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Another day and another website creation tool, here is a quick Webs Review to get you started. Building a website can be an experience to say the least and an easy to use website builder is a must for beginners. Webs is one of the easiest to use website creation tools available today.

Webs is a drag and drop website creation tool that offers a list of functionality from a website builder. Lets take a look at Webs, how it works, and help you decide if Webs is right for you.


Webs started in 2001 and was founded by two brothers as an easy to use website builder to give entrepreneurs and small business an easy solution for creating websites. The Webs builder evolved from a server in the closet to a very succesful company and in 2011 Webs was acquired by Vista Print.

Webs is one of the leading services for building websites and is a great choice for anyone building a website. Webs is a drag and drop website creation interface that allows its users to quickly and effectively build a website. Webs offers all of the essential templates, themes and tools for website creation.


Webs gives any individual, or business the ability to build a website. With easy to use drag and drop elements you can build a website fast and easily. Webs offers all of the elements in it’s drag and drop interface needed to build a website.  Watch the video below to get a full feel for the Webs website builder.

Webs offers great features for an in browser website creation tool and as you can see in the video is very easy to use. Webs is a drag and drop builder and this method offers the following benefits.

  • Visual editing, you get to see your website as you build it. This way you get a feel for what your website is going to look like before you publish it to the web.
  • Webs offers the ability to place elements in more places on the page. This gives you more flexibility when building your website and is a great feature.
  • Easy to use, Webs is very easy to use and offers great web building features for anyone building a website. You can build a website with Webs in under an hour.
  • Support from Webs is astounding and they offer very personal service if you encounter a problem. This factor and the rest of the benefits of Webs make it a very powerful platform to create a website.
  • Integrated search engine optimization and mobile website tools. Having all of your eggs in one basket is a good thing sometimes and having essential tools for any web master at easy access saves time and energy.


I would reccommend Webs to anyone, especially if they are new to building websites and want a builder that will do most of the work for them. No it cant write your content for you, but Webs takes all the coding and hard work out of website creation.

Webs is great for individuals and not businesses, I say this because I haven’t seen a lot of updates to the core themes, or system of Webs in the three years I have been testing it. You can build simple, “ok looking”<-Matter of opinion, websites for things like events, weddings etc.. I would not build a website for one of my business clients with Webs.

Webs has easy blogging, with any blogging platform and content generation, you get added traffic and better rankings in search engine results. Webs does blogging quite well and even if it is not as good as WordPress, Webs blogging offers all of the features needed to run an effective blogging campaign.


Simple, or complicated, Webs can build a website to fit most needs. If you are new to website creation, or you have been around for a while, I know Webs will create a good, simple website.

I don’t want the features of Webs to sound like a sales pitch. These are the real features and opportunities that Webs has to offer.

The great thing about Webs is you can try before you buy. With the free version of Webs you get many features and options for building your website. This is what I love about these companies, they make sure you are happy with their services.


webs review

I really am not impressed by the theme selection of Webs. Available themes seem to be outdated, or just not on track with modern website design.

Would really, really like to see some new themes released and some more free themes available for those who are trying out Webs to see if they like it.

Now I’m not saying these themes will not be a good fit for some, I’m just saying that I’m not a big fan.


Webs gets a 3/5 stars on my SEO power scale. Webs does have all of the locations to optimize your site’s titles and descriptions, but like others, you need to know where to look. Also you need to have the Pro plan to have access to the built in SEO app. Leaving starter, and Enhanced users to find the locations that they need to do SEO on their site.

Webs has an integrated content managment system that allows you to edit titles, and meta discriptions on your new content. Also this system allows pretty easy organization of your content with proper taxonomies and categories. It’s an ok system, but I think if SEO is a big concern and it should be, then using WordPress, or another content managment system is a good idea.


webs pricing comparison

Click the image for the Most Current Prices!


Webs offers various pricing and options depending on what you need from a web builder.
 As you can see Webs wants you to pay the price for the features that you need. These prices a very competitive with most companies on the web and $3.75 a month for a website is extremely cheap when you think about the features you get.

You can also use domain names you already own with the Webs builder and it is very easy to do this.

One of the great features of Webs is the fact that you don’t need a ton of experience or a big pocket book to use Webs services.


I worked really hard to build these side by side comparisons of the most popular website builders, so you can see how Webs stacks up against the competition. Compare Webs against Jimdo, Yola and Squarespace. You can find the full comparison and others, by visiting our website builder reviews. There you will see 8 builders comparing; themes, SEO, eCommerce, responsiveness, usability and much more.


Click for the Full Comparison


If I didn’t hammer the facts into you already, just remember that Webs is great for anyone, they offer very competitive, pricing and great features when building a website.

Thank you for reading my Webs review and if you found this review helpful (or not) please be active in the comments below.

We try to give you all of the best options for building a website at build a website free and if you want to use the platform that we recommend most you should try WordPress. You can get started with hosting on our hosting page (here). Even though we want you to try WordPress too, Webs is none the less one of its leading competitors.

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