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weebly search engine optimization
Weebly search engine optimization (SEO) is no different than any other website builder. There are a few tips and tricks that can help you ensure you are properly implementing your Weebly sites SEO.

Note that following some, or most of these practices on any website is a good idea, however implementing them will be slightly different.

Let me walk you through a quick tutorial on how to make sure your Weebly website is getting the best SEO available.


Search engine optimization is the practice of ensuring that you properly execute on and off page optimization of all the elements a website needs to rank organically in search (my definition). These elements include.

On page optimization

  • Proper keyword research.
  • Proper placement of keywords in titles and content.
  • Uploaded images use keywords for names and use alternate image text.
  • Main keywords are placed in the main navigation.
  • A dynamic internal link structure that links back to your main keywords and main navigation, using exact match anchor text.
  • Fast website load times. (Make your website load faster)
  • Easy navigation.
  • A good looking website.
  • Clear calls to action.
  • About and terms of use pages.
  • Social media interaction/buttons.

Off page optimization

  • A dynamic back link profile from only relevant websites.
  • Traffic from other websites and other forms of advertising. (local/classifieds)
  • Social community profiles and interaction. Build a following on the main three, Google +, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Business listings, in Google, Manta and other main business listing entities.
  • Interaction between your website and others. Business to business interaction and network marketing are great places to start.

Following these main elements of search engine optimization are a must and will help any website, not just a Weebly website rank better in search. Also note the off page optimization and the fact that organic search engine traffic should not be your only source of website traffic. Building a business model in this way can lead to not only lower rankings in search, but the loss of all your business from a search engine update. We have many more articles about SEO, they can be found by clicking search engine optimization in the categories menu to your right.

A great tool to understand search engine optimization is Google’s very own guide, you can find it here. This guide will give you the general idea of how to SEO your website. Our you can read our more comprehensive guide on how to search engine optimize a website.


Weebly is a great website creation tool. While Weebly is not the right choice for everyone, I have built some pretty awesome websites with Weebly. Search engine optimization should be a given for any website builder and Weebly has made search engine optimization through its builder very easy. I am going to take you through the main components to focus on with Weebly for the best SEO results. Main factors to focus on are.

  1. Settings tab/SEO options .
  2. Pages info/advanced settings.
  3. Main navigation uses main keywords.
  4. Alternate image text is specified with main keywords.
  5. Titles use main keywords.
  6. Alternative H1-H6 title method.
  7. Design/theme loads quickly.
  8. Create content on the Weebly blog-properly implement SEO.
  9. Make your Weebly website social.
  10. Use Website Tools

These are the easiest ways to enact SEO with the Weebly editor. Let walk through each option and I will show you where to get it done.


There are quite a few factors to focus on in the Weebly settings tab. Site description, meta keywords, footer code, header code and 301 Redirects.
weebly search engine optimizationsearch engine optimization weebly
  • Site description is the main idea of what your site is. This will be seen by people in search and should be optimized for both SEO and click through rates. Use your main keyword for the site description in Weebly and then add your secondary keywords as well.
  • Meta keywords are not as important as they use to be, but you should still use them. Think of them like tags for Weebly. Use your main and secondary keywords, as well as some other keywords pertinent to your website.
  • The footer code area is  a great place to place verification and tracking codes as well as other html codes.
  • The header code is the same as the footer.
  • 301 redirects are very important. Make sure you are analyzing your website in Google webmaster tools and fixing broken links with 301 redirects. This will retain lost link juice and will help your website rank better.


Using proper SEO techniques on all of your pages will ensure better rankings. You need to do this on the individual pages in Weebly and through your pages tab as well. This will ensure that you are properly enacting your Weebly SEO. You can edit these options in the pages tab and the advanced settings link.
seo for weebly

This is very similar to the settings tab, but it will ensure each individual page is getting the love it needs.

  • Page title will act as the H1 tag, or the most important place to place keywords on your page. Make sure your page title includes the main keywords for the page and is descriptive to inspire people to click.
  • Page description is what should show up as your description in search. Make sure it includes your keywords and gives a good excerpt so people will click.
  • Meta keywords should be used like tags for Weebly SEO and can contain some main keywords.
  • Footer & Header codes are great places to place verification tags and individual tracking tags for third party services like Google analytics.

Again make sure to use your main keywords in these areas to ensure proper SEO for your Weebly website. While being mindful of  getting people to click in search engines.


This is a step that a lot of people miss when building a website and you have to ensure that you do it. Search engines consider this part of your website to be one of the most important because it should point to the main pages of your website. When building a website make sure you do proper keyword research and place your keywords in the navigation.
weebly navigation seo
As you can see, my main keywords are build a website free, website builders, hosting, website tools and tutorials.  Tutorials is shortened to fit into the menu and should say website tutorials, but there was not enough room, avoid that if you can.
Note that I fixed that little issue.Not only should your main navigation point to your main pages and keywords. Your sub pages with relevant content should point back to your navigation using the main keyword for anchor text.


Search engines analyze text, images are not text, but they can contain text through the file name and alt image text. To find this in Weebly simply click on your image and then the advanced settings.
weebly seo alt text
weebly image seo
By default all images in Weebly have a text of picture. To get the best seo possible on each page, make sure you are using the alt text attribute.


Not going to go too much into this factor, because it is pretty self explanatory. Make sure when writing content and writing titles for pages you place your main keywords into the Weebly title text element.

This is important when writing a new blog post, or creating a new page. It breaks up the larger blocks of text and allows them to be more easily understood by search engines and your readers.


