Making Money Online From Home Episode 2

makemoneyonlinefromhome2No that is not the monopoly guy to the left, that is just one happy person. Why is he happy? Well its because he learned to start making money online from home.
“No Way” you say, well its true and it is possible. I work from home part of the year. I have a seasonal job that keeps me busy for six months out of the year. Yes I could work at home all year round, but I really enjoy my job.

That being said the six months out of the rest of the year, I work online. I work mainly as an affiliate and I do some services here and there for businesses and thier websites.

I started making money online from home a couple of years ago. Here is how I did it.

Why did I start working from home? Well because I needed money. I did what every person does when looking to make money online, I typed some searches into Google and came up with the website legit online jobs. This website made me skeptical of course so I did a search for some reviews and I found a website that gave me just a little more then the rest about making money online. This peaked my interest and I was hooked, I was going to learn how to do this hell or high water.So I spent my first four months of trying to make money online, just learning how to make money online. This is the hard part and that is what people are trying to sell, is the how. So I started into affiliate marketing and I built a website, oh boy was I lost. I got my website “up and running” at least what I thought was a good website. Then I shoved about a $100 dollars of Google Ad Words into it. Well, no sales and I got my Ad Words account banned, which you never want to do. I was off to a shaky start, but that didn’t slow me down I kept it up right up to the point I went back to my “real job”. About a week after being back at work my newly redefined website started to pull in commissions. Huh? I was surprised that it finally worked out for me, I had discovered how to make money online. Now the question is, how did I do it?

I finally got the hint, that there is no way to make fast money online that it takes hard work and some time. You need to have the proper tools to start working online from home and I finally had found them and put them all together into a winning blend. The blend was a good niche, good keyword research and a good website, that’s it. There I was making money because I had finally broken down and did things the right way and no the easy way some others were saying worked. So how did I finally start making money online from home? With a very simple to use system and I am offering the knowledge to get started for FREE. The knowledge is free, but with any business and you have to treat this like a business you have to pay a little up front, not much at all, probably around $100 dollars. This pays for building your website and if you choose you can pay monthly to your hosting provider, usually around $6 dollars a month.

Get Started Making Money Online From Home

If you follow these simple steps you will be well on your way to making money online. Note that 2 and 3 kind of go hand in hand, a good niche has low competition keywords.

  1. Read our articles
  2. Find a niche
  3. Research good keywords
  4. Build a Website
  5. Fill it with relevant content
  6. Publish your website
  7. Submit to search engines
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