Best Books for Affiliate Marketing

Top 10 Books for Affiliate Marketing

One of the rules for getting traffic to a blog is to do top 10 lists and how to’s, so today we are going to find the top ten books for affiliate marketing.

Does this sound familiar? Guy learns about making money online, guy starts by buying a bunch of crappy $47 dollar e books and training videos that don’t help. Guy gets frustrated and either gives up our thinks online money is a scam.

Well I have news for you, the information is out there to make money online and you don’t have to pay that $47 dollars for every new crappy product that comes out.

Fortunately there is a new medium for people to share and sell information. THE KINDLE STORE, yes I love the kindle store and a great way to get information is to read. What a better source for trusted scam free information than Amazon. The idea of using the kindle store to find affiliate marketing and search engine optimization tips dawned on me the other day when I was playing with my phone. I saw the kindle icon and I thought “hey why not”, so I did a search for seo and what did I find? One of the most informative pieces of information I had found in a long time. So with out further ramblings by me, here is the top 10 books I found for affiliate marketers. There will be two different categories 1 for affiliate marketing and 1 for seo, because both categories go hand in hand.
Update: This is now the top 15 books for affiliate marketing. Every article deserves a good update for our deserving readers. Thank you and cheers!


When it comes to my shopping tastes, I want 5 star reviews on all of my products. So not only am I gonna find my recommendations for the best books for affiliate marketing, I’m going to find you books that other people like too.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Splash: How to Build Affiliate Sites that Rank (and bank): Internet Marketing through Search Engine Optimization, this book dives into both of the important categories of affiliate marketing. Learning the foundations of affiliate marketing; niche research, keyword research, website creation. You also get to learn the foundations of search engine optimization, which is essential for creating quality affiliate marketing opportunities. Great deal for only $4.99.
  2. How To Start 3 Different Online Businesses With Just 1 Idea: Sell Products, Start a Blog & Create Passive Income (Making Money Online, Entrepreneurship & small business, business marketing), this book provides readers with a great concept. Creating 1 business can offer you three different income streams. Online you can do 3 things to make money; sell products, sell services, and collect commissions. If you are smart you will capitalize on all 3. This book will show you how to do that for $9.99.
  3. How to Make Money Online Without Being an Internet Expert: A step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing, lets face it we are not all internet experts. Creating a successful internet business can be really hard if you haven’t been able to change your ringtone for three years. It’s okay, don’t over complicate things. Making passive money online shouldn’t be hard and this book will set you on the right track. Get started for $4.99.
  4. How To Win At SEO, simple title, for a simple concept. Optimizing your websites for search engines. Ensuring you are helping an individual using that search engine solve a problem. Utilizing the basic concepts that give your website a better rankings. Learning SEO isn’t scary and it can really be a lot of fun. $9.97 and you are well on your way.
  5. Types Of Passive Income Generated Online and What To Expect From Each: The Beginners Guide For The Smart Digital Entrepreneur (The Smart Digital Entrepreneur Guide Book 1), want to know how some people are tanning on a lovely beach somewhere and not worried about money? Many of them have mastered the secret of passive income. Learning how some hard work now can create little to no work later can put you on that same beach. Learning and mastering affiliate marketing and the passive income it can provide is a great way to live the live you are looking for. Get started for $0.99


The prospect of finding quality, cheap, scam free information about affiliate marketing may be a refreshing prospect for some.

  1. Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – A No-Nonsense Guide on How to Make Money Online,this is a great book for people starting out in affiliate marketing. Getting right to the basics you learn how to make money online for $9.99 instead of $47. Get the Book!
  2. How to Make Money as an Amazon Associate, in my opinion making money as an Amazon affiliate is a pretty hard thing to do, it takes some serious research to find a niche that Amazon hasn’t already targeted. This book will teach you the best methods to make it as an Amazon associate/affiliate for $ 2.99. Get the Book!
  3. Authority Affiliate Marketing: 12 Steps to Long-Term Profits with a Single Niche, its important these days to become an authority in your niche. With all of Googles updates you need to know how to build an authority website and use Google + to build a following and get your content ranking high, learn how for $2.99. Get the Book!
  4. How To Start and Run An Affiliate Program from the Voices of Affiliate Marketing, there are two very important parts of affiliate marketing, getting started in your niche and maintaining your niche. This book will teach you how to do that and run your own affiliate program for the low price of $6.99. Get the Book!
  5. 500 Social Media Marketing Tips: Essential Advice, Hints and Strategy for Business: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and More, its important to learn how to use social media for marketing. If you are going to run a successful online business you will need to know how to connect with your customers. Using social media gives your business a more human approach to getting your companies message across. Learn how for #3.90. Get the Book!

Can you see the trend in what I’m showing you? With these five books you can get all the knowledge you need to get started and maintain an affiliate marketing business and you don’t spend $47 dollars you only spend $17.95. That’s a lot of information from five different sources/view points.books for affiliate marketing


SEO and keywords go hand in hand. I think these are two of the most important factors when it comes to being an affiliate next to your customers satisfaction.

  1. SEO 2016 & Beyond :: Search engine optimization will never be the same again, this book taught me more about SEO and content creation in the 30 minutes it took me to read it then any other piece of information out there. Learn how to properly write content, how to properly build back links, and how to properly build a website so it will rank the best it can in Google, all for $3.99. Get the Book!
  2. Keyword Research and Analysis (Keys to the SEO Kingdom) , keywords and finding a good niche are the holy grail of any business trying to make money online. This is no different for affiliate marketing, this book costs $4.97. Get the Book!
  3. Internet Marketing: A beginners guide how to make online business and to master simple sales techniques (marketing tools, social marketing, social media, … money management, make money Book 5), making money online isn’t all beaches and a new big house. Simple marketing techniques to ensure you capture a sale are in play every transaction. Creating a system that works is completely reliant on making conversions. Use a beginners guide to get started for $3.99. Get the Book!
  4. SEO Made Simple (Third Edition): Strategies for Dominating the World’s Largest Search Engine, the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 brought in a new era of SEO strategies make sure you are doing things right, $2.99. Get the Book!
  5. Search Engine Optimization …SEO Myth Busting, don’t buy into black hat techniques or some crack pot SEO telling you how to boost your rankings. There are a few important factors that affect your rankings in search, make sure you know what they are, $3.97. Get the Book!


There you have it, the top 10 books for affiliate marketing. You don’t even have to read all these books to get the info you need, the first two in both categories will give you a plethora of information to help your business.

So whats the tally on your wallet? If your an Amazon Prime Member $0, yeah that’s right read away, Get Prime!. If your not a prime member any of the price tags of these books are well below that $47 dollar price tag. The upside is you don’t give it to one guy who is just going to scam you and give you the same rehashed information. Happy Reading!

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Top 10 Books for Affiliate Marketing
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Top 10 Books for Affiliate Marketing
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