Also you can add an H1, H2, or other tag titles using the custom html element and this code:

alternate meta tags

This allows you to identify the main keywords for each page and show search engines that they are the most important. Doing this can significantly increase your pages ability to rank organically in search.

I only recommend doing this on the Weebly pages, not within your blog posts.


There are various factors that determine a pages load time. I like to put it like this, a website with lots of bling will probably load slower than a minimalist style website. Basically when picking a theme make sure it is not too overpowering and test to see how fast the website loads on different browsers.

Images, flash and java script can all be problems of load times and keeping the use of flash and java script to a minimum is a good practice. Images should be sized before they are uploaded, Weebly does a pretty good job of loading images.

There are a number of factors that search engines use to determine your search engine rank and one of these is bounce rate. A slow loading page can lead to a high bounce rate, so make sure you fix it if its an issue.


Using the Weebly blogging feature by adding a blog to your website will help your websites search engine optimization a lot. Constant content creation helps any website rank better in search and a blog makes this easier. Because the way a Weebly blog organizes your data there are a few downfalls of blogging with Weebly over a system like WordPress.

  • Lack of tags.
  • Lack of plugins.

The lack of extra plugins and features for your Weebly blog is something that Weebly is always working to correct. There are a few workarounds for the lack of extra features with a simple understanding of SEO and how the Weebly blog content appears and ranks in search.

  • Meta description is a very important part of SEO and with your Weebly blog you can ensure you have a good meta by writing it in the very first paragraph of your blog post. Make sure your first 130 characters contain a descriptive excerpt of your entire blog post.
  • Use descriptive titles, using the title element. Not only should the title of your post contain your keywords. You should use title elements within your post with more descriptive keywords. Use this post as a template, for example this blog of text is called Weebly Blog SEO. This adds your H1-H6 tags that everyone likes to talk about.
  • Place your primary category links under your blog in the main navigation. This can be done by linking to an external page under the pages tab. Simply add a new page and name after your category, then click on your category on your blog, copy the link and paste it into the external page option of the pages editor.
weebly menu seo
Weebly Menu SEO
Place the newly created “page” under your blog, or where ever it is most relevant in the main navigation to reduce clutter and create the best effect.
Weebly SEO
This will give the main categories that you want to rank for a boost in SEO, by telling search engines they are more important. As you can see there are no fancy plugins or extra help, but all of the tools needed to maintain your Weebly SEO are in the editor, you just need to know how to use them.


There is no denying the effects of social sharing and the ability to get targeted traffic to your website. Also there is no denying that search engines use social factors to determine the most relevant search results.

With this realization you need to make sure your Weebly website is social. Yes Weebly does include some simple social sharing features for following your websites social profiles and to share content via the Weebly blog.

However in my eyes this is a less then adequate approach. For the best social sharing experience you want to put social sharing buttons right in peoples view and make it easy to share as well, this will help ensure a share.

There are a few methods to make your Weebly site social. Try Add This and Share This to get started. There are other companies that offer similar sharing tools, a simple Google search will reveal many.


Website tools like Google and Bing webmaster tools can give you lots of great information. Some being metrics, analytics, keyword ideas, broken links and more. Not using these tools will sell your website short in the end.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google is a great source of free organic search traffic. This traffic has the ability to convert more visitors into customers and should be sought by every webmaster. This simple to use tool will give you all kinds of great metrics. Impressions, clicks, errors, author stats and more. You can find Google Webmaster tools in our website tools area.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing is number two in search and you should also try to optimize your website to rank well in Bing. Bing offers its own unique set of website tools and some similar to Google. Bing offers metrics, impressions, clicks, errors, keyword research, page analysis and more.  You can find Bing Webmaster tools in our website tools.

Take advantage of all the free website tools you can get your hands on. These two tools should be the first you set up after your website is published.

Other Website Tools

There are other tools as well that will help you do error checks on your websites pages and make sure that you are fixing them. A great free website tool to help your Weebly search engine optimization is Traffic Travis. This tool will analyze many factors like keywords, broken links, missing alt text, over optimization and more. Identifying these issues and fixing them is very important to maintain high SEO.

One more great tool that helps you analyze your websites SEO is SEORCH this is an online application that you can use right through your browser. SEORCH will show you some of the most valuable SEO statistics and give you a green for good, blue for maybe and red for needs work. I can’t speak enough about how valuable this free tool is for evaluating your Weebly SEO.


With the release of Weebly carbon, Weebly has made it easier than ever to find SEO services through its platform. Weebly has added 7 new companies that you can partner with that will help you grow your online marketing. These companies are:

  • Market Goo
  • Search Boost
  • Site Booster
  • Swell
  • Positionly
  • Stats & Marketing
  • Boost Suite

This gives Weebly users the ability to run their SEO campaigns right through the platform. I would at the very least ask Weebly users looking to improve their visibility online to work directly with a firm, whether that is a local company, one found through the Weebly app center, or another company.


Search engine optimization is a great practice to ensure you are ranking better in search and to help your visitors have a better experience when they visit your website. Weebly search engine optimization is no different and you should make sure you are implementing the easy tasks I laid out in this article.

Off page optimization is as important as on page. You need to understand SEO and you need to properly implement it otherwise your website may never be found and all of your work will be in vain.

Need Help?

We can pick up, tune up and optimize your Weebly website view our website management plans. Let us help you do your Weebly SEO.

We can talk in the comments below, or use the contact us page to ask a question.

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Weebly Search Engine Optimization - SEO
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Weebly Search Engine Optimization - SEO
Weebly search engine optimization (SEO) is no different than any other website builder. There are a few tips and tricks that can help you ensure
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