Search Engine Optimization – What You Need to Get Started

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In this post I will describe what every webmaster needs to analyze their website and help with search engine optimization (SEO). There are thousands of companies and online tools that can help with your websites SEO, but for an individual, or business just getting started there are some basics you need to cover first. Here they are.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools will give you useful info for impressions on specific keywords, clicks on keywords, position in search results, spider control, data mark up and much more. These tools are also useful for providing a starting point  for all the links relevant to your Google accounts. It is also very important to read Google’s seo starter guide, so you know how to properly do the SEO on your website.

Google Adwords

The keyword tool within Google Adwords will allow you to analyze the competition for your chosen set of keywords. This is a valuable asset for anyone trying to SEO their website, because you get this analysis for free. Also by running a concurrent paid search campaign with your SEO campaign, you will start to get more visitors to your site. This not only results in more sales, but hopefully more return visitors, which helps with your SEO.

Google Analytics or Other Analytics Account

Analytics programs will allow you to track visitors to your site, follow trends and see what info they are interested in when they visit your site. These metrics are extremely important if you are worried about the SEO of your site. Some metrics to focus on are page engagement, bounce rate, and where your traffic is coming from. This will allow you to determine if your campaign is effective and will allow you to adjust accordingly.

Alexa Toolbar Chrome Extension

Alexa will allow you to see your sites global and national rank, current backlinks to your site, page rank, search analytics and other relevant sites. If you ever decide to get a paid Alexa plan, you can get some really valuable data which will help you with the marketing of your website.

More Website Analysis Tools

I could go on for ever in this article about the tools available, but I am not going to. Instead just be aware that there are lots of companies that offer SEO services and website tools that allow you to analyze your website, determine problems and create a fix for said problem. If you to know more about these tools you can find a fairly large list of tools on our website tools page.

Quality Content & Keywords

the best way to add this to your website is a blog. Put your keywords in your titles, content, url, and page description. Write a quality article that is helpful and engaging. This will drive free traffic to your site and more often than not, you will get return visitors and start building your websites followers.

Google Business Listing

If you are a business get your info into Google maps and create a Google business listing within your Google Webmaster account. This will help with your local SEO and it will help establish your credibility to search engines about your business.

Optimize for Mobile

Optimize your site for mobile users, people should go right to your mobile site if that is what they are browsing with. There is really no excuse to not have a mobile website anymore. Your website should either be responsive, or have a separate mobile site that mobile visitors can be directed to. If you do not have a mobile site yet, the easiest way is to create a responsive website.

Use YouTube

Pick the keywords you want to ran for  and put them in the title of your movie, the description, the content, and the tags. YouTube is a great source for traffic and should be utilized in a SEO campaign.

Remember The Main SEO Elements

There are some main elements to always remember when making sure your website is search engine friendly.

  • On Page Optimization. This includes the keywords you choose for your page title/heading, or <h1> tag and the keywords you choose for your <h2>-<h4> tags. It also is important to link the pages of your website with the keywords they are relevant for. A great tool to ensure you are covering all the basics, is SEORCH.
  • Off Page Optimization. This includes setting up social profiles for your business. Getting backlinks from relevant sites by becoming active on other sites, or social communities and running a paid search, or advertising campaign as well.

This is just scratching the surface for what you need to properly search engine optimize your website. Use Googles starter guide and the free SEORCH tool to ensure you are getting everything done. Also, be sure to check in on the website blog for more useful information and articles.

If you would like help with your websites SEO we would love to give you a hand with one of our professional search engine optimization plans. Also if you are in our local area, we have special support available for our Missoula SEO clients.

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Search Engine Optimization - What You Need to Get Started
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