Simple Tips to Optimize WordPress Website for SEO and Increase Conversions

Have you wondered what might be bad about having a beautiful theme or a killer portfolio for your online business if it’s not search engine friendly? Major search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing rarely care about your great website design and visual content.  

They just care about the user experience on your site together with the file names, structures, ALT tags, keywords and more.  For you to be able to rank higher on search engines, you will have to optimize your website for search engines. Including prioritizing visual content, responsiveness, speed and content.

If you are running a WordPress website, and you are not able to drive enough traffic to it, it is necessary that you check on the SEO friendliness of your site.

The procedure of bringing up a WordPress website can be very simple though the SEO part of it can be a bit tricky if it’s not handled well especially by individuals who are new to WordPress.

WordPress will never come with lots of options to assist you in optimizing your website for search engines and today; I will list some of the important but simple tips that will enable you to optimize your WordPress site for SEO and ensure that you can increase conversions.

Tips to Optimize WordPress Website for SEO

There are many ways you can optimize a WordPress website. Using proper plugins, themes, keywords, and design technique will all give you an edge. These 5 tips are a great place to start and will help your sites pages preform better in search. Once you have mastered these techniques you can dive deeper into your optimization strategy.

  1. Using the Keywords Strategically

wordpress keywords

You cannot expect to get great results from your SEO when you do not conduct proper research of keywords. Research of keywords will enable you to set a foundation for SEO strategy that you are planning on using.

For example, let us consider a keyword phrase like ‘cat food’ as a keyword. You can use ‘buy cat food online’ that is unique to what people might be searching for on the internet and what you are offering them.

The phrases of keyword must be related to your services, products as much as possible and they must always be used in an interactive, and simple way rather than having a persuasive or marketing vibe.

In short, just consider always trying to find what you would search for and use it to get the keywords for your SEO campaign. Always remember to use your keywords naturally within your website and never stuff your content.

  2. Permalinks Structure

WordPress Permalink Structure

You will have better success with your WordPress site when you change the default permalinks structure. The default WordPress permalink settings uses “?p=[id]” for posts. However, such a default settings are not all SEO friendly and can make you lose the opportunity of using your focused keywords in the URL.

In case you change the default settings to text based permalink structures, you will not only ensure that the URLs are SEO friendly, but will also be in a position to enable your visitor to get a brief understanding of your page before you go through the content.

  • The appropriate permalinks are also known to serve the functions below:
  • They are mainly unique identifier for every post and page on your website
  • They provide a real location for you users and search engine to return the same content.

The permalinks are usually employed by the search engines to look for a post or page solely from the URL.

  3. The Website Load Speed

wordpress loadspeed

Every second will always count when it comes to speed. According to Kissmetrics, the time taken while loading is a major factor that contributes to the success of your WordPress site. Web users are usually known to be goal oriented and impatient thanks to the many options that are always available over the internet.

Engines such as Google and Bing are known to consider the speed of website loading a crucial factor when it comes to ranking of websites.

When visitors leave even before your WordPress page loads, the number of pages viewed will increase or decrease the bounce rate and affect the SEO and the average time on the website.

Therefore, it is important that you optimize your site to improve SEO. There are lots of things to consider while optimizing WordPress Website and reduce the load time of your website such as optimizing images, browser caching and installing a caching plugin.

Tips to Optimize WordPress Website for SEO

  4. Use an SEO Plugin

wordpress seo plugins

When setting up your SEO, installing and accurately installing your SEO is compulsory. A good SEO will be able to take care of many SEO aspects such as Keywords, ALT tags, Description, and Title.  

However, the most important thing is to enable the rel=”canonical” tag. These will assist the search engines to be able to regulate the original URL sources of your page or website blog post.  

Yoast SEO is currently considered to be one of the best WordPress SEO plugins that provide a broad range of options and features that are associated with archives and tags, keyword optimization, canonicalization, page titles and meta description.

  5. Nofollow Links

no follow links

Having the no follow link will guarantee it will not be able to get any PageRank points from the website it was published. Every site should use appropriate unrelated links as no follow including the advertisements on websites.


The friendliness of SEO on your site can make or break your online business. Hence, it is important that you spend your time evaluating it after you have implemented all the tips mentioned above and ensure that everything is working fine.

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