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Weebly is a very easy to use, drag and drop website builder for beginners. This offers any individual whether they have very little, or extensive website design experience the ability to build a fully functional website.

What Weebly lacks is the ability to expand and do things that the company has not integrated into the platform yet. Things like tabbed content, different styles of call to action, testimonials, pop up content, or a support plugin.

Either way, Weebly is not designed with third party widgets, or plugins in mind, it is designed to use the buit in Weebly widgets and elements.

There is a workaround, and that is the custom html element. This provides an option for inserting more customized content into your website which can be considered a Weebly widget, or Weebly plugin. Basically with very little knowledge of CSS and HTML, you can make anything you want for your website, but for those who don’t have a working knowledge of coding here are some pre-built options for you to consider.

What are Weebly Widgets & Weebly Plugins?

First, what is a widget? Well for most websites widgets refer to content that can be modified in the sidebar of the blog, or drag and drop style widgets in different website builders.

What is a Weebly widget? Well I like to think of all the elements in Weebly as a Weebly widget. These elements are easily customizable with their built in features. Weebly offers a wide range of these widgets/elements to help you easily build a website.

Second, what is a plugin? A plugin refers to a pre-built, piece of code that expands your websites functionality. Plugins are usually used in website builders like WordPress and Drupal.

What is a Weebly plugin? Traditionally Weebly does not have any plugins, except for the built in functionalities that are already offered. With that said, there are some third party features that can help expand the functionality of your Weebly website, without actually being a “plugin”.

Best Weebly Widgets & Plugins

Today there are a lot of third party developers offering tweaks and enhancements to your Weebly website. These come in a few different forms whether they be themes, or code that you can place in the custom html element.

Here are the best resources for Weebly widgets and Weebly Plugins available today.

Weebly Carbon Widget & Plugin Options

weebly plugins
weebly plugins Click the Image for More Details.

Since I wrote this article Weebly has released a new update to its website building platform titled Carbon. This update allows third party developers to integrate apps/plugins that expand the functionality of Weebly. Now there are several useful Weebly plugin categories available, these are;

  • Marketing
  • Tools
  • Communication
  • E commerce
  • Social

Each category has useful new Weebly plugins that easily integrate with your existing, or new Weebly website.

Here are some of our favorite Weebly Plugins offered through the new editor.

Weebly Plugins Carbon Tools

Within the tools category there are already 12 plugins available at the time I am writing this update. Our favorite tools are;

  • Tabbed Content, this allows you to tab important content in one element/space of your website.
  • Price Tables, a much needed Weebly feature. These easy to use price tables will help any business using Weebly make a more professional, easy to use website.
  • Counter, modern website design uses counters to show important statistics about your website.
  • Accordion, this style of content adds another modern website design element to your website.

Click here to see these tools

Weebly Plugins Carbon Marketing

Having marketing tools built into your website builder can be really helpful to a new do it yourself website designer. some of the most helpful are;

  • AWeber, a professional email marketing platform.
  • Pinpoll, a free plugin that allows you to build stunning polling for your visitors.
  • Donorbox, a great tool for processing donations for non profits and events.

Click here to see marketing options

Weebly Plugins Carbon Communication

Most of these communication plugins allow you to do just that, communicate with your customers. You can add live chat to your website, Google apps and multi language support.

Weebly Plugins Carbon eCommerce

There are currently five available Weebly plugins available in this category.

  • McAfee Secure, this will show your visitors/eCommerce buyers that you have a secure safe website.
  • Justuno, a social incentive platform.
  • Shippo, an easy to use tool that will help you create shipping labels.
  • Better Coupon Box, this will help create incentive among social networks and on your site with coupons and other options.
  • Price table, again an easy to use price table.

Weebly Plugins Carbon Social

If you haven’t already added sharing features to your Weebly website, or used the built in sharing features some of these Weebly social plugins will help you do that and more. Build a Facebook store, connect visual content and more.

Click here to see all of Weebly’s new features

Webfire Themes Weebly Widgets & Plugin

webfire weebly plugins

Webfire is currently offering a widget creator that is very plugin like that integrates directly with its theme Holeon. This widget creator is called WIDG and gives the user some pretty awesome features to help design and build their website. Talking with Webfire Themes, they are looking to expand the usability of WIDG which is an exciting possibility for people looking for Weebly widgets.

webfirethemes-weebly-widget-generator Click the Image for More Details.

WIDG Makes it Easy to

  • Build custom sliders.
  • Create homepage sections.
  • Change background images.
  • Edit the main menu.
  • Change color schemes.

You can also create widgets including.

  • Tabbed content.
  • Call to actions.
  • Counters.
  • Icon boxes.
  • Progress bars.

Add all these features together and WIDG makes for a great resource for creating Weebly widgets. The only downfall is this widget creator only works while coinciding with WebFire Theme’s, but there are 4 current Webfire themes that work with WIDG; Holeon, Parallax, Dezine and Parallax Dark. If you can get away from your current theme, this could be an option for you, but if you like your current theme, it would be easier to try another option.

