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This Yola review should give you the rundown, and let you know if Yola is the website builder of your choice. In browser web building software, is a great tool for building websites. Yola is no different and has made web creation a very simple proposition.

With the themes, elements, tools and professional features they offer, Yola is a great choice for many building a website. Lets do a quick Yola review and explain what Yola is, what features it has, and how it can help you make a website.


Yola was founded in 2007 by an entrepreneur named Vinny Lingham, his mission was to create a top notch website building service.  Yola’s main goal is to keep things simple and they do this very well through their website editor. Yola is a great choice for people who like this motto, and will help you keep things simple.

Today Yola has made many fully functional websites, and offers some great features with their website builder. Yola uses a drag and drop interface to make it very easy to create a website. Integration of tools is one of the best features that website builders like Yola offer. With Yola you get a domain name, hosting, website creation and many great options to help you build, and maintain your website.


Yola keeps things simple, and if your aim is an easy to use website builder, then Yola is a great choice. Yola with its drag and drop features can build a fully functional website, quickly, and easily. Yola offers many features through its drag and drop interface and can do almost anything you need a website builder to do. Watch the video below to get a better feel for what Yola is, how it works and how to get started.

Yola offers some great stuff to help you build a website. Yola also offers many tools for after creation, to help maintain, and improve your website as you go. Yola offers the following benefits.

  • Drag and drop visual editing, this allows you to see your website as you build it.
  • Lots of elements and options, this gives you lots of control over your website and its look.
  • Very easy to use, most website builders are fairly easy, but Yola defines ease of use.
  • Support from Yola is ok, and good support for your website is a necessity.
  • Yola has integrated tools. This allows you to have all of your website needs in one place. With Yola you get all of the tools you need for building your website and after you publish it too. Check the table below for a full list of features.


Yola is a great choice for anyone wanting to build a simple website. I would recommend Yola to anyone who has limited experience with web development. Webmasters who do not have a lot of time to spend on website creation. Businesses that do not want to hire specific people, or add departments for web development, and search engine optimization. Yola’s features will help even a novice learn how to build a website. Yola is a great choice for.

  • Beginners, to website creation
  • Webmasters with little time
  • Business that seek simplicity

That being said, I don’t want the rest of the website building community to hold it against me, for not mentioning that website builders like Yola are limited in their nature, and do not offer as many features as content management systems like WordPress. However the great thing about Yola and other website builders is, you can get started for free and see if you like the services they provide.


Various angles fight for the advantage of using Yola to create a website. Yola is simple to use and has all the same basic features of any easy to use website creation tool. I could see people using Yola to build personal websites for events, weddings etc.. Also I could see some of the themes being a good choice for certain businesses.


yola review theme selection

Yola has an okay theme selection, there are certain themes that meet modern design standards. However the theme selection is rather small and I don’t see any responsive themes. All Yola websites need to be rendered through mobile mode, instead of following the responsive design process.

If Yola worked on getting more themes into its database and made their current themes responsive. This would vastly improve the rating of this Yola Review.


Yola does have a convenient SEO section that allows and walks you through the SEO process. Unfortunately this is only available through the Gold Package. What this means is that if you are new to SEO, or it’s priciples, you may have a hard time optimizing your website.

Also, I feel needing to blog through a third party service and integrate it on your website is not the best for SEO. This and some other factors earns Yola a 3/5 stars on SEO power.


Yola has a unique pricing structure, while it is not my favorite for pricing, Yola offers some pretty competitive rates for domain names, hosting and web building packages.
As you can see in the chart above, the more you are willing to pay, the more you get. Starting with the Yola Bronze package, I’ll give my two cents of what you get for your money and who should pick which package.
  • Yola Bronze gives you very basic website building. With Bronze you get a custom domain, Yola’s website builder, hosting and great support. Bronze is a good choice for people on a budget, or individuals who need a very basic website.
  • Yola Silver gives you some more features and should be considered the bare minimum for setting up a business website. The ability to edit the css and have more themes is essential to any business.
  • Yola Gold offers the search engine optimization features. This is another business must and is essential for any entity to make money online.

In my opinion these prices are a little steep and the features you pay more and more for can be done by anyone who understands the website industry. If you want to have an easy drag and drop website that professionals use, we recommend WordPress!


Yola does not stack up so good against its competitors. We built this handy chart to show how good Yola is doing and compare it against 8 other website creation tools. You can compare things like learning curve, theme selection, seo, mobile, responsive and many others by visiting the website builder reviews page.


Click the Image for the Full Comparison



Yola is a great choice for beginners and those who like simplicity, I hope my review of Yola really drove this point across. In my opinion the pricing structure and the limited features you get are not worth the money, but that may be the price you pay for simplicity.

Yola can build fully functional websites quickly and easily. Yola is a great choice for building websites for events, and gatherings and can be a very useful tool to anyone who builds websites for just that.

Thank you for reading my Yola review and if there is anything else we can help you with please let us know through our contact form. For more links to reviews and other web building choices please visit our website builders page.

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