Top 5 Weebly Responsive Themes

weebly responsive theme

Any time we build a website, modern website design calls for having a responsive theme for that website. Making your website responsive ensures that it is view-able on any device that is used to visit your website. So, if your visitor visits on an ipad, droid, or pc they will be able to interact with your website and make purchases from these devices.

Weebly has made a great effort for making its stock themes responsive with a modern design. This allows for every Weebly user to easily integrate a Weebly responsive theme, but currently there are only a handful of responsive themes that make our pick for top five. These responsive themes come from Weebly itself and from a few third party developers.

Here are our picks for top five Weebly responsive themes.


weebly responsive theme

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Venue is a stock Weebly theme and for those who are looking for getting the most bang for their buck from the stock Weebly experience, Venue is a very effective Weebly responsive theme. Venue’s options include;

  • 5 different page layouts.
  • Integrated eCommerce features (in menu cart).
  • Modern website design.
  • Stock Weebly theme.

This is a great starter template for any business, eCommerce, or blogging style website to start an online presence with the Weebly platform.


weebly responsive template

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Holeon is a great, third party Weebly responsive theme from the company Webfire Themes. Holeon is designed as a portfolio site, but can double as any type of business style website. There are many options for this responsive theme. Holeon’s options include;

  • 6 different page layouts.
  • One page scrolling.
  • Responsive Menu.
  • Animated sliders.
  • Access to Widg, Webfire’s creative widget builder.

If you are looking to build a stunning, modern showcase style website with a responsive theme, then Holeon is a great choice and will help show your creative side.


inspire weebly responsive theme

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Inspire is another fully responsive Weebly theme from Webfire Themes that has full eCommerce integration, a critical element if you are going to feature products on your weebly website. Along with a modern design and feel Inspire features;

  • 7 different page layouts.
  • Parallax backgrounds.
  • Animated infographics.
  • Integrated eCommerce (in menu cart).
  • Styled blog.

With inspire’s pre-designed pages and layouts, you will be easily able to build that business, or eCommerce website you have been dreaming about.

Dixie Plus

weebly responsive theme

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Dixie Plus is another stunning Weebly responsive theme coming from Baamboo Studio. Dixie Plus is a one page design that again will help any agency, portfolio, or business website showcase their creative side. Dixie Plus features;

  • 7 different page layouts.
  • One page design.
  • Option for adding more pages.
  • 2 different blog layouts.
  • Free widgets with Widge Kit

Dixie Plus is one of my favorite Weebly themes. With it’s responsiveness and one page design, Dixie Plus can help any Weebly user build a highly modern, stunning website.


eCommerce Weebly responsive theme

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Serene is another modern responsive Weebly theme from Baamboo Studio. We picked this theme because of its stunning appearance and its eCommerce integration. Serene features;

  • 14 different page layouts.
  • Drag and drop sliders.
  • Styled elements
  • Integrated eCommerce (in menu cart).
  • Free widgets with the Widge Kit.

Serene is one of those Weebly themes that I overlooked many times in me browsing for new themes. This is kind of a tragedy because I was highly pleased with Serene’s modern feel and ecommerce integration. This is for sure one template I will be using in future design projects.


Responsive design is a must in the current website design world. Weebly responsive themes are becoming easier to come by, but there are still some that are above the fold. I hope these five Weebly responsive themes will help you build a better website and bring your websites visitors that stunning, modern feel that most of us demand when exploring online.

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Top 5 Weebly Responsive Themes
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Top 5 Weebly Responsive Themes
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