Useful Tips to Find the Best SEO Keywords

How to build a seo friendly websiteThese days, a website is only as good as its keywords. While some sites have an overabundance of keywords, others have little to none.

Too many or too little can both adversely affect a site, which leads to poor or non-existent rankings on major search engines, like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. It is often said that websites without rankings are essentially invisible to potential visitors and customers.

In order to increase your website’s chances of being noticed not only by search engines, but also by prospective customers, you must seek out the best SEO keywords that are relevant to your business and your website.

Some may think that the best keywords will be obvious. A website that sells musical instruments, for example, might think that keywords like “guitar” or “drum set” are viable keywords for the site, but the truth may be that these keywords possess high competition. Keywords with high competition are often difficult to rank for on search engines like Google.When keywords are highly competitive, website owners striving to optimize the site for these keywords will find that is an uphill battle. Often times, SEO experts find that they spend a great deal of time and resources on highly competitive keywords without any results. Only large websites with a great deal of authority with search engines will rank highly for so-called “vanity” keywords like “guitar” or “drum set.” While these keywords can be very profitable, they will be nearly impossible to rank for on Google. Instead, SEO experts recommend utilizing keywords that have moderate competition and mid to high search demand, among other factors.

How can you find the best keywords for your website? Luckily, the SEO experts at Bergstrom-SEO agreed to share some helpful tips and tools for website owners.Place an emphasis on phrases

As mentioned before, website owners should avoid “vanity” keywords and they should instead focus on phrases. Phrases are typically easier to rank for (even though this still depends on the amount of competition and monthly search demand) and they can be the secret to your website’s success in ranking highly on search engines. Again, it must be reiterated that these phrases should go through the same level of analysis so that your time and energy are not wasted on non-converting or ranking phrases.

Set up a sample AdWords or Adcenter campaign

Google AdWords and Bing Adcenter allows users to set up a sample campaign that will help conclude which keywords will lead to conversions. When setting up the campaign, simply choose “exact match” and track the impressions, as well as the conversions, of the sampled keywords. From there you will be able to see how well a keyword is performing for your specific site. It will also reveal how much a keyword may be worth to your site when you begin to look at conversions and cost.

Take a look at Analytics

It is recommended that website owners search through Google Analytics to discover which keywords are bringing traffic to the site. You may be surprised to learn which keywords are drawing visitors to your site. From here, you will be able to figure out the keywords to focus on and the keywords you should from now on avoid. These keywords can also be tracked regarding to conversions, which means real revenue.

Use the AdWords keyword tool

Beyond Analytics, Google also provides another free and useful service in the online keyword tool in AdWords. In addition to this helpful feature, you can also utilize the suggestions that Google provides when you search for certain keywords. These suggestions also reveal how many results each keyword has, which can be very helpful in determining which to focus on.

Other keyword tools

There is no shortage to keyword tools available on the Internet. Among these websites include the Keyword Discovery Tool, the keyword suggestion tool available at Digital Point, Compete and NicheBot. Any of these websites will be useful when attempting to narrow down search phrases for a website. After all, you are not only looking for traffic, but the right kind of traffic that will lead to conversions and revenue, thus it is invaluable to conduct a great deal of research beforehand.

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