, but what this means, is you can make any type of website and here’s how you do it.

How does somebody make a website with one of 373 options available to them? Simple, first you need to find a good hosting company that offers the Softaculous website script installer. Most hosting companies offer this, or a similar way to install a website builder. What this does for you, or your business, is gives you a plethora of options for creating many different types of websites with free to use, awesome, open source website builders.

If you are curious about the different ways you can make a website with website hosting, and Softaculous, you can explore it in full detail for free, and even run demos of each different website builder.

Lets take a look at the different categories of websites, and the options you have for making a website. Of course, we are not going to go into all 373 options to make a website, we are going to show you the most popular, here we go.

Make a Website – eCommerce

Make a eCommerce Website

eCommerce is a fantastic way to get your products in front of billions of more customers with the potential of millions a day. So naturally, if you are in the business of selling products, you will want to get online. Luckily with website hosting, you can make a website with;

  • PrestaShop
  • Magento
  • AbanteCart
  • WordPress

These are just a few of the options, but some of the most popular solutions for creating an eCommerce style website.

Prestashop is a great solution and has a great selection of themes, and site plugins available to streamline your experience making your eCommerce venture even easier. Currently PrestaShop powers over 250,000 online stores, proving it’s a trusted solution for getting your store online.

Magento is used by business such as VIZIO, Rosetta Stone, Zumiez, Nike, and many more to make their eCommerce website. Magento has been around since 2008 and has a large community that makes themes and plugins for improving your website. Allowing you to make a website with some of the best, most trusted options available today.

AbanteCart is another free to use, open source shopping cart for your online business. What sets it apart from other ways to build a website, is you can integrate it into any website, or build your whole website with the platform.

WordPress is another open source free to use website builder. What sets it aside from our other main picks, is it’s not naturally, or only an eCommerce solution. With WordPress, you can build any type of website and you can easily build an eCommerce website by adding a simple plugin. What this does is give your online business the powerful SEO features, and content management. Which allows your business to grow through the most modern marketing techniques.

All of these top picks to make an eCommerce website provide a scale-able, expandable solution for your online business and with expandable website hosting, you can ensure your products are always purchasable when your customer arrives on your website.

Make a Website – Blogging


Blogging is a multi faceted opportunity to make your voice heard, reach customers, and market online. Most online marketing campaigns involve a content marketing strategy, and this means blogging. Other examples of blogging are complex news sites, photography, authors, and travel bloggers. Content is currently king online, and these options to make a website for blogging will help ensure your articles are read. Our top blogging option pics are;

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

Only one of these options is considered an actual “blogging platform” that being WordPress, but what they all have in common, is that they are content management systems, or CMS. What this means for your blogging style website, is you get some very awesome features. With a good open source CMS, you get great search engine optimization, organization, and the best possibility for growth.

WordPress is the most common CMS/blogging/website builder used to make a website today. This is because of its robust features, huge community, and huge selection of third party companies that constantly are working to improve the platform. 74 million plus websites and blogs speak for the power of the platform. WordPress is our top pick to make a website/blog because of all the options available for the platform.

Drupal is another very popular, open source CMS. What Drupal can do for anyone trying to make a website is again give them access to a huge community, that constantly support the platform. If you use Drupal you get powerful search engine optimization and access to thousands of themes and plugins. This helps create a website that is just right for you.

Joomla is the last open source platform that we recommend you use to make a website, or blog. Once again you get access to a huge community, powerful tools, and powerful ways to upgrade your website.

For the beginners trying to make a website for the first time, I suggest WordPress. WordPress has the easiest learning curve of these two platforms, and the largest community. I do also suggest that once you pick a platform you stick with it, so you don’t have to start over from point a.

Make a Website – Forums

make a website forums

Forums are a great tool for support, they are also a great tool for building a community for your brand. Almost every brand out there could use a forum for support, and building a reputable presence online. Forums can be built many different ways, and some of the technology can feel a little dated. Your in luck, however because our picks to make a website/forum are tops. Here are our top picks for building a forum;

  • phpBB
  • Vanilla

phpBB, is a the #1 choice for open source forum software. When you choose phpBB to make your forum you are choosing a close nit community that gives you a vast opportunity for themes and ways to extend your sites usefulness. You also get a pretty good selection of third party developers making themes and plugins.

Vanilla, is both an open source and for profit forum creation utility. This means that if you are going to use Vanilla through the company, you are going to spend around $200 dollars a month. Hold on a minute though, because if you use Vanilla through a hosting company, you can use it for around $5 dollars a month. Pretty good deal considering you get access to the same community, themes and extensions as everyone else. Vanilla forums power sites like Yahoo forums, Marvel Heroes, The Sims, and so on. A pretty good pick for building a community.

There are 12 other ways to make a forum using Softaculous, so you are not limited to only these two. You can easily install and try the other options to make a website.

Make a Website – Wikis


Want to make your own information website, just like Wikipedia? No problem you can do it with 4 different versions to make a website wikis style in Softaculous. Wikis are a great way of organizing information and allowing third parties to continually improve on that information. Our top picks for wikis builders are;

  • MediaWiki
  • PmWiki

MediaWiki, is the website creation utility used to make sites such as Wikipedia. Which makes it among the most popular ways to create a wiki. Again, this is an open source option with great community support. Simplistic in nature, you will be able to create a powerful wiki in no time.

PmWiki, is another great choice to make a website wiki style. This is another open source option that comes with some great themes and add-ons.

Make a Website – More Options

Like, I said “we are not going to go through all 373 ways to make a website”. We are going to focus on the finer points and get you targeted onto what you like. So, I’m going to show you the rest of the categories available to make a website using hosting and a script installer. You can also make;

  • Social Networking Websites
  • Image Galleries
  • Gaming Websites
  • Customer Support Websites
  • Music Websites
  • Video Websites
  • Classifieds Websites

Options are really endless, and if you are truly serious about creating a website, you should pursue the most professional solution. Self hosted websites through a premium website hosting company, is the best solution. So don’t sell your self short.

Make a Website – Mainstream Website Builders

make a website website builders

There are so many options to make a website, it can make your head spin. We wouldn’t be giving you the best information, unless we told you about the other options to make a website. Our top picks for mainstream website builders are;

  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Shopify
  • Website Builder Reviews

These mainstream website builders all have the unique ability of being easy to use. They offer blog, website and eCommerce solutions to make a website.

Wix, is a powerful drag and drop visual editor that offers beginners, and do it yourself types the ability to easily create a website for business and eCommerce.

Weebly, is another easy to use drag and drop platform for creating a website, blog, or online store. Another great options for beginners.

Shopify, is an eCommerce solution that has very high ratings, and is allowing everyone to build and online store. Shopify also allows powerful integration’s like point of sale and Pinterest integration.

What these three options have in common, are that they are easy to use, mainstream and relatively inexpensive. If you are not sure what option is right for you, you can compare them at our website builder reviews page.

Make a Website – Conclusion

I hope this article serves as a powerful tool for helping you make a website. One of the hardest choices facing business that are not yet online, is how they are going to get there. This is why I inspire to give everyone the best options for doing so. I firmly believe that self hosted websites, using open source platforms are the best solutions. Using these options leaves your companies website in the hands of passionate developers that work constantly to make you a better product. Instead of working on ways they can make more money off of you and your business.

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Make a Website With 373 Website Builder Choices
Learning to make a website can be a very daunting task, trust me I was there once. With all the website builder choices, it's hard to find the right option.
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