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Welcome to our WordPress review, WordPress now powers 74 million websites, that is 19% of all websites online today. Why? Because simply put the features, and options that WordPress offers any business, designer, or anyone building a website are hard to match. I’m going to show you in this WordPress review, exactly what this website creation tool can do for you, and your business.

Here’s a humble warning that this WordPress review may seem a little biased, because I really do like WordPress that much. Not because, I’m trying to sell a free to use, open source software. Because there are few other options available today that can provide a website owner with so much room to expand.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source (means they make it free for everyone to use) blogging and website creation tool. You can use WordPress to make any kind of website. WordPress also features a large community that exists to generate solutions for your potential website problems.

WordPress was first released in 2003 as a simple open source tool for helping with typography. Now it powers millions of websites that range from simple blogs, to huge business like firms, and fortune 500 companies. WordPress also powers creative design sites, and forums. Possibilities are really endless, all you need is a will, WordPress and you usually can find a way.

What Can WordPress Do?

Pretty much anything you need it to. With WordPress you can build a;

  • Blog
  • Different Types of Website Including
  • Business
  • eCommerce
  • Design
  • Portfolio
  • Photography
  • Real Estate
  • Forum
  • News
  • Membership sites

I’m sure there are many other types of website, that I can not think of right now, but WordPress can build it. My reasoning behind this, is because the community of people that develop code for WordPress. What I mean by code, is things like, themes, plugins, apps, tools and more. So if you want to build a real estate website, you simply install a real estate theme, the supporting plugins, add content and publish. Any other easy to use website builder falls short in this ease of use.

There are some arguments, that WordPress is not easy enough to use, and I agree with that. However, there is a learning curve on all computer technology and I found it well worth my time to learn WordPress, because of its versatility. Also you can easily make WordPress drag and drop with plugins and themes that do just that. So, the old argument that its not easy, unless its drag and drop, goes right out the window.

WordPress Review – Right for You?

Yes. WordPress is right for everyone and while in certain situations, you do not need the power of WordPress. 99% of the time having the most powerful option available to you, is a good thing. I’m going to through this out there first. Who might not need WordPress?

  • Simple websites.

What I mean by simple are websites that only require a few pages and no complex applications within the site itself. Websites like;

  • Wedding sites
  • Simple event sites
  • Simple business sites
  • Photography sites (some not all)

These kind of websites only need a simple website builder. You can find a more simplified builder by checking out some more website builder reviews and comparisons.

Who should use WordPress?

  • Websites that will grow

Yes simple websites can grow, but what I mean is websites that will have complex marketing strategies. Sites that will need to organize vast amounts of content. Sites that need complex applications within the site. Websites like:

  • eCommerce sites
  • Business sites
  • Blogging sites
  • Online service sites
  • Showcase sites

These sites and many others can benefit from using WordPress. Not only is most of the software/coding already done for you, its available for free, or a very reasonable price.

Why Use WordPress?

I think there are three main reasons that will always hold true for using WordPress;

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Versatility

Most other options for building a website offer you tiered pricing. Which means if you want all of the features, you need to pay more for them. Most of the time this means you are paying at least $25 dollars a month. Yes, if you use WordPress, you may have to pay more for other premium features developed by other companies, but you can get started with WordPress, fully unlocked for $5 dollars a month. $8 dollars a month with premium support, but you will have access to all of the open source, free features and options at $5 dollars.

WordPress is updated and quality controlled by hundreds of people around the world. This is like having one of the best website teams always working for you and always ensuring your software is up to date. Making WordPress websites always available and updated for when your customers arrive.

Having such a large community makes WordPress versatile, because there is always a problem being solved by someone and offered to you, if you have the same problem. This is done through the vast theme and plugins database. Also it is done through hundreds if not thousands of companies that offer WordPress solutions around the world.

WordPress Theme Database

wordpress review

If you want the largest selection of themes and developers making new themes, then WordPress is the platform to use. WordPress has thousands of themes and new themes are released weekly, if not daily. This ensures that your website will be able to have the most up to date theme coding including; CSS, HTML5 and so on. Also it makes sure that you can change to a theme that follows the most modern website design practices.

Plus the upside of having so many third party developers, is they make themes for every type of website. So you can get a real estate theme that works out of the box, or a auto sales theme and so on.

You do need to be careful when picking your WordPress theme. Most of the free options are only tore down premium versions and if you want truly free, you might be disappointed. Adding to that, if you ever do want to change your theme, you may be in for some work ensuring that all of your content displays properly.

WordPress SEO Power

Hands down, I give WordPress 5/5 stars on it’s SEO power. Such a lavish rating comes from the proven power of the platform to help content rank in search engines. WordPress does such a good job of categorizing and arranging content that search engines tend to show its websites higher in the rankings.

Such good statistics come from again the organization of content, but also the premium SEO plugins that are available for WordPress websites to use. Plugins like;

  • Yoast SEO
  • Broken link checker
  • 301 redirects
  • Add This
  • Jet Pack Site Stats

With many more options available for optimizing your website for your visitors, and thus optimizing it for search engines. Other options include plugins to help with site speed, compression, image use and so on.

WordPress Pricing & Options

This, is where you are going to say, this guy is full of bunk, because I’m going to show you the price tables from my own website. Why am I doing this? One, because I offer WordPress hosting and websites to clients. Two, because I’m going to show you prices of other companies too. So don’t run away from this WordPress review just yet.

WordPress is an open source platform and it is utilized by being hosted on a server. This is the most professional way of building a website and gives you the most versatility for your website. Some of the other beauty behind this, is hosting gives you the option of using 300+ other website creation tools, if you so choose. Here are 3 different options for creating a WordPress Website.

Our Hosting Plans


I wanted to show you these plans, simply so you can see what three different companies are offering. What their plans entail, and that they are all very competitive pricing.

Veerotech Hosting Plans

wordpress review

Veerotech, is a great hosting company and as you can see you can get started for $8 dollars a month. One of the main advantages of using hosting such as Veerotech, is you can start with a low price and if your website goes viral over night. Meaning you will need much more computing power. You can upgrade your site to a more powerful platform within the same company. Also using technology means there is usually tech related problems. Using a company like Veerotech gets you 5 star 24/7 support.

WP Engine Hosting Plans

wordpress review

Some of the main advantages of using WP Engine are that they are a managed hosting company. This means they cover you on lots of the technical side of hosting a website. Yes, its a little more pricey starting at $29 dollars a month, but it may be well worth it for some.

WordPress Review & Side by Side Comparison

We worked really hard to make this side by side comparison of all the website builders available. Again knowing we are biased to WordPress, you can still see how it stacks up to the other website creation tools. We battled WordPress against its main competitors; Weebly, Wix and Godaddy. In things like; seo power, mobility, learning curve, ease of use, price and many more. You can find the full comparison by visiting the website builder reviews page.

wordpress review

WordPress Review Conclusion

We shouldn’t need to do a WordPress review to let you know how good of a website builder WordPress is. True tests of this website builders ability are laid down by 74 million websites online and all of the third party systems that support it.

If you are looking to build a beautiful, expandable website for any kind of purpose, then WordPress is a great place to start. Many people have built one website with WordPress and it’s inspired them to start their whole own website design firms and so on. Simply adding to the power of WordPress and what it can do for your website.

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