How to Properly Write a Blog Post

how to write a blog post
Writing a blog post is hard enough and learning how to properly write a  blog post that  engages your average internet reader is even harder.  Here is how to do it!

There are some simple methods for writing a blog post that every writer and blogger can enact on their website that will help engage their audience.These methods revolve around ease of reading and statistics gathered about what people like to see while reading online.


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I want this post to kind of be a template for you to follow so when you are done reading you can come back and use it as reference. You will see a main theme, mainly I will break up all of the sub topics with descriptive titles and within those sub topics I will use bullet points, or bold text for an easier read.

A very important part of writing a good blog post is user engagement. To achieve this you need to understand what works online and think to yourself, what you like when reading a new blog post.


I don’t care if you want your article to rank number one, or if you are just trying to help the readers you already have. You need to research your post. Even if you know what you are talking about, there are still bits of information out there that you could have missed.

Research also entails keywords and properly researching keywords can help ensure you rank better in search. So if you want to rank, make sure you use the a good keyword tool, or tools available and research your title, and subtitles for your post.

Tying everything together with proper keyword research, proper topic research and proper post creation will help your readers and your ranking.


understand readersInternet users have the attention span of the average goldfish, I’m not being mean I am one of the goldfish. When I browse a website I want my information fast, most blogs could do this, but it is not advantageous for search engine optimization. So we are left with long, very in-depth posts that can cause us to loose focus.

How do we keep our readers engagement? By breaking up blocks of text as much as possible and by using large descriptive titles for each block. This way people can skim the post and know exactly what you have to offer throughout your posts entirety.

Once again two key ways to keep user engagement are through

  • Breaking large blocks of text into smaller blocks.
  • Use large descriptive titles for each topic/block of text.

Another great method to keep people focused, is to use one our two sentence paragraphs. By doing this you keep all of your blocks of text small with larger spacing and you allow for a better reading experience.


use pictures wiseley

Use pictures wisley, and make sure they are descriptive


An old story says, a picture can speak a thousand words and pictures in your blog post are no different. Using images that are helpful and descriptive in your blog post will allow your readers to relate in a faster more efficient manner. Pictures should speak and with one look show your intent. Note that the picture above has nothing to do with writing, but it does catch your eye right?


Anything that improves your readers experience is a good thing and if you are looking for better search engine optimization (SEO), the proper use of multimedia is a must. If a video or info-graphic is truly helpful to your readers, it will help you rank better in search.

Keeping your images alternate tags kept up with relevant keywords and using the transcript and annotation features for video will add to your keyword ability and will help users better understand your interactive content.


I don’t know about you, but when I just go off on rants people seem to be less interested then if I am talking about something useful. When doing research for a new blog post, make sure that your topic is helpful and useful to somebody. Truly being helpful should come from both keyword and topic research. There are some great ways to maintain your helpfulness

  • Find a topic, or niche no one else has written about. This will ensure your post is read and is helpful.
  • Write a better post then the last guy. This can be hard sometimes, but if you really want to you can top the last guy. You already have a blueprint of what you are up against, so use that to your advantage.
  • Use webmaster tools to discover topics. There are a lot of keywords that pop up in my webmaster tools, that I do not have a specific piece of content written for. I use these keywords for new topic ideas. Most of the time these keywords are good starting points for a higher ranking blog post.

That’s it, I would love to hear from all of you and get your two cents, tips, tricks and ideas for writing better blog posts, so lets keep it going in the comments.

How to Properly Write a Blog Post
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How to Properly Write a Blog Post
Learning how to properly write a blog post is an important step of building a successful website and blog. Here are some tips to get started.
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