Get Site Control Weebly Widgets & Plugins

With Get Site Control you can easily create html widgets. Widgets include;

  • Subscribe
  • Contact
  • Promotions
  • Surveys
  • Follow Links
  • Share Links
  • Chat Box

I see the most useful of these widgets being the subscribe, promotions, surveys, and chat box. Widgets are easily customize able from the Site Control website.

Weebly Widgets

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Baamboo Weebly Widgets & Plugins

baamboo weebly plugins

Baamboo offers a great selection of third party Weebly tweaks including Weebly widgets and Weebly themes. Sometimes these two features go best hand in hand, but you can use them independently to add functionality to your website. Here are the different type of Weebly widgets that Baamboo offers.

Tabbed Content Widget

Weebly-Widgets-Content-Tabs Click the Image for More Details.

Tabbed content is a great feature for showing similar content in an easy to navigate form, in a small section of your website. This works great for landing pages and showcasing product features as well. This will help your website show a more professional, caring theme and will help you increase your conversions.

Customer Testimonial Weebly Widget

weebly testimonial plugin
weebly testimonial plugin Click the Image for More Details.

Having your potential customers see the testimonials of your current happy customers is a must of any business, or e commerce website. Also having a testimonial built right in to your homepage/landing page shows your customers immediately that you have other happy customers and is a great practice for modern website design.

Call to Action Weebly Widget

Weebly plugins- call to action
Weebly plugins- call to action Click the Image for More Details.

Having a website with clear, concise call to actions is another must in designing a website. With the average internet customer averaging a 3 second attention span, you need to get them to your product, or service fast. Being able to bring clients through your sales funnel is the goal of your website and this customizable call to action Weebly Widget will do just that.

Baamboo Weebly Plugins

I made sure to clearly define the difference between what a plugin and a widget were so I’m going to through this out there and let you be the judge of what I’m saying. If we think of a plugin as a pre-built piece of code that adds functionality to your website, can you think of Baamboo’s theme selection as a Weebly plugin? I’m going to say yes and here is why.

Lets take our favorite Baamboo theme for an example. Dixie Plus is an all feature third party Weebly theme with its own built in functionality.

Dixie Weebly plugin
Dixie Weebly plugin Click the Image for More Details

With Dixie Plus you can

  • Customize the menu theme and logo.
  • Customize the header, the content and the calls to action within the header.
  • Customize the background in different sections which adds to the modern appeal of your website.
  • Add parallax style scrolling to your website with fade in transitions.
  • Use Baamboo’s free weebly widget set to add the most modern feel available to a Weebly website today.

If you use all of the features that Dixie Plus offers you get a fantastic, Weebly theme, plugin and widget all rolled into one. Also you get it all done with the fantastic support of Baamboo studio behind you all the way to ensure your theme and widgets are working properly.



 Other Weebly Widget & Plugin Options

While the companies listed above are currently offering some of the best Weebly widgets and Weebly plugins. There are a few more options out there that may help you find what you need.

Web Support

Web Support has 3 useful Weebly widgets. Two of these widgets focus on images and sliders, but the third is a popup box that opens when you click on a link, call to action etc… This is a handy little feature and when I used this feature, it was very simple to install and get working.


Re-Vu is a review plugin that is hosted throu Re-Vu itself, but is easy to embed into your Weebly website through the custom html element. This could be a great option for showing reviews on products featured in your Weebly store.

Click Desk

Click Desk offers a simple free live chat Weebly plugin. This is great if your website is offering products that require support, or if you are trying to talk to live visitors on your website and turn them into customers. Simply create a Click Desk account, modify your chat window and embed some code into your footer.

Widgets 4U

Widgets 4U offers 26 useful Weebly widgets these widgets vary from image sliders, testimonials, support pop outs, and timeline slider. Installing these widgets is similar to installing the Web Support widgets. Drop some design code in the Weebly theme editor and then you can use the custom html widget to place the widget into your website. With 26 different options, I hope you find a Weebly widget that will help your website.


Cincopa has a unique way of creating unique Weebly widgets & Weebly plugins. Simply create an account with the service, build your widget and take an embed code into your Weebly editor. These widgets mainly deal with different type of images and media, but may be a great fit for your website. Hopefully with some time this company will grow its collection of Weebly plugins and allow you to do more.

Weebly Widgets & Plugin Conclusion

In conclusion, there is an ever growing pool of third party developers offering different ways to build an effective modern website with Weebly. With that said, I am still a WordPress fan simply because of the thousands of options that it offers for plugins and widgets. If you are looking for a website that is easily expandable then Weebly may not be the best choice for you. However if you are looking for an easy to use drag and drop style website then Weebly probably is the choice for you and I hope that the widgets and plugins in this article can help you build the best website possible.

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